Love is our new reality

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One Who Serves via James McConnell, January 3d

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. One Who Serves here with you to…and by the way Anne it is One Who Serves, not “Shares” but we also share as well so whatever you want to call us that is fine. There is no problem with this. Please understand that as you continue on in your journey that you are going to continue to have these movements of consciousness that Sanat Kumara had spoken of. But he speaks of one particular movement, one particular initiation and this is going to be grand. As he has said and it was attempted to hold this call off – they did not want this call to happen – those of the forces of darkness are very much aware of Hollow Earth Network and all that this stands for and certainly they listen in on many of these blog talk radio broadcasts, not only with this show but also many of the different shows, and whenever they can they try to alter it or change it in some way to hold it off. But they are finding more and more that they cannot hold this off – it is like an avalanche coming on. And can you, if you’re standing in front of an avalanche, could you hold it back? You cannot.

So this avalanche is coming, this wave, this tsunami of love, all of these terms that have been given are here now and you are going to experience this. The waiting, my dear friends, my dear brothers and sisters, is nearly over. So just be patient as these things continue to work their way to the three dimensional consciousness understanding. And as it does, you will be in a position to completely welcome all of the changes that are coming. That is not to say that there will not be some consternation within these changes; we are not going to say that it is going to be a complete cakewalk. But understand that from your level of consciousness, from your vibratory frequency that you are at, you will experience the beauty of all of this as many will experience the ugliness of it. It will be up to the individual perception of all that is coming, you see? Would you have questions here now for One Who Serves or Ashira, who is standing by? (Group asked questions first, then turned over opportunity to Hollow Earth Network audience)

Question: I have a question – this is _ and I am concerned with what we term as “when”. I felt or read that if we just focus on what is actually just happening now that the Event that is currently happening now, all around us, and we focus on and not be concerned about “when”. Just eliminate “when” from the whole equation. Would that not manifest what we are desiring quicker?

“OWS”: That is correct but also understand that there are a great many across the planet that they are not quite on the same frequency as you are on this. So they are still in the sense of time and holding onto that time as if it was the end all of everything here. You see? Anything to add here Ashira?

“Ashira”: I believe so. Dear one, One Who Serves is correct. This group that sees and thinks things from a much higher viewpoint than many across the planet. The impact that you have had in the mass consciousness has been tremendous but it will take additional help such as that which Sanat Kumara talked about, which will continue to push people further. Further along their path, further along their experiences and then you will indeed see that which is happening in the “now” as opposed to the “when”. (Thank you). Yes.

“OWS”: Very good – any other questions here in the room before we move to Anne?
Question: This is _ again – I have one additional question if I may. When Christ refers to his Kingdom, for some reason I keep seeing that his Kingdom is the New Jerusalem – the New Jerusalem is not a ship, however, it is a floating city, a floating crystalline city. Is there any… Can you expound on that a little bit as to why I’m getting those images?

“OWS”: The New Jerusalem is definitely a ship but it is also as a floating city as well. It is majorly large in your understanding so it is certainly something that has been here – it is docked out there, you might say, in the solar system and it is slightly in front of Venus. And you can see it when you look up in the sky if you know what you are looking for; what you are seeing is not the planet Venus, it is the ship. (wow) So it is there, it is somewhat as a floating city and you might see it as this. It is a wonderful spectacle and you will, many of you will, be experiencing this in this lifetime. Not in lifetimes ahead – it is going to be in this one. (Thank You). So get ready! Anything to add here Ashira?

“Ashira”: No thank you.

“OWS”: Very good – anything further in here? Then we move to you Anne if you want to go to your queue.

Anne DeHart: Okay I have a number of questions, hands raised and I have to apologize for the wrong introduction. I knew it was wrong but my mind seems like somebody’s trying to…toying with it as well. So One Who Serves I stand corrected and I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t do much to research it at the time. (Laughter). We’re so glad to have you here and we enjoy you so much. Oh about the New Jerusalem, folks, if you really want to see – I get chills just telling you about it – look at it at four in the morning, just as it comes over the horizon before sunrise. It’s magnificent – it’s much clearer and stronger and brighter than when you see it as the evening star in the Southwest sky at twilight, as the day closes. So Venus is known as the morning star and the evening star but of course we are seeing our beloved New Jerusalem. So if you have an opportunity it’s worth the trip to get up at four – sometimes I’m still working then – and it’s gorgeous. So with that let me go ahead and open our first caller which is area code 505. Again were going to ask that you give your first name, your location and your brief question. No conversation please just the question and the answer. There’s a number of people waiting. Come on 505, ending in 1843.

Question: Hi Anne this is _ in New Mexico and I never called in on this call before so hello One Who Serves. As we say on Earth, you’ve got spunk – I like that. Anyway, my question is about a gentleman on the Internet by the name of Tory Smith. He reads DNA and says he works with Mother and Father God. And he says, he’s talking about these mass arrests that are taking place right now among the cabal and they are being taken off planet and tried. Like Satan is gone, Lucifer is gone, all these guys are gone. Can you elaborate on this a little bit and let us know if all this is really going on? I really like Tory – he seems a fair guy and very honest so if you could elaborate please.

