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One Who Serves via James McConnell, August 19th, 2018

One Who Serves
Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!
One Who Serves hereto be with you and to continue on in this wonderful journey that we are all on and this is a journey.  It is a journey that has its ups and downs, and it is all around, and everything in between.  And as these things continue to come up in your lives, just know that you are not alone.  You always have those around you to assist you, to work with you, and just continue to trust as Archangel Michael says, as we have been saying for so long now—trust in yourselves.  Because the answers are there within you.  Yes, you can ask outside of yourself.  You can ask different things about what you need to do to follow along on the path, but when it really comes down to it, it is your Higher Self.  It is that connection with your Higher Self that is what you need to come back to, and you are coming back to it, because as your vibrations continue to increase and increase and increase, you continue then to make more and more of that connection with your Higher Self.  
And then eventually, as you are ready for it, you will begin to make those connections with the multidimensional parts of yourself, including that of your Twin Flame as you are ready for it.  That is not for all of you at this point.  That is something though that is coming.  It is real.  It is a part of the expression of who you are—who you are as a totality here.  
So continue to allow for the entire process to continue to be orchestrated and know that everything along the way is a part of this.  Whether it seems like it is right to you in the moment or not, but if it is something that is totally foreign to you or brings fear up in you or brings doubt in yourself, then it is something to pass on and move beyond—only those things that resonate within you.  That is the word here.  That resonates within you.  That is what you follow in all respects.  Nothing else.  Okay?  
Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?  
Q & A
Q:  I got confused lately.  Confused about my purpose in this group.  So can you give me a hint about it?   
OWS:  Yes, your purpose in this group is just as your purpose is in life.  It is whatever it needs to be in the given moment.  We have said this before when those ask, “What is our purpose?  What are we here to do?”  And we always give the same answer.  
Your purpose is exactly what it is in the moment, but the next moment your purpose can change.  You did not all come into this lifetime with only one purpose.  There is a contract that you signed, you might say, and there are the blueprint that you are following but your purpose itself changes as your consciousness moves ahead in various ways.  In other words, you have freedom of choice.  And your freedom of choice takes you in different directions.  Always staying though along the path, and if you do deter from the path, those of your ones that are there to guide you, are always there to nudge you back.  So no need to be concerned there. 
If you are not sure what you are doing here in this group, just the fact that you are in this group should tell you something here.  Because this group is not for everyone.  This group is for those who are ready to begin to understand more and more fully who they are and what they are here to do.  And as you are in this group, you are coming to that understanding that you are realizing that you are in the right place at the right time in the right moment.  You just need to allow for the process to develop within you at any give time.  Okay?  
Q:  So in other words, to go with the flow.  
OWS:  Go with the flow, yes.  Always go with the flow.  
Q:  The last night of the last channel at the Advance, I was aware of the Elohim as well as other beings.  And I was aware of a conversation partially about me.  So the next night when I went back home, at bedtime I was a little bit scared because I had the knowing that some beings were going to visit me.  So I left the light on in the room and definitely when I went to sleep, it was like in the dream state or what looked like a dream state, I saw 12 statues, like clay statues or something like that, and then the Light came in and those beings came into my room.  I think that was the Council of 12.   It looked like I had a connection with them.  So my question is when we are talking about the Elohim of 12 or I don’t know if the number is relevant, and the other question is the connection with the Council of 12, did it really get transferred during the Advance or what do I need to know at this time about it?  Thank you.
OWS:  You are definitely experiencing a Council and the Council is of 12, and that is important in itself.  To understand though that it is the Elohim, we would not say that that is so.  But it is a connection to Higher Level Beings certainly that you are a part of or certainly were a part of coming into this lifetime and you are reestablishing, you might say, that connection.  Many of you, not only this one who is asking this question, but many of you are associated in the same way with these Councils of 12, because as Sananda has said several times before in talking about the 12 of 12, you are all a part of this in one way or another.  And this expression that is coming out is bringing you closer to these remembrances as they come back to you.  That is not to say that you will all be on these councils but you will have that opportunity to be a part of this as we move forward.  They are not necessarily Councils as you think of them in your government type of activities. This is beyond the government seats as you have them here now.  These are councils at higher levels of consciousness into the 4th, 5th, and even higher dimensional frequencies.  This is something that is coming back to many of you and many more of you will have these dreams and these understandings coming to you.  Okay?
Q:  Yes.  And how do we strengthen the connection?  
OWS:  You strengthen the connection by simply believing it is real.  And intending for it to continue.  And if you do so, you will have more of these connections coming to you.  
Q:  When we did the meditation for being in three places at once during the Advance, I felt like different vibrations and they kept going faster and faster and faster, like in my aura and in my body and at the time I couldn’t figure it out, but I started focusing on it and then I had to step back and sort of focus back into all three places where I was; and then later on, I got a message that is was my chakras were not quite being all together, or I could feel different ones vibrating at different speeds.  I just wanted confirmation if that is what that was.
OWS:  You want to know if it is confirmation of what exactly here?
Q:  The vibrations that I felt.  I could feel them going so fast and I got a message that it was my chakras that I was feeling.  
