One Who Serves and Ashira via James McConnell and Susan Sammarco, November 21st


Greetings to you. One Who Serves here with you, as you know. You certainly know who we are. You hear this funny Tibetan voice come and you think, that’s the One Who Serves.

We do not necessarily have a message to follow St. Germain, but know that everything is happening just as it needs to be. No disconnect here. Everything is wonderful. We wish for you to see that, more and more, and to feel that, more and more. Everything is wonderful within your world. You are exactly where you need to be when you exactly need to be there.

There is no concern that things are not happening the way they are meant to. Please understand that everything is happening exactly the way it needs to be. Everything is being orchestrated, as we say, many times. Sit back and enjoy the show because this is an amazing show that will be put on before you. You are going to be a part of it. You will be participating in this show. You have already been participating in this, and now it is about to really begin. OK?

We are ready now for questions. Ashira is standing by.

Q: I am interested in our Higher Self. I am connected with her and I was wondering if she will be my light body when I come out of a healing chamber or what? What happens in the end?

First, there is no end. You say when we get to the end of all of this. There is no end. It is all eternal. So it will continue on and on, ad infinitum here.

Secondly, there is no she or her. That is putting it outside of yourself. You are saying “I am going to be with her or she with me” which means you are not her. She or he, not. So please understand there is no disconnect here. Only in your mind.

You and your Higher Self have always been one. And all of the multidimensional selves are also all one. You see? So when you go into the healing chamber as you are saying, you are moving in at the same time with your Higher Self. You are going to be in there together. You will emerge from that much more feeling connected at that time then you feel now. OK?


You hit the dot. We would say that when you come out of the healing chamber that you will feel very different and feel much more connected in your conscious mind at that pointy in time.

We are also going to say here, since the crystal chamber has come up here that when we do this process at the next Advance you will experience a beginning part of this. You will move into the chamber in your astral form. You will feel the energies rising in you and bringing about complete healing to those who are ready for this. This is for those who are ready for this and have prepared for this. You will understand more when we are there.

And know that is not only for those in person but for those who participate by phone. There is no time or space. All can participate.

Q: I understand that we are multidimensional beings having other existences in other dimensions and universes. I heard that about 35% of our being is here. ‘What happens when we go into the light chambers? Do we all merge together?

When you have moved through this entire Ascension Process, when you have so-called Ascended, at that point you will have the merging of all of you. Up until that point, it will be a process along the way. Different parts of you will be coming together. Parts of your physical, your astral and etheric body as well.

For up until this time, those who Ascended have not brought their physical body with them. This is the difference here. You are going to bring your physical body into these higher dimensional realities. You will have this body in a sense. It will be lighter. It will be more full of light. It will be somewhat different, because it will not be as dense as it has been.

The more you move into fifth dimension and higher, you lose the sense of the physical body. It will replaced with a knowing connection with your entire multidimensional self. These are your multidimensional bodies becoming all as one. You will not need to worry about your multidimensional selves/bodies because they are in their own state at this time. At some time, some frequency in the future, there will be a complete merging of all of them.

We find it interesting that you have a concern about all of these other lives. They are all coming together. It is not something that you can imagine at this point in time. It is a different way of looking at things, but as you continue to move forward in this Ascension Process you will see, in times coming, an ability to see these different lives and it is not available to you just now. But it will be.

Please understand that most of these things we are speaking of, we are preparing you for what is coming. In your present 3D illusion world – you are still in, though you cannot see though the veil here. You cannot see the forest through the trees. You see? But it is still there. The forest is completely there and as you move through it, you will have these experiences we have been speaking of.

Q: Will we be with our Twin Flames before or after our healing chambers?

That is on an individual basis, here. We cannot say for anyone specifically when that will be. That is very particular to the individual.

You did not answer very much.

We will agree, though, that each couple has their experiences and it depends on what has been written for them. Keep an eye out!

Q: Once we move through the third dimensional stuff and on to fifth dimension, do we not have male and female?

Not initially. That come much later, at a much higher dimensional frequency. We cannot tell you what dimension that will occur at this time, because it is not meant for you to know this. We don’t want to spoil the surprise for you.

Comment: The reason I ask is that we talk about Twin Flames in terms of male and female counterparts, it seems. I think it might change into one, not divided, it seems.

Can we change the idea to energy? Into vibration and knowing the other vibration. This is more of what it is. Whether it is male, female or whatever it might be. That is not important here. But know that your Twin Flame, that energy, that vibration, is you. That counterpart of you is waiting there.

We would say that at this point in time, on your planet, there is a growing awareness of sexual differences. More awareness. More acceptance of all the varieties of sexual identities out there including those who state they are neither sex, not a sexual variety of any kind.

As this acceptance continues to move forward, you, as a species, are coming to realize that there is a vast difference in the various “genders” that you have on this planet. As you move forward, you will see that becomes more and more fluid.

The decisions to make will be about the variety of energies of each being. As you have that to depend upon, as opposed to boy/girl, it will be very different for you to experience this. This will become more and more an opening to understanding on this planet, as you move through this Ascension Process. OK?

Again, it is all about vibration. You will know your Twin Soul by their vibration,  because it is your vibration.

Q: I had an experience a few nights back where I was taken though portals and two beings told me they were there to help me. Who are they and how can I continue this?

Congratulations! This is part of the opening of the veil for you, part of the experience that individuals are having, having a wide variety of experiences.

