Love is our new reality

One Who Serves via James McConnell, December 20th

“One Who Serves”
Greetings. Here we are again here. Another time to come together. Moving on from the end of the year here into the beginning of the next year. We have a special message for you when you are with the Hollow Earth Network once again for the New Year. The celebration that is coming. The celebration for the New Year. We will not share anything about this now but will save the surprises for then.
We are not going to share anything else now. We are here with Ashira, who is standing by, to take questions.

Question: Are we going to have a real happy celebration before Christmas?

“OWS”: We would say to you, what are you asking for if not a date here? For is your Christmas coming up very soon? And we would say to you that your celebration has already begun. We know you do not want to hear this. What are we celebrating? Nothing has happened.

But, oh my dear sisters/brothers, oh my dear friends, so much has happened already. It has not yet become physical within your 3-D understanding, in this illusion that is here. Because this is an illusion, it is not happening yet at this moment. But it is coming. Whether or not it is coming before your Christmas, we would say what is the “it” we are speaking of here.

We are not necessarily speaking of your monies and all of this coming forward but it is coming. And there are so many things in the works, so many things that have to occur before this can be released. What would it be if these monies were released now and those that were in power have access to these monies. How would it change anything here?

We would say to you that there must be a shift in consciousness of the entire world. Not all 7 billion people, we are not speaking of that because we know that will not happen initially but enough of the population to occur, for the frequencies to rise enough. Have they risen enough? Yes, they have. Is it going to be imminent? Yes, it is imminent. It is soon. Yes. All of these things.

But you know of the probability of something occurring. As we speak now, the probability is great to have all of this before your Christmas. But in the next moment, as we are speaking now, something has changed. And the next moment something else has changed. You see? It is up to man’s consciousness and man’s consciousness is constantly shifting here. Each shift brings a change in the probabilities. Do you understand this what we say here?
“Do you have anything to add here”, Ashira?

“No. I don’t think so.”

Very good. Then we take next question here.

Question: I understand that once NESARA takes place everything else will follow. Is that true?

“Ashira” would you like to go with this one first?

“Ashira”: Yes. I will start with this one first.
All of this occurs at the same time. All occurs, not ay one before another or any of this sort of thing. This is going to occur in increments. But the NESARA will not be the first of the experiences you will have. All of these things will occur when the time is right and the frequency is right. Nothing will be left to be unfurled before you.

This will be a time of great parties and a time of great celebrations. As you continue to move through your seasons of celebrations you will see that there will be even more things to celebrate in the New Year.

“OWS”: Very good. And we would add to that which “Ashira” has said, this is time of celebration. Focus on those things to celebrate not on those things that were part of your discussion. Do not focus on frustration for that indeed, will hold you back.

So let go of all of this. Be in the Now. Be in the moment. Be in the celebration and as you are in the celebration become the celebration. OK?
Would there be other questions here?

Question: What is the relationship between Sananda and Yeshua?

Oh, my goodness, we knew this one was coming. “Ashira” would you like to attempt this first?

“Áshira”: First attempt at this one, eh? OK, sir.
So all of you have had various lives upon this planet. All of you have had various experiences. Yeshua is but one of the experiences of that soul’s path. That path which is also that of Sananda’s.

When he comes to move into that pattern that was Yeshua’s that he shared with you today. He will come as a vision of that particular time and place. And he also spoke of the moment as Sananda who he has moved into in the fullness of his being.

“OWS”:Yes. Sananda is the ONE you might say. Sananda is the higher personality of Yeshua and many others that have come from this one. Sananda is the commander. He is the chief. He is in charge of a great many of the expressions happening here on the planet and also outside of the planet at this point.

And Yeshua is an emissary that is continuing on spreading the Christ Consciousness. This is his role. He continues to do this in many different ways. They are separate individuals and they are also together individuals in terms of totally united within themselves.
Does this answer this question? We know you have a second part to this.

Question: When we ascend will we be One as individuals or will we continue to become a part of our Higher Selves?