“OWS”: Yes and we think the word spunk is good, is it not? That is a good thing? (Laughter – yes) Good then we have spunk. (Laughter) We would share here that about your question – there is so much that is happening with many things happening in the background, many things that are going on that you, yourselves, are not privy to this time. We can see them from our vantage point and there are many arrests that are happening that are not being talked about. They are not coming out on your radio waves or your various media, mass media, that you call it. And these things are not coming out and being made public but that is not to say they’re not happening. As to the idea of the reptilians and all of this being taken off planet many of them have, but many of them have by their own accord as well. Many have turned to the Light. And this was what the plan was all along – it was not for arrests, not for imprisoning and all these types of things will but to give the opportunity to turn to the Light. Just as in your movie now, your Star Wars, those of you that are seeing it. If you have not seen it we highly recommend it, not for any of the violence or anything of that in there but simply the idea and ideal that is behind all of this. It is the forces of Light against the forces of darkness. And the forces of Light always win out and that is what is happening in that storyline there. And is it is about one or many that are coming to a decision, coming to an understanding, that maybe it is time for them to return to the Light. And so on and so on, many different of your movies have spoken of this type of thing and in some ways this is a disclosure that is happening. It is a what you call soft disclosure, yes, but it is happening nevertheless. So there are many arrests that are going on, there have been many who have left the planet by either their own accord or were helped along, you might say. So no need to be concerned here, okay? Anything else to add here, Ashira?

“Ashira”: No you were brilliant.

“OWS”: No we have spunk! (Laughter – yes). We are going to use this word a lot now thank you so much. (You’re very welcome – enjoy – thank you so much – bye-bye). Yes.

Anne: Okay that was great. Now let me see what just happened on this funny screen today. I guess you’re gone… Oh no Sue I didn’t get a chance to ask you to please touch number one and that will remove you from the queue. And let’s move on to 770 ending in 6845 – I’m opening your line. 770 come on.

Question: Hello hello. Hi my name is _ and I didn’t catch the very beginning of this but what little I heard I really enjoyed it. But I wanted to question – something happen to me this morning – I dialed the number and as opposed to reaching the person, the number that I dialed, it went to another person and I thought wow, what was that? You were talking about forces, the universe’s forces – like I said I came in on the very tail end of this.

“OWS”: Yes but your question is what here?

Question: My question is, I guess I was trying to figure out why that happened. I dialed one number but it routed over to another person and I said
wow I didn’t dial your number and it was just…

“OWS”: Ashira would you like to address this?

“Ashira”: Yes I would be happy to address this. So was a person that of interest that once you got them on the phone? (Caller: Yes the person was happy that I had dialed – I could hear in the tone of their voice that they were happy – but one thought for me was I wonder was that particular person thinking of me and send that energy out and I don’t know. There are so many ways to look at it.). Yes there are so many ways to look at it, and you know what? There really isn’t any way to look at it – it happened, it was an opportunity for you to share love, it was an opportunity for you to have a moment with this person and send them on their way. Good for you! (Caller: Okay so that’s that – okay – I like that answer). One Who Serves?

“OWS”: Nothing to add here. That was good.

Anne: Okay that was interesting. _ don’t feel alone – a lot of strange things have been happening this week but we’re having our call nonetheless and we are having an incredible call. You’ll want to listen to the very beginning, I guarantee you. I’m going to close your line now _. And _ please touch number one to remove yourself from the queue and Sue I don’t have you labeled. Have you touched number one to remove yourself from the queue? Sue in New Mexico… And let’s move on it now to area code 215 ending in 7497. Your line is open – come on 215.

Question: Hi there Anne. Well my question was answered. This is _ in Philly. I feel that anything we were going to ask you about the GCR or about the Event – all these programs are going to be coming to light. This was answered when you said to “stay in the moment”. I guess that’s the best I can do and is much as the 3D/4D part of myself wants specifics, we understand that it’s all energy so I’ll go with that and I thank you.

Anne: Okay that was a great synopsis. I’ll go ahead and close your line and thank you Kathy. Good to hear your voice and do touch number one for me Kathy to remove you from the telephone queue as I open 775. Somebody in Nevada I believe – come on in the wrong your line is open.
Question: Yes good afternoon my name is _ in Nevada and my (garbled) had a vision of Raj, I believe. My question is we have been seeing small lights following us around and I believe and I feel that they are small people; and I am not as familiar with the 12 races and the elementals as I would like to be. Could you tell us what it is that we’re seeing and perhaps how we can honor them or I don’t know…?

“OWS”: Yes. You are having experiences, as many are having experiences across the planet in many different ways, where they are moving or having glimpses beyond the veil. And this veil has been dropping, it is continuing to drop and will eventually drop completely. You talk about things that are exciting, things that are coming and everything. We always say “you ain’t seen nothing yet people” (laughter). It’s going to be amazing what you are going to find – beyond your wildest imaginations as these things continue to play themselves out and you move closer and closer to your own Ascension process. You are in your Ascension process now but as you move closer to the fullest Ascension that you are going to have. So these various entities, we would call them, are… They are there. We cannot say anything else other than they are there. You are experiencing something real – it is not a figment of your imagination. It is very real at the level that they are at and the level that you are finding yourselves when you have connection with them at that time. (Caller: I feel like a small child in a dream. Blessings and thank you guys, all of you). Anything to add here Ashira on this?