We would say this was a spoon feeding to you in terms of an experience. This gets your curiosity up and has you looking for these ones again who came to work with you, to share with you. As you move along, you will see that there is a time when you are ready, that they will take you more and show you more.

That is what is most important about your experience at this point in time. Again, we congratulate you.

Yes, and as we always say here, be prepared to watch the show. We are not only speaking of the show that is going on outside of yourself, but of the show that is within. That is shifting within yourself as you regularly go through this transition. Within and out. So within, and so without.

Q: Can you tell me who it is that is assisting me?

No, I am not going to do this. This is something you will have in conversation with them. Know that they are good and you do not have to worry about this taking a turn. You are in good hands.

Q: I feel that my Twin Flame is with me all the time. Is that not so?

She gets the prize here, for coming to this understanding. For certainly yes, you and your Higher Self are always one and you are also one with your Twin Soul. There has never been a disconnect there as well.

Again this is only in the mind, in the programming where this has happened.

Q: You called it a Twin Soul, not a Twin Flame. So is it the soul that merges?

Yes, one in the same.

Q: How can I tell if my veil is dropping? Or am I seeing things that are happening through my Third Eye?

You have just answered your own question. With the experiences you have had, you are already experiencing the lifting of the veil at different points, at different times, within different vibrations. You see?

Q: How can I ease the vibrations in my body after I have my experiences?

It is based on perspective. So as you are experiencing these various symptoms that we have been talking about for a very long time here, as Ascension Symptoms; if your perspective is of ill, a malady of some type, that is what it will appear to you to be.

But if you know this is a process you are going through and a wonderful experience as you go through it, it changes everything. This is a way to look at it. Not that you don’t feel dizzy, disoriented, stomachaches and more aren’t something you want to experience, but if you look at it as something wonderful, there is a difference there.


Taking a walk in bare feet on Mother Earth for twenty minutes or so will help to balance out your energies tremendously, More than meditating. Take the time to go outside for ten to twenty minutes to walk on Mother Earth and bless her.

You can also utilize the black stone, obsidian, as a grounding agent. This can be helpful as well.

Q: It seems as though things are hung up. Are we holding it up?

That is in your mind.

You are exactly where you need to be. Everyone in this room is exactly where they need to be. Everyone in the entire Collective Consciousness is exactly where they need to be.

You are not expected to be rushing to the front of the line to be one of the early Ascension people. That is not necessary. You are going with your family. We have always talked about this, that there will be those who are a little ahead and a big bunch in the middle and a few at the end.

You are on the beginning edge, but you are on your perfect time. You are doing your perfect thing and everything is in Divine Order.

Q: That’s great. So I don’t have to feel frustrated or like I am blocking my good? Am I wasting energy?

There is no waste of energy. It just is. There is nothing to be concerned about here because it is just a process here.

Please understand that you have all Ascended before. This is not your first go around here. This is the first time that you are taking the physical body with you, yes. It is not the first time you have Ascended and then come down in dimensional level, from that understanding here.

You have all created worlds. You have all been at the highest epitome,  wherever you have come from. You have volunteered to descend, if you wish to look at it this way. To come down in vibration. And to assist the population on this planet as the Lightworkers, the Light Sharers. This is what you are here for.

As you go through the Ascension Process, as you come closer to it, after the Crystal Chambers, certainly, you will find yourselves as remembering who you are. A full and complete understanding of who you are. You see?

No one judges you, but you.

Q: I have only had a couple of experiences of visiting with Spirit. It seems that the group has a lot more experiences. What can I do?

Would you believe that those in this room talk with their spirit guides out loud, all the time? If you do not have those conversations going on already, that is one thing that will assist you greatly.

That, and having time to be quiet during the day, ten to fifteen minutes during the day, however long you have. This is time for mediation, quiet time to hear answers and guidance. And look at all the ways you are helped by your spirit guides, by those who are working with you and walking with you on this path. How they help you find things you are looking for. How they help you find a person you were looking for and did not know it.

They are working with you all the time. Open the line of communication. Talk to them and you will have answers.

Believe it and you will see it. That is all you need to have here. The more you believe it, the more it will come. The more you speak out, expecting an answer, the more you will receive an answer. Stay quiet, don’t acknowledge you have guides, and what do you get? Nothing. Nothing that comes to your conscious knowing Self.

If you throw it out there, say, “I know you are there. I hear you.” If you acknowledge this, they will be more able to communicate with you. When we speak of they, we don’t necessarily speak of those outside yourself. But we also speak of your Higher Self communicating directly with you.

We release channel. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am Ashira.

What a wonderful day today! Wonderful conversations before. Wonderful questions. Wonderful interaction. It is a wonderful world.

Believe it and you shall see it. Go about your day in your life in expectation of wonderful things happening. Know that every day your life is blessed and opens more and more on the Ascension Process.

Know that more and more in your world there are things happening that could affect you but from where you are seeing things you are observers. You are an observer of life watching it play out before you as watching a movie in a theater. No more attachment than that.

This is a world that is in great change. This is a group that is having a great tie analyzing these changes on a weekly basis. This is a group that we are very proud of. We are glad to be part of it. We are glad to be visiting each of you during the week. Whether you call on us or we stop in and visit, it is our  pleasure. We hold each of you close to our hearts.

We give you our love and our blessings. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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“Believing is seeing!”