OWS:   Yes.  We will ask a question here of you.  Did you feel like they were vibrating?  Did you feel that?  
Q:  Yes.  That was my question, was that my chakras?  I felt something.
 OWS:   Yes.  What we are saying here is if you felt the vibrations, then why would you question whether they were real or not?  
Q:   Well, I felt them.  But I didn’t know what they were at the time, and then I got a message.
 OWS:  Yes, they are as you are saying.  We are just attempting to get you to understand to trust in yourself.  To not need to always ask outside of yourself for confirmation of these things when you are feeling them directly within you at the time.  Do you see?  
Q:   Yes, I know.  I have trouble with that sometimes.  I just don’t listen to my own knowing.  
OWS:  That is correct.  And that is the guidance that we are here to give you.  
Q:  Hello, One Who Serves.
OWS:   Yes, hello.  
Q:  Hello, hello.  It’s me from way over here.  I haven’t done a meditation for a while since coming back from the Advance, so that was just wonderful to go through that with Michael.  It has been a bit of a crazy one for me as you well know.  But I am okay.  I’m back on track.  But I just obviously through the meditation then, up in my Merkeba, almost like a beam of light came out of the Aurora.  I am not sure, it has never happened before, but a huge beam of light came out just to cover me and my Merkeba and I had a real heart feeling in my heart when this great big beam came and just shone on me like a huge light.  And I wasn’t too sure why did that happen?  It was beautiful by the way, and then my Twin Ray did come out in his Light Body, and then we were led to come back here.  So I wondered what that was all about. 
OWS:  This is a re-connection for you because you had somewhat gone off track for just a brief time here and beginning to question yourself and question all that you had been to up until this point.  And this is a reaffirmation for you to trust in yourself and trust in your knowings as they have been given to you over a period of time and will continue to be given.  But as you tend to move away because of various things that come up and lead you astray, you might say, temporarily, then you then come back to the true knowing of who you are within yourself and that is always where you need to come back to.  So that we believe would answer your question.  
Q:  Oh lovely, and it does, yes.  I felt it so much.  
OWS:  You are back where you need to be, back where you belong.  
Q:  I am being prompted to ask this question, to be sure that the space is clear and get your take on it and make sure that we are all in a good space around this.  There was a little friction as you might recall at the last Advance, and there was a conversation that Randi was putting forward about Twin Flames, and the Higher Selves, and the Matrix and all of this, and I have heard some of this in the past as well.  
I love my sister Randi.  I don’t know what she has gone through or what not, but my question is this.  Is there any message that was trying to come through her that was perhaps getting garbled and warped.  What is your take on that whole thing that happened that we could all put anything to rest that might be within us.
OWS:  First of all, we would say as we have been saying all along, everything is being orchestrated.  So you are in the right energy at the right moment.  
And in that particular instance that you are talking about, it was about integrating the energies.  Integrating the masculine and the feminine energies, integrating the dark and the light and all of this was important that you continue to understand the totality of the being that you are.  Being both sides, you might say, as was said both sides of the same coin.  
And it is important to know that the integration is necessary for you to realize that you are a complete being, you might say.  Having both the masculine and the feminine energies and also allowing for the integration of that darkness and the light within you.  We all have that dark side, that shadow within us.  And that is important to know this.  That is is all part of the one.  
So whether it brought up instances of misunderstandings or different concepts and all of this.  This was all purposeful for you to move further and further along in your use of your discernment within yourself.  This is what is so important here.  To continue to use that discernment.  To continue to know what feels right within you.  That what resonates within you.  So this was all purposeful in that sense.  
The fact that it got somewhat out of hand at times, you might say, then that is also purposeful because it helps you to begin to be able to work with these energies and to understand the energies within yourself and how they can sometimes lead you astray as somewhat happened with the few of you here.  But that is all coming back to a more full understanding and it is all again about who you are.  Not about what anyone else says, or what anyone else does, but what you feel within yourself at any given moment here.  
Always look for that joyness within you because that is what is so important.  Find that deeper level of knowing, that deeper level of who you are and that you are the full integration within yourself.  Okay?
Q:  It feels as though lately in some meditations and in sleep state that I am being reached out to by the spirit of JFK.  And the message as far as I can discern it so far is that they are calling on me now to play my role.  This is what I have heard.  Can you elaborate on this message?  And perhaps how it might relate to the expedition in Mexico?
OWS:  What we can tell you when you hear, “Play your role,” and that is interesting because that is what you do in your life at this point.  You play the roles.  You are an actor.  And you are acting out those things in your life which you need to do at any given time.  
So the connection with the JFK as you are saying is important not so much that you have a direct connection with this one, but there is a calling, you might say, at this level of understanding.  Not that you would be President or anything of this nature.  But that you have it within yourself to be a leader.  To be one that can take charge.  One that can move forward.  One that can bring change to not only yourself and those around you, but even to the point of bringing change to the world when you are ready for this. And this is the connection there.  
As the JFK brought change to the world, even in that short period of time, brought much change.  What more could have been if it would have been allowed, but it was not, because it was part of the purpose that he would go through what he did.  But this is the connection that you have with this one and what you are receiving here.  