“Ashira”: We would add that as this veil continues to drop you will hear the trees, you will hear the waters, you will hear the animals, you will hear one another. All of these are what you are looking forward to. (Thank you).

“OWS”: Very good.

Anne: How beautiful – what a transition. Thank you _. I’m closing your line and please touch one for me _ and anyone else who is already spoken help me keep the lines clear, the queue clear as I open up 720 ending in 7464. Your name please, come on.

Question: This is _ in Colorado. For the last seven years Obama… You know we’ve been told that Obama is the Savior of all the planet however what he’s done in the last seven years indicates that he hates the United States and he plans to bring 670,000 refugees – a very small percentage of them are Al Qaeda. Can you give us some hope that they will not be here to destroy us as they promise.

“OWS”: Yes we can share with you something that has been shared many times. You hear all the time that the president Obama is of the Light and has come to spread the Light, share the Light, all of this. And you in your three dimensional understanding look at this and say “What? He is not sharing the Light, there is no Light there”. And we understand this and he understands this but he is in a position where he needs to play both sides here. He is like the double spy, you might say, that is playing both sides against the other. So in his working for the darkness, he is actually working for the Light because he is exposing many things that are not in accord with the American public and the world public, for that matter. He is exposing all of these things so it is helping the populace of the planet to wake up! To come out of their slumber and out of their sleep and see that things aren’t so good here, you see? Because before this they would just go along, go along everything’s fine, nothing to be concerned about – and that is not an awakening that is happening previously. But now there is an awakening happening. People are saying “enough is enough” and the more that that terminology is used then more will awaken here. So Pres. Obama, himself, is of the Light, he is the Light, he is sharing and spreading the Light but you just do not see it yet as that. But we can assure you that he is the one that will make a great deal of change here – he is bringing this about so be patient with him. All of this thing about the refugees and people coming into the country and all of this thing – all of this is a smokescreen, you might say to hide what is really going on in the background in the sense of working with the Light forces here. Do you understand this? (Yes, thank you, bless you). Yes anything to add here Ashira?

“Ashira”: No I think not – thank you.

“OWS”: Very good (thank you and God bless you).

Anne: And thank you for asking the question that’s important to many people. I get a lot of questions in my email about that so I’m going to close your line now and thank you once again for a very appropriate question for all of us. And yes you’ve touched number one – thank you. 503, somebody up in Oregon ending in 5803. Come on let’s hear from you, your name and your question.

Question: Hi there this is _ from Portland Oregon and I want to thank you so much for having this today – it’s my day off. I am a licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master and I’m wondering… Some people that have been coming to me lately have a lot of tiredness, different pathologies, and it’s draining me and my energy and my effectiveness to help them. How can I quickly rebuild my energy so that I can help the rest of the people, the rest of the day? So as a healer I need a good way to refresh and feel more energetic, I guess.

“OWS”: Ashira you wish to start this I know…

“Ashira”: Yes. Dear one you are such a great gift to those you serve. And to know that you are the gift is part of that which allows the feeling and the healing to flow through you. We would recommend that you take time for yourself. Take time between clients, take time at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day to have times to just fill up with the love of spirit; time to fill up all of those activities that are given to you to do, to be able to be present for each and every person. This is an action of flowing through. You are blocked in a couple of ways that you are approaching your clients and if you approach them, instead, with an understanding that everything flows through you then each and every one of those will receive an even greater benefit. You are a wondrous being. You are doing what you are called to do and you are doing it very well. Bless you. (Thank you I needed that confirmation – thank you very much). Bless you. One Who Serves?

“OWS”: Yes we wish to add here to find yourself as you are working with these many different people to bring yourself into a neutral state, always into a neutral state. Do not be concerned about the outcome of what you are working with – it will be what it is going to be. And if you are neutral, you are allowing the flow to come through you fully without any preconceived notions or suggestions or anything of this nature. Just allow it to come through and to be the way it is going to be, okay? (Yes I understand that – thank you very much). Very good. (Bless you – happy new year to everyone).

Anne: Thank you _. Okay honey I’m closing your line and you touch number one for me please as I open 518. 518 I’m opening your line, ending in 5806. There you are – come on.

Question: Hello Mother HEN how are you today? Can you hear me?

Anne: Yes we hear you – and your name?

Question: This is (muffled) from upstate New York. Yesterday I woke up with visions of being on the healing ships, that they had landed. Now that’s the first vivid dream that I’ve had about them. Does that mean that we are really close? (laughter)

“OWS”: You are reeaalllly close (laughter).
Same caller: (muffled)… I’m just sitting here and putting people back together again. (Laughter)

“OWS”: Yes. No expansion needed here. This is just…you, yes… You are close! You are all close all is as it…
Same caller: Closer than they’ve made us think we are. Of course we all thought things are going to happen on Christmas Day too but you know.

“OWS”: Who is the “they” you are speaking of here? (Excuse me?) You said “they” – who is the “they”?
Same caller: Well our general friends. Some have made it sound like it’s not going to happen and others have made it sound like it’s right next door to us. But I think it’s going to land right quickly… As a matter fact I brought it up to my medical doctor the other day and he said “don’t worry I’m not going to put you on drugs”. And I said “you’re right because I’m going to run”. I just wanted to let him know that this was possible.

“OWS”: Let me ask a question out there. How many of you have friends, family and all of this that are doing the same thing. They are saying “nothing is going on – nothing is happening – you have been talking about this for years and years or months or whatever it is. And nothing is happening. You’re crazy! You know there is nothing going on. So what makes you think anything is going to change?” And we say here and now – just wait. Just you wait. Now we are not saying when these things happen for you to go to your friends and say “see, I told you so”. Don’t do that – be in a neutral state. And aside, you can chuckle a little bit, okay? Anything to add here Ashira?
Same caller: Yes I would really love to see the photon belt to show up very quickly so people can walk around with their mouths open and I can sort of wink at them.

“Ashira”: I don’t have anything to add. You are being perfectly plucky.

“OWS”: No we are spunky – now we are plucky too! My goodness. (Laughter) Plucky, spunky…
Anne: Okay. Thank you. I believe there was a question about the photon belt that I don’t know if we want to deal with that or if we are complete with our caller.

“OWS”: Yes not at this particular present time as that did not come quite through as a question, as we find it here. If someone wishes to ask a question about this then we can look at entertaining that.

Anne: Well now is your chance New York, come on.
Same caller: Well I was… I think it was Zorra who was talking about the photon belt and us going into it for about 12 to 15 days. Is there a larger one after that?

“OWS”: Ashira do you wish to address this?

“Ashira”: I don’t think so.

“OWS”: We think that it would be best, at this point, to not go too far ahead here. Not to think beyond the current moments that are in the “now” and in the process of occurring. To work at that level that you are speaking of is taking us into a whole other realm that we are not wanting to transverse through at this time here, okay? (Okay. Thank you very much).

Anne: Thank you very much – appreciate all your good questions and yes please go ahead and touch number one. Your name has dropped off – please touch number one for me 518 and let’s get you out of the question queue and I’m opening 360 ending in 9642. 360 ending in 9642 is open so come on.

Question: Hi Anne and the One Who Serves who’s called spunky now – I love that name. My question is this new way of Initiation of consciousness, will it facilitate the revaluation of currency and prosperity. Or will that have happened before the new Initiation of consciousness?

“OWS”: As we find it, the Initiation of consciousness that Sanat Kumara is speaking of is something that is going to be imminent now. It is going to happen very quickly and will happen across the entire planet just as the wave came in your September of last year; the wave swept across the planet. This will be as well but this will be different. You will most definitely feel it in a more heightened aspect. So and then to look at those other things you have mentioned: the revaluation and the global currency reset and all of these things that will follow – they will follow this, you see? It is all a part of building up and building up and building to what Sananda, in the not too distant past, called the crescendo. You are moving to this now. (Oh thank you so much. That helps very much and thank you I really enjoy your program).

Anne: Thank you, I didn’t catch your name. Your first name? (_ from Washington state) _, it’s good to have you on the show _ and I’m closing your line now. Thank you for your good question, we’re getting some good questions. And _ please touch number one for me – help me keep this queue clear as I open 970. 970 ending in 1197.

Question: Hi Anne, this is _ in Colorado. Okay we are in a moment right now where I am with Charlie – we are up in the mountains of Estes Park – it’s very beautiful. My question in this is an “in the moment” question but it relates to twin flames…and really around that. Could they talk about this a little bit more? It’s a little confusing for me will. Really, really deep soul heart and maybe other people are feeling this and not just me and Charlie – there’s a deep, deep soul heart connection but there is also confusion and it’s different than any relationship we’ve had and yet there’s just confusion. I wondered if they could talk about how you can…, what it might be about, if we can just open more and not try to define it necessarily or how will we know, that kind of thing?

“OWS”: Yes. Ashira would you like to go first?

“Ashira”: Yes I will take this first, thank you. So the idea and concept of twin flames is being written about in so many places at this time, is it not? And there are those that have their twin flames “on the other side”, as we like to say. There are those who have the twin flames in their lives now. And twin flames that come together in this pathway now – that relationship can be one of confusion and because you are in a 3-D existence, even if you are a 4D or higher in your frequency in vibration, you are still having a 3-D experience. And in that experience there is confusion, there is sometimes anger which does not seem to be proper with that of the twin flame relationship. So these are things that are challenging in the 3-D experience. Once those who connect with their twin flame who is on the other side, who is sharing with them, caring for them, giving them all of the things that they can through their exchanges that they have on energetic level; through dreams, through visions, through meditations – these are wonderful experiences. There is no chance of confusion in these experiences. There is pure love. And you may see the face of the one you love, you may feel the force of the one who loves you, and all of these are good things. But again if you are in a 3-D twin flame relationship, there can be many challenging times with that in the 3-D existence. Does that make sense?

Same caller: Yes. So can you have a full…is there a difference…where you’ve had soul partners, soul family or a person that you’ve met that is different than a twin flame?

“Ashira”: Absolutely. There are many. Everyone in your circle of life are part of your soul group. These are people you have shared many, many, many lives with. These are people that you may have been a man and they were a woman or you may have experienced both sexes. These are people that you have had, souls you’ve had, experiences with throughout your lives. And so whether or not the person that you speak of is a soul member or a twin flame, you’re still existing in this 3-D world. One Who Serves?

“OWS”: We wish to ask a question here along with this now. How many of you, when you think of your twin flame, when you really think of it, when you get into the feeling of love – how many of you have a slight tear or something come from this? We ask this because as this was being answered here by Ashira, this one here we speak through – James – was doing exactly that that we needed to wipe the tear away here. So it is important to know that your connection with your twin flame is great. It is beyond your wildest understanding at this three dimensional level. And as Ashira has said, when you move up into the higher vibrations the connection that you will have at that time will be even more wonderful. Okay?

Same caller: Can you just answer one quick question? Last thing – is this…Charlie and me…are we twin flames?

“OWS”: That is not for either Ashira or ourselves here to answer. This is for you to come to on your own. We always say here we would not wish to spoil the surprise. This goes for all, though, this is not just for you that has asked. This is for all. No one is going to tell you if another one is your twin flame or not. If they do tell you that, then you need to use your discernment to believe or not believe what you are being given.

Same Caller: So we just trust that this is so purposeful that we’re brought together.

“OWS”: Yes this comes from a deeper level, not from someone that can tell you. (Yes, thank you, thank you).

Anne: Okay _ – tell Charlie I said “hi” (Hi Anne). Oh hi Charlie – you guys have a good time up there in Estes okay? (Thank you, thank you). Goodbye I’m going to have to move on now okay and don’t forget to touch number one for me _. I’m going to 303 now ending in 7293. 303 is open and come on.

Question: Hello Anne this is _ down in Denver Colorado. Many blessings to all and thank you for taking my call. I apologize I did not get on at the beginning but I’m here now. My question – I’m going to try to be as succinct as possible – but it has to do with clarity and discernment. For me as well as a couple of callers before, I am a Karuna Reiki Master and so I do a lot of healing work, a lot of energy clearing, pretty much on a daily basis. I come in contact energetically with souls that are stuck which I can usually discern and also come in contact with energies or entities that I would say are astral, grey-like, that has to be transmuted differently. A few short, short years ago I was sleeping in my room and I was asleep but in my etheric body I was aware that I was sort of dreaming. It was like the childlike voice “no, no, no, leave me alone”. And as I turned to rollover to look, and literally woke up, I saw a golden color tube-like energy retracting literally out of my bedroom window. Now the question that I actually have is – I do a lot of intentional work to go to the fifth dimension (inaudible) to do healing work with attention at night. I’ve been giving intention to connect with my divine mentors and sort of be open to be lifted up on to a ship of Light. Very clear on the “divine” word and the word “Light”. And so, quite often, almost literally every night I am experiencing visitors. And sometimes I have been, what I would consider, attacked and this has happened starting a few years ago probably ’07, ‘08 and it sort of escalated. The positive aspect is that it brought me through my advanced healing work to recognize, to reclaim some (inaudible) of energy and to have tools to help myself and help others who come into this. But getting to my question – I still am having sometimes a challenge waking up in the middle of the night feeling the presence of an energy. Because sometimes I will feel pressed down or held down and I can literally feel a couple of little bodies come trotting down onto the bed. Sometimes I feel a larger creature- like feeling the imprints on the bed and that I’m trying to wake up and trying to get out of it but it’s obviously a good amount of fear and when I do awaken I do try to discern and either transmute the energy either one way or the other. A couple of times I feel something of a pressure, or more frequently and because I’m asking for healing of the highest level even in the physical – not just leaving in doing it is etherically, I’m having a bit of a challenge in clarity and discernment when I’m trying to say “is this of the Light, is this for me?” And I’m wondering if there is something that could be shared to help me understand this more?

“OWS”: Yes Ashira would you like to go first here?

“Ashira”: Yes…what is your first name, sir? (_), so _ what we would share with you is the experiences that you are experiencing at night is at a different level. It is a different level of frequency, it is a different level of a dimension. James, one time here, shared a dream that he had that he woke up and spat out something from his mouth that he saw continued thriving on the floor afterwards. These experiences that you are having are much like that. You are experiencing elementals that are toying with you, in a way. They are not there to necessarily hurt you but your fear response responds that way. I would say that you could tell them, very distinctly before you sleep at night, that you do not appreciate this. You do not allow this in your experiences. You came in to be a healer and to utilize all of those tools that you have developed throughout your life. Do not let these, let us say elementals, take you from your track. You stand up to them and you tell them that you are no longer experiencing, you are no longer going to experience these experiences with them because you have more important jobs to do and release that. One Who Serves?

“OWS”: Very good – do not need to add anything to this. That was well said.

“Ashira”: Thank you _. Bless you. (Thank you very much)

Anne: That was very interesting _ and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if that doesn’t help many others who are listening. I’m trying to close your line – there you go and _ and others who have spoken please touch number one. Help me keep this queue clear and I’m opening 310 ending in 9056. Come on. You’re open 310.

Question: Yes, I’m glad you can hear me. I have a similar… (Anne: We’d like your name and location). Sorry my name is _ and I live in Los Angeles. So I’ve been listening to your show and I appreciate all the beautiful messages, thank you. It’s a tremendous help and support. I have experienced in the last 18 years, in 20 years, attacks on my family in general. And starting with my father, who is now deceased, and it escalated ever since he departed. And he was very old-school but he was very religious and he was very close to Sananda, I believe. My question is: is this like the macro, like tiny little microbes and what’s happening out there in the world is what’s happening in my own tiny little world? And it’s beginning to affect my children who are in their 20s and 30 now. How can I be, other than of course meditating every day, sending love prayers and all those things that is a given, is there anything else I can and will be doing to help this?

“OWS”: What you are describing is something that is occurring across the planet in many respects that there is the movement into various beings of what you would call the dark forces, or at least a semblance of this. We are not saying this to bring fear or anything of this nature which is simply awareness here. There is, what has been called and is being called, the separating of the wheat from the chaff. And that is what is occurring now. It is not something though to be fearful of indirectly working with your children or anything of this nature, family members, simply surround them with Light just as you know how to do, as you surround your own self with Light or however you have learned to do this. And know that they are protected, know that they have nothing to be concerned about here. Now for those though that are older and are on their own, you might say, these ones they are making their own decisions and choices based on the contracts that they came in with. And there are times when one can do various things to open themselves to those attacks, as you are calling it, or to those forces coming in such as drug use will and extreme alcohol use and all of these types of things. Many other types of situations can bring this about as well – certain injuries can sometimes open up the avenue that they can move into. Now with this understanding we wish to add this caveat. Those that are of the higher vibration, moving into the higher frequencies, whether knowing were unknowing these ones are very much protected from all of this. So there is no concern at that level – it is simply those that it is within their contract to experience these things, or they simply open a door way, you might say, up to this. Anything to add here Ashira?

“Ashira”: No I do not think so, thank you.

“OWS”: Did you understand this?

Same caller: Yes I do absolutely – thank you very much. And when it affects friendships do we just let go with love or do we try to put a lot more effort into understanding? I mean I really feel the obligation to work with people. I don’t know if I am making sense…

“OWS”: Yes we understand this. It is not your obligation, though, to work with people, to change people. You can assist them, you can help them but do not go into it with the idea that you are going to change someone. That is like bumping your head up against a brick wall. You cannot do this, you do not want to do this. That is why we say often to go with the flow, to be neutral in every situation that you find yourself. Do not try to change another – you have enough difficulties just with yourself, do you not? So allow for the process, allow for all of this to occur is it needs to and everything will be orchestrated. Anything to add here Ashira? (Thank you)

“Ashira”: No I think you said what I was going to say. Thank you.

“OWS”: Very good.

Anne: Ok thank you _. And that’s important to all of us.

“OWS”: And before you continue Anne, Ashira how many more would you like to go here, question-wise?

“Ashira”: Three

“OWS”: Three more questions. Are there three more questions there Anne?

Anne: Yes there may be. I thought we were pretty much to the end. I see three – I had some I need to clarify – they may have spoken and didn’t clear their queue so let me just check these people out. 303 ending in 7293 that’s Tim. Tim did you intend to come back or had you not cleared?
Tim: I did intend to come back but if there’s not time I can call again another time. I just had some clarity questions on what we discussed.

Anne: Well let’s do it very quickly.

Question: And I appreciate I don’t want to say that I do that already but in a sense I feel like I am doing what I need to do to protect myself and intend only that which is the divine. But there are two things: the tube of the golden light that I saw. Because I’m also asking to meet my mentors and like last night I felt, heard, literally a swoosh of wind outside and I felt a very large and divine presence sweep over my body. It was quite wonderful and so I’m getting both and it’s a clarity question and it’s a discernment question. One is that – someone said this may be a healing tube – is that possible that that’s what that was and that might have been and the access to do some healing on the ship?

“Ashira”: Well what we would answer is that that was a portal of some sort that exited your room and you became aware of it because you had been through it. That was enough for us to say about that. And your other question was what?

Question: I was just saying that I was…I don’t want to be toyed with something that’s going to take me off track (inaudible). Because I am inviting the divine and healing at night I sense that there is a large amount of that happening. I just wanted to find out some clarity and discernment and I’ll just do a better job of creating a sacred space and setting my intention but I was just curious more about because we are expecting mentors, we are expecting healing ships which I have seen literally fly over a couple of times will and mentioned that to Zorra a while back so I was just…

“Ashira”: Alright so we will also answer that you are sitting with a whole room full of people who would like to experience the exact same thing. All of those who are with you want to have the experience with their mentor, want to have the experiences with the ships, want to have all of these experiences. And we promise the time is coming. We promise this and we know that you are dealing with discernment issues and again we would just advise for you to say that this is not to be a part of what you are experiencing because you are calling in all of the good of the universe. The good, alright? (Yes, thank you – many blessings).

“OWS”: And your mentors are standing by. (Indeed – thank you).

Anne: Alrighty thank you _, that was one. We have two more to go am going to try to be as fair as I possibly be. 609 you just opened up ending in 9702 – I’ve open your line 609 you’re number two. 609 you’re open – if you’re not going to respond and I’ll try to pick two more real quick. 609 ending in 9702 is open. I’m closing your line 609. Okay now I’m going to the top and check out 541 ending in 0339. Have you spoken already?

Question: No I haven’t. Hello this is _ – Zorra calls me Zirsta (? Spelling). How is everyone? (Anne: Oh hello). Yes this is Zirsta – Adama follows me around, as most of you know, and I’m in the Shasta/Ashland area. And I have a…one of my main questions is there is a ship outside my window is I’m looking up towards Shasta. I was wondering who it was (laughter).

“OWS”: We can tell you that there is not only one ship. There are many ships there. This is something, again, that is going to increase exponentially in the very near future here. It has been talked about the arrival of many different levels of ships and they will be disclosing themselves. So even if the governmental disclosure does not occur as it was planned, there will be disclosure in other ways. And certainly more ships will be seen in the sky. You are experiencing one particular one there, it is one that is in a sense calling to you directly so there will be many of this occurring across the planet for all of those that are awake and ready for this. So we always say “keep your eyes on the skies” because there’s going to be many things appearing there. Not only ships – many things in the clouds – look in the clouds and see the different formations that are going to appear. Look at the trees and the plants and the grass and the water and all of this; and begin to experience all that you were not aware of before that is going to come to your awareness. Much of this will occur after what Sanat Kumara has spoken of, in terms of the Initiation or these movements of consciousness that is going to greatly occur through all of you. Anything to add here Ashira?

Same caller: Excuse me can I say one more thing? (Yes) The community of Telos has been in my life the last two years and I’ve worked with Zorra on the mountain, Adama has walked with us there. Is there anything about them coming to the surface or is this on hold or can’t be talked about – is there anything for us on the Telos community?

“OWS”: Yes this will certainly be coming forward but we will turn that one over to Ashira since she is from down there, you might say.

“Ashira”: Yes I am from down there, yes. (Great) those from the Telos will and all other parts of Hollow Earth have been on the surface joining special legions of people as well as special people. And they’ve also just been mingling amongst you. So the experiences that you have had in the experiences that so many others are having are preparing the way for the communion of both the Hollow Earth residents and all of those upon this planet. And we are in great joy and expectation of this. Thank you for asking. (Well that’s wonderful that we’re all united, we’re all brothers and thank you for your service. I am with you always. I love you.) Thank you, bless you.

Anne: Good hearing from you. That was number two we have one more left and it’s a tossup. I’m going to check this one out and see if this one has spoken before – it’s at the top of the list but for some reason it doesn’t indicate. 505 ending in 0377.

Question: Hello this is me – I’m here. (Anne: Who are you?) I’m fine it’s really wonderful… (Anne: Could we have your name please?). (very muffled audio) My name is _ and I live in Santa Fe New Mexico. I would like to firstly express my gratitude for those in the outer dimensions and for the channels for coming through and helping us through these very hard times. It’s been enormously helpful to me. And I have just something that I’ve been so curious about. I don’t really understand – where are the women out there? I’ve been introduced many times to Lady Nada and Sananda is there. (Anne asked about caller to check on her audio quality- improved). My question is for Lady Nada or…I am very confused about the genders out there in the outer dimensions. Because all the people that are coming through to speak for them all will they are all beautiful, beautiful men and I see the picture of Lady Nada on your website and she looks very like another picture of Mary Magdalena will when she was impregnated with Jesus during that period. I wonder firstly is Lady Nada the same person and where do the Arcturians…(inaudible). Do they have both men and women, is there a balance? So why aren’t we hearing from the women? I’m very interested in the power of the divine feminine as it is arriving on the planet at this time. And I feel sort of relaxed and I really appreciate hearing the voice of Lady Nada and I wonder are there any other ones and what are the roles they play on the spaceships will and I know that’s the first part of my question. The second one is really involving the twin flames but if someone can give me some clarification, either Lady Nada or One Who Serves or Sananda. How does it all work up there?

“Ashira”: Yes I will take this first. So we would share with you that Mary Magdalene and Lady Nada are of the same soul strain. The same experiences just as Yeshua, Jesus as many know him and Sananda. Where are the women? You may not be listening to the right channels. You may not be hearing the right people. There are many, many women out there who are in the process of Ascension in their own ways and in their own levels of experience. What we would share with you is that the sexes of male and female that are present on this planet are not present throughout the universes. They are not present throughout the various locations that you may travel. You have even the experience of homosexuality and all the various types of sexuality on this planet so if you think of just the male and the female, it’s such a limitation. Other planets, other galaxies, other systems don’t even have the experiences of having the male and female body. There may be unisexes, there may be those that can come together to exchange reproductive juices, let us say, in ways that are more suitable for just one sex that comes together and joins with another one of the same sex and then gives birth. These are all such 3-D ways of looking at things, madam, and the wholeness of the planets, the wholeness of the solar systems and all of the universes share a variety of different sexes. Sexes that may or may not blend into ways that you think about things. But the females on the ships, the females in other locations, they are very strong. They are very powerful and they are experiencing life in a way that they choose to experience life. And those, such as myself, that share with you on days like this are times of great divine feminine pleasure. Does that help you, ma’am?

Same caller: This perception of the world that men are the main causal effect for the planet to be struggling and mother Terra Gaia Sophia is out of balance…

“OWS”: This crazy contraption is going to change when we all go to telepathy let me tell you. All that you speak of in terms of masculine and feminine, all of this thing, this is going to change because it is all about balance. Balance in all different ways is what is coming here to this planet, to the solar system, to the galaxy, all of this is working toward a sense of balance. And the idea that the masculine here on this planet has been control for so long – that is true – it has been because it was programmed to be so. But the goddess energy, the female energy, is coming back here. You are already feeling it, many of you are feeling it. It began with your idea of the “women’s lib” and all of this, although some of this was also a various programming by the cabal to bring about the changes that they were looking toward in terms of sending the women out to work along with the men so all would be slaving to make their and meet, you see? So all of that though is coming to an end, all of that is changing to bring about balance. The masculine, the feminine, all of this is coming into a state of balance. So no concern here to continue to worry about this. And there are, just as Ashira has said, there are many, many female presences, women and all of this all over the place. No concern here as well. And there are the brotherhoods but there are also the sisterhoods. Okay?

Same caller: Well okay, you know again, I’m having a hard time bringing it into the 3-D concept of you know what is the beautiful, beautiful couple. And you know I can see God as being mother and father and so often God is referred to as the father and the mother is forgotten. I can’t say I really know God, I only really know the divine, I know the One, I know the Source. Is there a balance in the concept of God with the masculine and the feminine?

“OWS”: Certainly, certainly there is…
Same caller: There is a Mother God and a Father God and together they serve…

Anne: Let’s hear an answer… We’d like to hear an answer now honey. You have to stop and hear the answer. Please One Who Serves.

“OWS”: Yes there is certainly a universal balance at the level that you are speaking of in terms of Mother Father God, the beginning, the creation. All of this began with balance, it began with that which is the un-manifest becoming the manifest. So there is – “let there be Light” and all of this is all part of this. And there was balance in the beginning and there is continuing to be balance now. There are times though when the balance is tipped and that is what has occurred here because of the various experiments that went on here. But again that balance is coming back so no concern. We think we are done with this question unless you have anything to add Ashira.

“Ashira”: No, no thank you.

“OWS”: Very good is there one more question or was that the last one here?

Anne: It appears to me that since we said three more, it appears that three more have come on since that shut off and we we’ve done our three. It seems that now we have 609, 903 and 661. Your hands have been raised at the very end. I’m going to open each of your lines very briefly just to see if there is anything very urgent because our channel needs to rest.

“OWS”: Yes they must be very quick questions, very much to the point okay? No belaboring here.

Anne: So I’ll just so we’re being kind to you – 609 is there something that you really need to speak about right now? 609? Okay am closing your line. 903 I’m opening your line is there something very urgent you need to speak about? 903 okay I’m going to close your line. And 661 I’m opening your line you came on at the very end – is there something very urgent that you need to speak about?

Question: Hi this is _ I thought I was actually on the whole time with my hand raised. (Anne: Who is this? _ from where?) _ in Helena Montana. since I’ve been here I’ve been able to connect with a shaman and he told me that the last time I saw him that Christ was holding me and that he would place me where I belong within a month and to try to relax in his arms. So was wondering if you could speak to that? Is that true?

“OWS”: Yes we would say, though, that is true for all. It is not true for one individual, it is true for all. The Christ consciousness is holding all and all of you are part of this as you are taking the Christ within you, this consciousness. Again it is all about consciousness movement and the Christ consciousness is here on the planet and going across the entire planet. So if you are feeling it or if you are experiencing it, go with it, allow it. Allow it to be there. You will experience it in many different ways. Some will even experience it somewhat as a kundalini experience so that can happen as well. Anything to add here Ashira?

“Ashira”: No I will finish at the end thank you .

“OWS”: Very good then we need to let go of channel and we see you next time. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


I am Ashira. Closing this day with all of you there are so many things to be excited about in the coming month, the coming months. This whole year of 2016 will bring you to new places, will bring you to new experiences, will bring you to the newness that you want in your new year. This will be a time a time for all of us to come together and to share with one another, to laugh with one another, to dance and to caress with one another. These are the times that you have been waiting for and these are the “now” that you have been expecting. I bless you. I give you peace. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco