Love is our new reality

One Who Serves via James McConnell, July 29th, 2018

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here with you. And we only wish to add to this a brief message here, that everything is exactly as it needs to be and you are in the exact right moment at the right time.

How many times have you heard that now? We have said this many times over and over and it is important for you to continue to know that.

You are in the perfect moment. You are perfect exactly as you are now. That is what you need to come to understand because you are the Creator within yourself. You are the Source. The source of everything. The Source and you are One.

“I and my Father are One,” he said as Yeshua. “I and my Father are One.” And what does that mean?

It means that the connection has always been there and all you need to do, each and every moment of your lives, is realize that that connection is still there.

You are the One. You are the One.

Please understand that as you continue to move through this transition, move through this ascension process. Be the One. Be Neo in “The Matrix.” All of you are the One. All of you can stop bullets if you needed to … but only if you believe it. He was not able to stop the bullets until he believed. But once he believed he was the One, anything was possible.

And that is what you need to come to understand. And you will, more and more, as you continue to raise your vibrations and reside more and more in those higher vibrations. Your future, your journey ahead is wonderful! And it will be even more wonderful for you as you continue through this transition if you continue to believe it’s so.

Q & A

Q:   [Emailed question] My question from last week was related to the topics from last week’s transmission but the answers I’m looking for are not quite clear to me yet. I know that we can invoke cancellations to our Contracts but I specifically want to know if our Divine Contracts have expired by the Divine Plan automatically because we are in the process of ascension. Is our Contract not automatically cancelled by Prime Creator? Would they be canceled automatically?


OWS:   What we can tell you is that we have been saying it is important for you to consciously create the disconnect here. Consciously create the severing.

As you can, you can use this severing process as Ashtar just gave you.


Yes, we would please ask for those of you — we know we said unmute your phones. That was not very smart to do. So please mute your phones please until it is time for you to ask question. Very good.


It is important for you to consciously create the severing process of the contracts, of the programming, as much as possible. Understand that as you move through this transition and into the ascension process more fully, and move into those waves of ascension that have been spoken of, you automatically go through this process of severing these contracts. Part of the process …

Again, we must ask you please to mute your phones.


Again it is important for you to continue to do what you can now, as you understand it, as you are being trained here to do. And please make no mistake about it. You are being trained here. You are all being trained in various ways whether it is through Ancient Awakenings or in through your own connection with your higher self. You are all going through this training. And in this training process you are creating the severing that is going on about the, from the old contracts. If you were not doing this, then many of you would continue to still have the old programming which would also be the old karmic attractions that would still be going on, and you would be going through many more travails then you have already been doing. And you are the light worker, you are the light warriors, so you are moving through this process continually and moving up in vibrations mainly because of your selves but also because consciousness across the planet is also shifting and changing. You may not always see this happening but it is. Look at it from our point of view. And this is what Ashtar wanted you to see. He wanted you to see what it is like from their point of view, our point of view, as we are looking down from above and seeing the Earth, seeing the consciousness of the Earth shifting and changing and moving ahead. And it is moving ahead. So do not be concerned about the contracts but we would ask you to, just for your own purposes here, ask for Archangel Michael to use his Flaming Blue Sword and sever those ties. Ask him each and every day until you feel that the ties are severing. And as you continue to do this, they will be severed, and you will find that you will be much freer to go about your life and your existence on a daily a moment-to-moment basis. And in so doing you will more and more find the joy in every moment as you go through this. Okay?


Q:   [Emailed question] You mentioned about three weeks ago or so that we will see a reduction in chemtrail activities. Is this in effect right now or are we talking about in the near future?


OWS:   You are in the process right now of going through a lessening of this that has been happening across the planet. It is still being perceived in some ways by those that look at the skies and are able to see this. For you must understand that many look at the skies and see what you would see as the chemtrails and they see something different. They seek clouds or they see emissions from the various planes or whatever it might be. But you see what is really there. But also understand that as has been said previously, in times past, that those of the cabal, those of the dark forces have had this as a programming process that they have been going through. And those pilots, those ones that go up in these planes are on automatic pilot now where they just do their job and they go up there and they do what they do and they come back down. But they are only doing it because it is part of the programming and the funds for this programming is running out real fast here and it will be curtailed. It is already being curtailed greatly but over the very near future here — we can even add the ‘soon’ here — you will find that the process this particular process will have dissipated not only greatly but completely at a certain point here. So it is part of the process that you are going through now, part of the transition. Okay?


