Love is our new reality

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The Collective of Guides via Selena Migeot, January 6th

Dearest Beloved Ones,

It is with great joy that we greet you and wish you the happiest year you can manifest for yourselves! We want you to be excited and expectant of great things as that will help to manifest that reality. The energy you infuse into your thoughts and beliefs gives those thoughts and beliefs greater weight. Thought, enthusiastic energy, visualization, and the belief in your deservedness to have what you desire are the main ingredients to manifestation. We offer you this recipe and invite you to cook up whatever you desire. Our only further guideline would be that you focus only on that which is truly in your highest good and/or the highest good of all concerned.
There is much to be grateful for at this time as you are embarking on a period of greater unity, abundance, transparency, and the dissolution of much that does not serve you. As a result, you will see the breakdown of systems and organizations that have become corrupt, some to great extremes. These corporations and corrupt factions will be exposed and will be made accountable for all of their choices that have contributed to so much economic disparity, societal dysfunction, rampant disregard for the health and well-being of all life on the planet, and for their part in establishing a business model that values profit over and above everything else. That business model established economic gain as the highest priority over the basic rights of all living beings.
This year will include a massive environmental clean-up that will be on-going for several years but will be so effective with the help of new technology, that there will be no need to plant, grow, or buy ‘organic’ food because all food grown will be organic once again. As the oceans are being cleaned, much will be revealed as so much of your planet is water that has not yet been explored. Many more underground cities will be discovered. Some of these are so ancient that your scientists will have no frame of reference for when they flourished. This is just the tip of the iceberg of things that will be revealed in this and coming years. As a result of these ancient cities being discovered, many other discoveries will be made including ancient technologies that will be like great riddles until they are solved with a combination of new thought of what is/has been possible, experts in a variety of fields, and channeled information that will clarify what the experts suspect but will be hesitant to voice.
Channeling – the ability to receive information from higher spiritual sources will become much more prevalent until it is completely mainstream. Every single one of you has the ability to channel. The sources of channeling are many. For some it is their own higher self, for some it is Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, and many, many other of what you would call higher spiritual beings including saints. We do not use the term ‘higher spiritual being’ to express any degree of hierarchy whatsoever. That is merely how you can relate to us best. Dear ones, we are no better than you. We are not superior to you in any way. The only difference between us is that you are currently embodied on the 4th dimensional Earth Plane that is buffeted by 3rd and 5th dimensional energies. The 3rd dimension is very dense and dark and you are moving further and further away from this although some are still there. Most of you are currently living in a 4th dimensional reality and you are collectively evolving to the 5th dimension as the portal to the Age of Aquarius has already opened. You are pioneers of light and you all volunteered to be here on Earth at this time for this transition period. We salute and honor you dear ones for your courage, your valor, your willingness to serve, and for your ability to stay the course when things often seem challenging and confusing at best and dense and dark and even diabolical at worst. You are truly heroes and heroines to us.
Each and every one of you are sovereign beings. No single person or government has any power over you unless you expressly agree to it. You are your own ruler. You do not rule anyone else and no one else rules you. That was creator’s intention for you to always live as sovereign beings. You have been duped into believing you are powerless. In order to change this order of things, it is in the highest good that you treat everyone you come in contact with as a sovereign, beloved child of Creator and conduct yourself in a way that allows no one to infringe on your rights as a sovereign being.
Those of you who judge people who have hurt you will thank them when you realize the truth of their role in your life. Those who have hurt you most likely are honoring a karmic agreement – simply fulfilling their end of the bargain that was made before you became embodied. You all have a great deal of karmic work to do and you all have been doing it extremely well. As the changes increase, your work will speed up and you will become experts at letting go of old baggage, forgiving one another, and choosing love and compassion over being right, getting the last word in, or manipulating a loved one just because you know how to and you feel they deserve it. Many of you are at that level of awareness now – you get caught up in the moment and the emotion and let yourself go along for the ride instead of stopping yourself from hurting someone.
Are you knowing that that level of awareness is excellent, dear ones? We always want you to focus on the good/the positive in any situation. Just because you gave in to anger or manipulation or being right, doesn’t diminish the fact that you had the awareness to know exactly what you are doing. That is part of your evolution. If you remain attached to being right, giving in to your emotions, etc, you are merely postponing your own joy. You are ultimately hurting yourself more than the other person(s). So we can tell you unequivocally that you are nearing the time when your choices will reflect loving-kindness more and more. We say this with deep love for you and with the knowing that it is true.
And now we ask you when you have mastered the art of giving those in your circle the benefit of the doubt and choosing love for them, to expand that level of loving-kindness to whole communities, nations, cultures, religions, and all beings everywhere. Peace truly does begin with you. You cannot contribute to peace on Earth in any measurable way if you are being unfaithful to your spouse, fighting with your business partner, using derogatory language, stereotyping people, thinking you are superior to anyone for any reason. Dearest Ones, when you find yourself judging someone, we ask you to do two things: 1) immediately say to yourself “Love. Love. Love.,” and 2) look in their eyes. If you really look someone in the eyes and hold eye contact with them, it is very difficult not to see their inner beauty. See them. See that, EXCEPT FOR A FEW GENES, THEY ARE JUST LIKE YOU! If you are telling yourself something different, you are mistaken, Dear Ones.
We are loving you powerfully!
And so it is.
The Collective of Guides
Channeled by Salena Migeot
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