Love is our new reality

Orion – The Road To Enlightenment, June 3, 2023


A higher consciousness tells about man’s ability to see, taste, feel, hear, smell and experience multidimensional realities.

A higher consciousness tells about intelligence on different levels. There is a diversity of different kinds of intelligence. Some of these intelligences are linked to mental capacity while others are based on the heart’s levels of empathy, humility and love. The perfect balance is achieved in the meeting between heart and brain.

When intelligences learn to cooperate regardless of connection, total turnover of love occurs. All levels are just like humans divided into frequency and vibration.

There are also intelligences that move within the absence of life, anti-life as opposed to life.
Mediality and conscious predictability tell of the ability to travel through time. Time is connected to the etheric light body, which maintains a relatively high time frequency. The medial human predicts multidimensional possibilities. The more advanced human consciousness is, the more alternative paths and timelines become available within consciousness. Here truly endless possibilities are born.

When the speed of time in the human vibration exceeds the vibration of the room within its existing framework, then the person gains access to multifaceted time perspectives and multifaceted events within the character of the room. Time and space are in relation to each other, while man’s ability to break these frames is linked to the ability to expand space.
The earth’s ascension in harmony with man’s awakening is based on consciousness’ experience and ability to expand space. Within the mass of energy that holds space, man can develop trust beyond control. Here awakens life within life and love beyond worlds. New energy laws are born here.

Space is the next step on man’s path to enlightenment. Space is born from within but also surrounds man from the outside. Through the expansive power and scope of space, “new life” is manifested on our earth. A new flora, new races and new species of life. At an early stage, these can be experienced as life that mutates from previous forms of life on earth. These life forms may also be experienced as extraterrestrial forces invading our planet. The experience will be completely characterized by the person’s sense of separation or loving unity in relation to the unexpected.

Little by little, man will understand that everything he experiences actually aims for the new earth and its expansion of life forms to arise entirely through man’s increased consciousness. In this also awakens the understanding that the intelligence of the heart holds the highest position within the hierarchical earth.

In the “space age”, the human experience of HEAVEN ON EARTH is enhanced.

~ Messiah Love Orion Starlight