Q:   [Emailed question] I am feeling the best that I have ever felt and I feel there is a change coming. I know you have said it so many times and I’m feeling is so strong. Will this change allow us to see and live 5D world more to create and do all that we are passionate about?


OWS:   Very much so! As you continue to move up in vibrations you will continue to experience that which goes along with those higher vibrations. In other words you will find less and less of your aches and pains and various suffering that has gone with the programming that you had become used to. Notice we say had become used to. We are going to speak more in terms of the ‘now’ here. Not the way it was, but the way it is now because this is what we want you to do more and more and now. We want you to think about being in the now and let go, as Ashtar said, let go of the past. It is over. It is done. Move on. Move on with your lives. Move on into those higher vibrations and you can do that simply. You can move into the higher vibrations simply by asking to do that and knowing that you are. Simply by going out into nature and seeing all the beauty around you and yes connecting with the trees and the plants and the animals. And as you do this and especially as you begin to telepathically communicate with them, they that in itself will raise your vibration because you cannot communicate with them unless you are in the higher vibrations with them. It is very similar to what you will experience those of you that will be down there when you are looking for those Records and you are raising your vibrations to be able to do so. You will not be able to see what is really there in those higher vibrations unless you find yourself in those higher vibrations. You see?


Q:   [Emailed question] I was visited by a squirrel last week in front of the door. I said thank you although I said not in my house and he turned away to the food tree. Is there a corresponding message that the squirrel wanted to say to me and others of the changes that are coming?


OWS:   This is in terms of perfect synchronicity here, based on what you were talking about earlier communicating with other life forms, besides just your human life forms but plants and animals and all of this. And it is a process of communication, telepathy. And in this particular case, this one communicated with the squirrel and asked the squirrel not come into the house. And the squirrel turned around because the squirrel understood what you were saying. Just as you are speaking to the trees and you are speaking to your dogs and your cats and whatever it might be. You are communicating with them at their level, at their language. If you are mean to them, if you are harsh with them, they will understand this as it comes from you in terms of your vibration. But if you are loving to them then they will also feel that love. So more and more whenever you can, find the compassion, the love, the expression of the higher vibrations coming through you to those other plants and animals and all of this. And in so doing you will be creating more and more of the connection of the Oneness of all.


Q:   I just want to double check. I know it’s stupid to ask for confirmation of things but I still want it because I was on a wrong path thinking my higher self was somebody else because I had memories back of biblical times. But I thought it was, what appears to be, I thought it was my twin flame and it turns out I believe I’m the other one. So I wanted to confirm that because I don’t want to go down any more paths here. But it seems like it is. And also I wanted to find out if we could be free on this line, could we be free to speak as our higher self, you know as Joanna/Shoshana do. Is that acceptable, not good, or what?


OWS:   At this point we would ask of you not to do that because it would interfere with the programming that … the program rather, not programming, but the program that we are working with this group on. And it is important to keep it, uh what is the word here, pure and consistent and all of this. So we would ask for that not to be because then everyone would be thinking that they were communicating with their higher self or another entity that is coming in and they may or may not be real but it would not be consistent as we say with this programming … with this program.


Q:   Okay. Can you confirm what my higher self is? Who I think it is?


OWS:   What we can tell you, just as we would tell anyone here, this must come from within you. And we think you knew this answer was coming in this way. We cannot go around and say, yes you are communicating with your higher self or your twin flame or Archangel Michael or whatever it might be. You must come to this understanding within yourself, just as Yeshua came into the understanding within Himself, in those times long ago, when he realized that He was in deed contacting his higher self, His Father. So you must also do the same. We cannot give this to you. But if you go within yourself and you will know the answer to this before you would even need to have to ask the question. And if you need to ask this question then you may not entirely be communicating as you believe. And this is not only for you that asked this, this is for everyone here. Okay?


Q:   We recently had an equinox and there is some information I received through astrology. I would like to ask and also to share whatever information that would be of benefit for us to move forward into the light, into the new world, that equinox essentially was providing for us.


OWS:   That equinox was providing for you? Is this what you ask here?


Q:   Yes. The equinox was providing information and also a push into, I guess a next level, or to move us further forward into the light, into the new energies. So could you expand on that please?


OWS:   All of these astrological signs that are coming, all of these lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, gate way openings, all of this is all part of the energies being brought into the planet. Released from higher vibratory dimensions, we will say, and coming into the Earth and coming through these gateways that have been opened. And all of this is raising the energies, raising the vibrations across the planet more and more so that you can continue to move through this transition. And move through this transition in a very smooth and … what is the word here … a very smooth and consistent manner. Very peaceful, very calm manner as opposed to what it would have been in the old timelines that we have spoken of and you have spoken of here. So you as you continue to move through this transition, the energies that are coming into the planet are bringing you through this process rather smoothly at this point. Even though it may not appear to you at all times in this way but you are. You are moving through it in a calm collected fashion here. Okay?


Q:   I wanted to know if you could briefly describe the differences between the Merkaba, the Light Vehicle, and the Light Mental Body.


OWS:   Very good. What we can tell you first about the Light Mental Body. That is something that is there for everyone, it is a part of you; it is a part of your expression but only if you realize it. Only if you come to understand that it is there, it is a part of you, and that you can reestablish the connection with this. Now the Merkaba, as you are saying, this is your light body or your vehicle of travel for your light body. And this is something that he has been a part of you all along and it is there whether you are aware of it or not. This is different than the Light Mental Body which you actually needed to make that connection with again. The Merkaba is somewhat different in this way. And if you will think in terms of ancient times, and those from the Greek god’s, and all of these things, and how they were seen in their flaming chariots and all of this, much of this was the Merkaba Light Vehicle that they were being seen in and that they were experiencing and traveling in. You see?


Q:   Lately I’ve been hearing names in my dreams or upon awakening. One was Akira. And then the other day someone said, I Am Merlinda. Do I have new guides? Are they introducing themselves to me?


OWS:   They are not new guides. They are a part of you, have been a part of your expression for a very long time but they are now coming back to you, into your conscious knowing. They have always been there but they come from those ancient times — especially here on this planet — but also from before even coming to this evolution here where you had experienced these particular ones. They are, in particular, individuals you can call them, but they are not of the human expression as you would understand them now. And they are not even of the, of physical body expression at these times now as well. Okay?


Q:   Lately I’ve been dreaming and every time I dream I see dragons. Like fire. A lot of fire and a lot of dragon and I don’t know how I could ask it any specific … but like am I supposed to be having some mission having to do with destruction of something?


OWS:   You are not of the ones that would be destroyer, no. Not as you are thinking here as we are finding it, but you are experiencing these particular dreams or even we will say go beyond dreams — and we would ask that those of you also now, go beyond thinking that they are simply dreams, because this has a connotation that they are not real in your programming from the past. So we moving ahead now in your new understanding, we would begin to think of these not as dreams but as experiences. The experiences that you are having. You can call them dreams but call them dream experiences. — And in these experiences you are having that expression of the fire within. The fire within. The kundalini energy raisin, even though it shows most times as snakes, it can be shown as dragon too because the dragon is a higher expression of this. And the dragon is the one that is in some ways in a control situation that is helping to bring this process about. We cannot tell too much about this but dragons are real, certainly. And they are in your ancient mythology and they are there because they were real back then. And they were seen by many at those times. But they, like the elves and the sprites and the fairies and all of this, have moved into a higher vibrational experience, higher dimension, that they are invisible to your understanding, your physical eyes, certainly, at this time. But, as you continue to open up your third eye expression — which you are going to do greatly, by the way, at the next Advance. We are going to work with this and you are going to then see beyond the physical much, much more than you have up to this point. And those of you that are experiencing this with us will find that after this you will have much greater experience much greater knowing past the veil you might say that you will be able to experience those of expression beyond the physical. Call it the metaphysical. And you will have more and more connection with the plants the trees the animals and all of this, and be able to not only communicate with them telepathically but even be able to begin to see them more and more. Okay?


Q:   I had recently seen a … what was like a pretty good-sized toad around my flowers. I see him at night a lot next to the door. And I felt this real connection with him and I would talk to him and he would look at me. Then the other night I came home into the driveway and I see a little pile on the side of the driveway. I tried to steer away from it but my car steered right into it. I didn’t look. It was dark. I went home and the next morning I come out of the garage and there is a big toad is dead in the driveway. I don’t even know when that happened. And when I left with the car, that little pile at the end of the driveway was a dead frog as well. I don’t understand why that happened. Is there any message for me in all of this?


OWS:   What we can tell you is the message for this needs to come from within. We cannot give this to you but you can go within yourself and ask these kinds of questions. The connection is there. Why it is happening we cannot give you directly. But we can say to all of you now — not only to this one who asked this question — but again this is a process of connecting and communicating with that which is mostly beyond the physical — the connection here rather — beyond the physical. Even though this was a physical expression in the toad, there was much more to this than beyond this particular toad or frog here. You see? We know that is not the answer you wanted here but at times we cannot give exactly what you want, only what you need.


Q:   I’m always watching the skies and I see our beautiful Galactic ships all the time the lights. I saw one form but that was when I was 16 years old. But anyhow lately I’ve been [seeing them] every night. And they come from different directions. They’ve been flying right over my house, right over me. I’ve asked them to please come close, please fly closer because they’re pretty far sometimes. But I see them way up in the sky; way way up and can barely see them. And they also out of the six there is one of them that goes from South to North and that one has been flashing at me. And it will flash so big in such a bright light and then it will go off and fly a little bit more and flash a little bit you now, not as big as the first, and then I won’t see nothing. But it’s only letting me know, I believe, that it sees me. It knows I’m acknowledging them it and I’m just so ecstatic. So I just love them so much and I welcome them and I will be the first to step up when they land, if they’re in my presence, of course. But what I wanted to ask you. I feel — well of course most of us, all of us are star beings. We all came from other planets. — But is this my family? The Arcturians maybe? Can you answer that?


OWS:   What we can tell you is they are playing with you. They are aware of you. They are expressing themselves to you because you are expressing yourself to them. And in so doing then you create a connection, an opening that allows this process to occur. Another could look up there and see nothing. And this is what you must understand and what we have been speaking about. As you continue to move through this transition, this process, this expression of consciousness will happen more and more, or rather this connection of consciousness will happen more and more as you move through this. And we cannot tell you whether it is Arcturian or Pleiadian or Sirian or whenever it this might be, but that is coming from within you. And if you are believing that it is Arcturian, if you are feeling that, then that would then be so. So trust yourself. Trust yourself within and allow this expression to continue on for you. And this goes for all of you here. The more that you believe the more that you will see.


Q:   I have a question about the ships and you said seeing is believing and I remember a …


OWS:   No! Believing is seeing! Believing is seeing. Believing is seeing. Yes.


Q:   Well I remember a long long time ago actually you said, the collective you said many of us are commanders of our own ships here in human form, in physical form. And all this information and memory will come back to you. I remember you saying that and it has been for many of us now. This one particular ship I want to talk about, I wanted to ask you a question about and it is about the trees. On the ship I see and I know I’m about and I’m a part of, the Merkaba ship called the Aurora. In the center of the Aurora and there’s many columns and levels to the Aurora but there is these three crystal trees. They are massive. And they are trees but they are crystals. And I’m just trying to work out is this the center of the ship, the heart and the soul of the ship? And that my consciousness and the ship and I feel the whole crew’s consciousness is in these trees these crystal trees. And this great big light column comes down through these crystal trees. Where did these trees come from? I just don’t feel is from Earth. It’s amazing their massive. And the light column comes down through the trees so I just want to make sure I’m seeing what I’m seeing is right. And I’m feeling what I’m feeling. I have such connection to these crystal trees. They’re not like our trees here on Earth. They’re see-through. They’re crystal and they shimmer so brightly and they’re amazing. I just want to know this connection. Is it the heart? Is that the soul of the ship?


OWS:   What we can tell you is it is not the heart or the soul of the ship. It is the ship itself. All of this is the ship itself. The connection with all of the consciousness within the ship and on the ship is all connected. This is beyond your three dimensional understanding in terms of a physical vehicle that is powered by a fuel source or something of this nature whether it be a crystal or some type of fuel, but this is consciousness itself. And all is connected on these consciousness types of ships. They are higher vibrational, higher dimensional experiences and they are completely connected by the consciousness. And as you are seeing these crystalline trees, this is correct. They are a part of the expression where these ones come from. We cannot tell you who they are but you will come in contact with them in the times ahead because you are a part of that connection with them. This is strictly to you who has asked this question. You are connected with them more than you can possibly realize at this point. There are others here on the phone as well but we will not go into that now. So yes you are correct in much of what you say here.


Q:   Wow. My heart is racing because this connection is beyond anything physical nonphysical. This is metaphysical. Like you said this is just unconditional love. It’s pure. It’s spellbinding.


OWS:   Welcome to the fifth dimension … and higher. And we will add and higher.


Now we take one more question then we need to release channel here.


Q:   We were talking earlier about the fires. All the fires in Greece and California all the purging that’s happening. I just wanted to know if this is mostly Mother Gaia purging or could this be like the last stand of the deep state with directed energy or combination? Can you help us know what these are about?


OWS:   Yes. This is why we take this last question because we knew this was coming. And it is important for you to have an understanding of what is happening here.


Those of you that say it is a purging process are correct. It is certainly a very strong purging process that is going on. It is a part of what we have been saying about letting go of the past moving beyond the past. And all of this is purging out the old here, the old paradigm, the old regime here is being purged out of the planet, off of the planet. And the expression that is happening now is happening across the entire planet here in many different ways. Not only these fires and volcanoes and all of this, but in other ways as well. It is the old going away. The old process, the old programming leaving here to make way for the new programming the new process here. We are not even going to say programming, new programming, because you will not be programmed anymore you will be just going simply through a process or as we say this transition. So as you continue to move into this new process here, and new regime, new paradigm, you are going to find that everything, all of these fires and all of these things will dissipate completely.


But those of you that say it is part of the dark expression, the cabal and all of this, that is also somewhat partially correct as well. Because they are having their last stand. They are on their last legs you might say and they are doing everything that they can going out kicking and screaming. They will not go gently into the night. They will go through this with a fight. So you must understand that, and that they are going to continue to last until the very end that they can here. Many have already surrendered. Many have already moved over to the light. Many have realized that their time was over and they are now accepting the new paradigm and the new consciousness that is coming into the planet. Many are. But there are still those leftovers, those ones that will not capitulate. They will not give in. And they are going to be the ones that you have heard about the many arrests that are coming. You have heard about the purging of the old ways here and this is what this will be about. Some you will see. Some you will not see. Some will be happening behind the scenes but they will be taken out of the picture one way or another because they cannot survive in the higher vibrations. And as soon as the decision is made that the vibrations will be raised to the point where those that are in that can only handle the lower vibrations will not be able to subsist in these higher vibrations. You see? Does this make sense to you?


We are needing to release channel now.

We are so much looking forward to those two weeks from now, as we find it in your timing, when you are there at your Advance. It is going to be a special time. It is going to be an important time. It is going to be an expression that is going to come through that is going to floor and shock many of you. We cannot say too much more about this. And James doesn’t even yet know what we are speaking about but is being given a little bit of inklings here as we go through here. So be ready. It is not only going to be amazing but it is going to be spectacular in many respects here as you find yourselves very much changed at the end of all of this. So we are ready now we will release channel.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

 Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”