As to the expedition for the records, then this is all part of that as well.  Because you are in that process of moving to not so much find the records that are there, but to find the memories within yourself and know why you are there and why you are experiencing what you are experiencing and why you are the fit that comes into this group at this time.  Okay? 
Q:  Okay.  Does this tie in also to the vision that I had while meditating at the Advance in which I was taken to Washington, D.C.?  
Shoshanna:  The energy of JFK is the energy of exposure.  And his goal was to expose that which was a false front for the world and the mission that you are on is tied to exposure—exposing that which is a false concept or concepts—a false front.  And, these things which you see like the meditation and Washington is because that area is the perpetration of falsehoods and you seek the truth in all ways and that is why those things are showing up.  Thank you. 
OWS:  Very good.  Does this answer your question, dear one?  
Q:  Well, it is certainly illuminating.  There is an aspect of the question that relates to what you said at the time which was that that was done to make me privy to a meeting of the Alliance.  
OWS:  Yes.
Shoshanna:   The truth.  
OWS:  That is correct.  You have things ahead of you that you yet do not understand or have even a glimpse of yet what is coming for your particular part in this.  
Q:  Okay.  Is there anything you can offer me to perhaps accelerate getting clarity around this?  
OWS:  We have already given you more at this point than would be normally intended here.  Please take this advice, this guidance here, and just take it within yourself and allow for the process to unfold.  
Q:  My question is, we have 32 worlds and the earth is going to become the 33rd, as I understand it.  Now I don’t completely understand what those Councils are, and what happens with them, and what their jobs are.  Could you explain something about that? 
OWS: What would you like to know about this.  You are speaking of the Galactic Federation and all of these, the Councils?  Is this correct?  
 Q:  Yes. My question is, I know the Earth will become the 33rd. 
OWS:  The Earth has already become this.  It is not known yet, but it is already a part of this.  It just has not been expressed outward, but it is in process of moving in that direction to do so.  
To understand more fully beyond that, it is difficult at this time because you are still in the infancy, you might say of these many changes that are coming here.  But know that the changes are coming and eventually the Earth as you know it, will be announced at some point, that is part of the Galactic Federation and the Federation of Worlds.  
Q:  Hello One Who Serves.  My question is everyday my body is vibrating and now it is getting to the point where my whole entire body just vibrates at times when I sit, and it is getting to the point where I do not really understand what is going on.  What is your thought on that? 
OWS:  What we can tell you is your kundalini energy is activating and it will continue to activate and will continue to activate as long as you continue to allow for it to be.  If it becomes too much at some point, you can ask for it to be curtailed somewhat, diminished somewhat, but if you allow it to continue to go, it will continue to take you through a process here.  So we would suggest that you just simply let go and let everything happen and go with the flow here.  But it is the kundalini process that is activating.  
Shoshanna:   The vibration in your body will become a normal feeling eventually, that you will not notice it because it will be integrated within you.  And, to not resist that.  
OWS:  Yes.  And this activation that is occurring will be very important in your trip to search for the records as well.  
Q:  I have a quick question before you go.  Springing off what was just said, and I have had a lot of vibrations in my body as well.  It seems to be vibrating like crazy, but what I wanted to ask you is for someone who doesn’t know about Ascension or anything like that but maybe they are lighthearted, happy, carefree, loving beings, can they have some of those same symptoms as well, but not know what they are? 
OWS:  They certainly can, yes, and many do.  But they do not have the understanding that many of you have and are continuing to have here. Just because they do not know what is occurring doesn’t mean it is not occurring.  
Q: I don’t want to go into details but I felt in some moments being very insignificant int his group, so if this is because like I said before, about my purpose in the group, and these moments of insignificance in this group, because I have been all the time during my lifetime here trying not to be pushed away from whatever road I was going because people always try to jeopardize my purpose, whatever purpose it is going to be, because I still don’t know.  So this is what my question is, that confusion, that feeling of insignificant came back and I don’t want that feeling. 
OWS:  What we can tell you is you are feeling insignificant because you are not responding or not knowing fully who you are and as you and all of you now, as you come to understand more and more fully who you are, there is no way then to feel insignificant, because you are the Universe.  Is the Universe insignificant?  Think of it in terms of the larger picture here.  You are the Universe.  We are all the Universe together.  We are all One together.  And how then could we be insignificant?  That is saying that God is insignificant.  You see?  It is not possible.  Therefore, it is not possible for you to be insignificant.  
Everyone has a part to play in this Ascension process.  Some greater parts seemingly, and some lesser parts seemingly.  But it is all still a part nonetheless.  You all have your own piece of the puzzle here to add.  So just sit back and let it be and go with the flow.  And if the flow takes you to take action in some way, to speak to someone, to open a book from someone, to share in some way, to spread the Light, then do so.  But do not push it.  Do not force anyone.  You do not like it when those who come knock on your doors and are spreading their understanding of what they think is the truth, so therefore, you would not need to do that to anyone else as well.  Okay?  
We are needing to release channel now. 
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One. 
Channeled by James McConnell 
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