“ÓWS”: “Ashira” would you to go with this one first?

“Ashira”: I will go with this one first.
When you ascend your experiences will be so different. They will be so different because you will not have the same attachment to who you are in this moment. You will not have the same attachment with those you are involved with in the moment. You will become more aware of that multidimensional being that you are. You will be filled with things that you cannot even imagine at this moment.
So, to say that you will be one thing or another, will be all things and that will be glorious.

“OWS”: Yes. You will continue on as Catharina, Joanna, James and Susan and all the others in your Ascension. And Ascension is just that, movement into the higher vibrations, the higher dimensions. And as you do that you will connect with your higher self and all the multidimensional selves that you are and you become as one but you are also individualized as well. You see?

It is when one has not Ascended that they find themselves merged back into their multidimensional selves. The sense of the individual self becomes one with the family, you might say.

Question: In the meditation we joined with all souls in the Universe. Does that include the Cabal. And so we move down to help them or do they move up?

“OWS”: Yes. Why would you move down? They would move up if they are ready. You are there to be of service. So, those of the Cabal and of the Darker Energies, they will feel this love coming into them and if they accept it, wonderful. It will help to move their consciousness.

But, if they push it away it will not be a part of them. If they attempt to not accept it, it will harm them in some way. The love within them will reverberate and if they accept it, it will cause no harm. If they do not it can be harmful to them because of the higher vibrations. They cannot exist in the higher vibrations.

Yes. You are correct. There is the Oneness.
“Ashira” do you have anything to add here.

“No. I do not think so”.

There be other questions now?

Question: Did the original 144,000 come from Twelve groups that multiplied themselves by 12?

“OWS”: So, you are already moving up in consciousness, already moving up in higher vibrations therefore having a question such as this has meaning to you at these lower vibration but at the higher vibrations not as much. We would say to you allow for the process, allow for those things that come up but do not get involved with the minutia. Do not get so involved with this because it does not have any effect on you other than a sense of completion with you. You see? A curiosity. This will not move you along. It will not keep you there. Knowing the answer to what you have already asked, will. We are suggesting to you that you already have the answer within you.

We know you want confirmation but we cannot do that at this time because it is beyond where we are taking this group.
Anything to add, Ashira?

“Ashira”: At this time, it just does not matter. It does not matter.

“OWS”: It is not that we are saying anything to hold you back. We are encouraging you to move forward in your quest for higher vibrations. See? Curiosity can sometimes hold you back. You will find your answer to your question and to many, many more questions! As you continue to move up in vibration and “all” truth will be revealed. We will put exclamation points around “all”!

Comment: I wanted to answer another person’s questions. I believe that as we reach the 5Dwe will know our Oneness as well as our individual selves. We will be able to telepathically communicate with one another as well as talking. I believe it is our journey to walk the many steps to Creator. Why would we want to go back when we live as one, in peace and love.

“OWS”: That is correct.
Any further questions before we release channel?

Question: Why did we separate?

“OWS”: You never did separate from your Higher Self. You don’t move as one because you have not been programmed to do it. You have never, ever been separated from the God Source. It is only the mind that has created the separation here. The mind is the builder. It is the builder at the lower levels and the higher levels.

We are ready to release channel. Continue to prepare for the celebrations that are coming.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am Ashira.
It gives us great pleasure to look around the room and around the world. To see all of those who are coming forward in a sign of the future. We know that we say that you are in your NOW. There are so many who are working behind the scenes. So many who are working and beginning to come out. All of you are waiting for the news to hit, for disclosures to come out. We are so aware of these.

And yet, we are very much at peace. We are very much in happiness for you for this your time, this is your Now! All of those things you are looking for, you are perusing for, are coming forth.

Things such as the amounts of money being gifted to people is a sign. A sign of change upon the planet. A sign of newness, of gifting, of gratifying others. We say look with your heart. We know that these are the times you have been waiting for.

We leave you with our blessings and our peace. Namaste

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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