Love is our new reality

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Lady Nada via Susan Sammarco, January 3d

“Lady Nada”
I am Lady Nada and I speak today to you of love. Of love for each of you and the love that you have for your family, your friends, and for all of those upon this planet. This group, you’ve previous to the show, talked about the unity of man and the unity of humanity. And with this motion that Sanat Kumara talks about, you will even more know the unity that you are upon this planet. You will even more know that you are a cell of the human body, functioning in the way that you came to function, having the consciousness that you have and knowing that you are one of many making up for one. Those various components that have taken place in the planet’s changing surface, changing mass consciousness, have been because of people such as yourselves – Lightworkers, as you say. People who have come to make a difference on the planet at this point in time. People who have come to meditate and to join with others around the planet in accomplishing what you came to accomplish.

We are so proud of you, we are so gratified by the actions which you have taken. And we know that more and more you will see that Love Light which you have brought to this planet spread from person to person to person until you no longer see the war-making upon this planet. You no longer see people being slain upon this planet. You will see as people come together in peace, people come together in love, people come together to share what they have with great joy, great understanding. All of this is yours in the “now” and in your minds and in your manifestations you are also making this part of your mass consciousness which makes all of the work that everyone else does on all levels even more great. These are days that celebrations begin; these are the times that you have been waiting for. And as the world begins to unfold exactly as you individually have planted it, you will see that it is indeed time for celebration. Sananda and I bring you the peace and the love of all of those who are working with you to accomplish this which you have now accomplished. We let it be so today. Thank you.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco