Sanat Kumara via James McConnell, January 3d

“Sanat Kumara”
Good afternoon to all of you. I had asked Sananda to step aside for this particular call for it is very important that this message be received by all that listen and all that can be aware of my message. I have been known by many names, many titles, some of those being the Lord of the World, the One Initiator, the Ancient of Days and more lately, a name that I so cherish, Raj. I am Sanat Kumara and as I have said I have asked Sananda to step aside at this moment and he has graciously agreed. And I ask for your indulgence in allowing me to come through and speak in the place of Sananda in this moment.

I am known as the One Initiator and there is a reason for this for I am the one that presides over the various initiations that have happened across the eons of time and across space. I am the one that is present when a great initiation is performed or reached. And in the past, these initiations here on the Earth have been largely on an individual basis but please understand that an initiation, although in the past was as a job well done you might say, it was reached. Now we are looking at initiations as a movement of consciousness and a movement in consciousness.

And that is what is occurring on the entire planet now – movements of consciousness, change in consciousness. And you, each one that would listen to these words now, are moving into a new consciousness. You are having these changes in consciousness in the present “now” moment. And this initiation that is occurring, and in many cases is about to occur more fully, for you are all in this process now. But there is a momentous moment coming. A moment of Light, a moment of energy. You have heard of this before as a wave of energy back in your September of the past year. But now in this new year – 2016 – you are about to have another wave of energy, a wave of Light, a wave of consciousness come over you and it will appear to you and feel to you in many different ways. Some will experience it as a heightened awareness, a change in frequency within themselves, and they will find themselves in a higher space of understanding and consciousness. This is what happened with this one we speak through now, James, a few nights ago where he was given this experience so that he would know of that which I speak now, of what is coming.

For it is an experience of heightened awareness that many of you will be feeling in these days and weeks to come. We cannot say exactly what day, what hour – but I can tell you that it is nearly here and you are all going to experience this in many different, individual ways. This is a mass Initiation that is occurring, which is why I am here presiding over this. And when you have this experience I will be there – you will have a visualization of me or an understanding, a feeling, a sense of presence that I am there with you. And yes I will be with all of you even if it is in the same moment. This is a very momentous occasion that is coming and is fast upon you now. As Sananda has said many times, “this cannot be stopped”. The various forces at work here that are attempting to hold this off know that they cannot hold it off any longer. They continue to attempt to try it in there many, in some ways, rather inefficient ways that they have come up with that may have worked in the past, but no longer. For you are all at a higher vibration now, at a higher frequency, and the old ways of manipulation and of programming can no longer affect you directly. It still is affecting many across the planet – many are still under this programming. But this consciousness wave that I speak of, this movement of consciousness, this Initiation, is going to change all across the planet.

This is not “the Event” directly that has been spoken of but it is a precursor to the Event. And the Event itself is many smaller events within the larger one. So you all have this now to look forward to but as you are looking forward do not forget to be in the present, to be in the moment “now”. For it is in the moment “now” that you, will create your future, your every future moment.

I leave you now. I am Sanat Kumara – when the time comes I, myself, will be moving on. I have pledged to be with this Earth evolution, with your evolution, until the job is done. Just as you, each one, have pledged to be here until the job is done and you are all in that process of completion now. Do not become frustrated, do not become anxious; just be in the moment, in the “now” and all will take care of itself. But know that one of these moments to come you will feel this presence come over you, you will feel this heightened awareness and it will be glorious. All of my peace and love be with all of you as you continue on now in your daily activities, finding the truth within you.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco