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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, May 19th

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers – May 19, 2016

This week, the Collective answer a question from a Lightworker who wrote in to ask:
Many of us on Earth are becoming increasingly aware that hierarchical structures—those governed “from the top”—are often detrimental to the consciousness of those at the “bottom.” As a result, I find myself mistrustful of any hierarchical organization.
How is the Collective organized? If Lord Admiral Sananda is commander of the Ashtar Command, does this not represent a hierarchy, rather than a collective where each component of the collective is equal to all other components?
In the past, humanity has been manipulated by information from so many sources, that it seems the only thing there is to trust is one’s individual connection to Universal Divinity.
Maybe I have to release any mistrust that I feel.  But I don’t understand why the Collective appears to be hierarchical in nature and I wish that could be explained.
The Collective: Greetings, dear one, and to our Lightworker friends! We are glad to have this time to speak with you today on this very crucial issue.
Your understanding of hierarchy, as being something that has been exploited for negative purposes on your planet, is entirely understandable.

You are correct when you say that on Earth, for too long those at the top have exploited and suppressed the consciousness of those held at the bottom, and that this very old, increasingly defunct way of doing things is not to be trusted, or even permitted any longer.
We would say, that while hierarchy is the particular model or paradigm you are thinking of, that that is not how we in the higher realms characterize our functions, roles, or our “place” in the Universal scheme of life.
We do not see, for example, that some powerful Angel of Archangel is “above” or “better than” or more empowered than a small elf or faery, merely because of the Angel’s very great size, or special abilities, or astounding, far-reaching insights.
Every single being, every single petal on every flower, every leaf or droplet of water in the forest, is held in equal weight and importance by the Universal Source of Love and Light that created it.
There is as well, the spark of consciousness that strove to come forward, that asked to be born, to express itself in “outer form.”
And that individual consciousness, interconnected with the great Whole that is this Universe, is regarded by all of us with great respect and honor.
Due to your mental and cultural training, your expectation is that because someone is apparently more powerful or seems to have a bigger job to do, that they stand above others in the hierarchy that is the Company of Heaven.
That is understandable, because the image of the higher realms, and of Divine Beings, that you have been fed all your life, is that “these over here are quite powerful, and quite amazing, and these over here are rather small and weak, yet joyful to be serving the higher purpose of these larger, more powerful Beings.”
And that is a funny idea—in fact, as we speak, our writer can see in her mind’s eye, the elves and other faery folk laughing and giggling, rolling about on the ground with a joyful spark in their eye, at the very thought that any one being is more or less important than any other.
Now, are some beings further down the path than others?
Are some perhaps wiser, and have some more fully arrived into great possession of their innate Divine Power and beauty—into their awareness of such, and their use of such?
Have some glorious, beautiful beings of the higher planes—those of the Ashtar Command, and those of even higher realms—Ascended to a point of being able to see and speak with and answer directly to Mother/Father God/Goddess?
Are they able to oversee the Ascension of whole planets, such as your own, and to set in motion those actions of allowed intervention, that are at this very moment moving you ever closer to the enactment of NESARA law, to full disclosure of the Galactic presence—to the return of human sovereignty upon the Earth?
Most assuredly, yes. These beings exist.
But the Law they live by is one of Love, dear one—not of ego. And most assuredly, they do not follow any dense or lower system of hierarchy built upon a sense of self-importance, or lack of it.
At heart, your question is, “How powerful can I become, before I get too full of myself, and make the same mistakes that the usurping rulers of our planet made for thousands of years?”
And we would say, keep in your heart-mind at all times, Light Being, the very great desire to serve the Light and all of its Divinity, and you will serve the beings of this Universe with the in-built humility that comes with knowing that “all are precious in God’s sight” as the child’s song goes, and that none are considered more or less important than anyone else, whatever their function, their role, or their current point development.
Are some further along the path of evolvement than others? Most assuredly. Yet none are devalued or condescended to, wherever they stand, as they Ascend in forward movement into great alignment with their own Divinity.
You inquire regarding our own structure. We do not call this “hierarchical” in the sense that you mean it, any more than Lord Admiral Sananda assumes that he is in charge of others in a way that takes away their free choice, or that denies a group or individual their importance as an invaluable presence.
We see the line of continuation, as we prefer to call it, as being fluid, and open to all.
So that if you are willing to do the experiential work of moving into higher soul growth, you may become nearly any level of being that you wish, Ascending to increasingly higher dimensions and levels of Divine Wisdom, Love, and Understanding.
There is no limit to the growth you may engender, nor to the responsibility you may take on, in the service of others, at each level of the path.
The question is, Are you willing to learn and to grow as you must, in order to take on those higher roles?
Will you “earn your Angel wings” as they say, by feeling small? Or by realizing your innate power and astounding ability to reinvent and rebirth yourself to higher and higher levels, every day of your life, every moment of your existence.
And so we say, When shall you join us, in the Archangel realm? In the Faery Realm? In and amongst the spirit of the Elementals of your beautiful Earth?
Among the Angelic legions now surrounding Earth with tones of liberation and empowerment?
Among the highest beings of Light, made purely of beautiful sound frequencies and higher etheric Light?
For all is open to you now. And we call to you, dear ones, to join us here—to exceed the places we have reached!
We ask that you realize Who and What you truly are, and that you remember, with joy in your heart-minds, that as tall a mountain that seems to stand before you—in our structure, or that of the Ashtar Command, or any other group you can name—that you have placed that before yourselves as a grand Adventure, a great and glorious Ascension climb.
It is why you are here on Earth, and it is why you are here in the higher realms.
And so no, dear ones—we do not judge, and we do not oppress. We await your joining us.
And so take up your Light saber, Light Warriors, and follow us, for this path is the one you have chosen.
Namaste, friends! We are with you, at every moment.
Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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