Love is our new reality

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Sananda via James McConnell, December 20th

Now each one has arrived again. Again back in your bodies. Back again into this room or wherever you find yourselves. Allow yourselves to know and feel the connection still. Wherever you are now, know and feel the love that is within you. Feel my presence now among you. Wherever you might be. Feel my love.

This is that time once again in the season, Fall, Winter, the holidays, Christmas, Hanukah, of all of the celebrations that go on at this time. But what is the purpose of all of this? Is it my birth, December 25th? Does that really have any meaning or relevance here? I would say no, for I was certainly not born at this time.

That is not the purpose for this time, for this celebration. This is the celebration of the Christ. Of the Christ Consciousness coming into mankind, into everyone. As you did this meditation the Christ moved into everyone. That Consciousness moved into all.

As you find yourselves in the next few days moving up into the time of the full moon, December 25th, know that these are the moments to share with one another. In the form of gifts, if you wish, but in love, in expression, in oneness, in consciousness.

That was the meaning in my sojourns so long ago. Why I came to the planet in the way that I did. It was to show the love, to show the way, to prepare the way. To show that all can do. All can follow the Life, Light.

I knew, in those days, that I was not separated from Father. Many of you are coming to that understanding that you are also not separated from Your Father. For there never has been or will be a separation. The more you come to understand that, the more you come to remember that, the more you will find that connection and be that ONE again.

The time for good cheer, the time to spread good cheer, the time to spread the light, the time to spread the ideal of oneness is NOW. Whenever you give a gift give it in love. Not to give it out of guilt or a sense of having to do something. Give it in love, whatever it is. If you cannot afford a gift, give something else in love.

There is nothing stopping you at this time except your own minds, your own programming that has gone on before. It is time now to reach beyond your programming. It is time now to reach out to your fellow man wherever they might be. Whether it is in physical proximity or whether it is by phone or over your Internet or across the vast distances of space. Connect with one another. Feel with one another. Experience one another. Experience that connection, that Oneness.

That is you. They are you. And you are they. Even though there is still fighting, still anger, still hate, that will be replaced. That will be reformed to a new love, a new understanding, a new higher level of consciousness. Then you will find my mission from that time will be your mission in this time.

I am Jeshua, also known as Jesus, and Emmanuel and many other names and other identities. I am One just as you are One. We are all brothers and sisters together as we continue on this journey, this journey of Love. This journey of completion.
All of my peace and love during these times of celebration.
I leave you now.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco