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The Tiger Ezra from Orion via Angel September 18th, 2018

The Tiger Ezra from Orion via Angel

September 18th, 2018


Hello beautiful people on Earth,

My name is Ezra and I am a tiger from Orion. I have just as you lived many incarnations on Earth, but since a few hundred years I am back home in Orion, where I act as a master within my area. I work among others things with protecting and transforming energies and to guide people and animals towards ascension. The Earth is close to my heart and its beauty cannot be compared to any other planet.

I am very happy to be able to bring forth my message today and I step forward to remind you that also the animals are going through the ascension process and many are working equally actively as light bearers, transformers, healers and keepers of frequencies as you.

Animals and nature have been extra hard hit by the three dimensional development, as they have not had a voice to make themselves heard with – No voice that you humans earlier have been able to interpret or listen to. Mother Earth has many times shown how she is injured by weather related expressions, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme climate changes. And also, the animals that have attacked humans in stressful situations where humans have taken over their homes, threatened them or captured them.

There are today not many animals that have trust in humanity and this is something that they encounter in the ascension process. Life after life where they have been captured, hunted, shot, slaughtered, abused and forced to live in captivity. They have seen how their homes have been ravaged, burned and turned into a completely unidentifiable condition. They have been removed from their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters and best friends. And I know what they have been forced to encounter as I have myself gone through the same thing. They have an equally tough journey as you now ahead of them.

With all my warm love and compassion I want to encourage you to remember the animals and send healing, positive thoughts and love the animal kingdom – from the smallest insects to the largest beings on Earth and especially to the animals that have become hard hit by humanity’s three dimensional mind and actions.

You have a large number of animals and beings on the etheric plane to help you – all ready and eager to serve humanity and the animal and nature kingdoms. Most of them have a deep understanding of life on Earth as they just like me have lived numerous incarnations on Earth, but have now ascended to serve on etheric planes and from other dimensions instead.

I encourage you till still your heart and to put yourself into meditation and see which guide that comes to you to collaborate. And remember that the guide that you work with also has a close connection to your individual development and will guide and help you. There have been many times on Earth where humans and animals have had a very special bond – a telepathic and energy collaboration beyond anything that you now can imagine. Remember this when your “old friend” comes to again collaborate with you, open your hearts and memories and you did not think could be possible will reawaken within you.

It is a grand day to rejoice in. As today maybe the most unexpected friends find each other again.

With all my love / Ezra




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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High Council of Orion via Elaine DeGiorgio, February 2nd, 2018

Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self, Sekhmet-Durga, with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message to share with you all from The High Council of Orion.

Dear Souls,

We are The High Council of Orion and we come forth to share our message of Love of Joy and of Understanding.

We are the High Council of Orion and we work in partnership with Sirius and work very closely with the Alignments upon your Earth and have done so for Eons.

This day upon your Earth we have opened the Star Gates of Orion bringing forth much love and peace and healing to the Masculine Energy for it is truly a time of healing of balance of harmony for these are the tools and Mastery of Ascension.

There are indeed many shifts taking place upon your Earth at this time and many of you will be feeling great alignment with your Energy and your Physical Bodies.

For each and everyone of you are penetrating Light out to the World that you live in.

The Light comes from within you…. The Truth lies within you….

Look within for the answers. All the answers are there and the beautiful thing is they’re guided by your Soul on your journey. There’s no better place to get information, answers and solutions than within yourself.

For you are the unique being of light, who is you in this lifetime. As you are out there listening to who is currently saying what about “What might happen to the planet”, “What might happen to the people!”

Use your inner discernment to decide if you feel in alignment with that or not. For the truth is that there is no “ultimate truth” in this that applies to everyone.

Everyone’s Soul is on their unique path and so a perfect solution for one person, guided by their Soul, is not necessarily the same perfect solution or point of view for you. We are going to ask you something wildly crazy now, not from a dispassionate point of view, not from an uncaring point of view. What we ask you to do is be in your heart and not worry about everyone else!

Let us explain what that means. There are many on the planet right now who say: “What about my husband? What about my wife and my children? What about my brother or sister? Wow, they don’t believe in Ascension. They don’t even know anything about it and they’re going to be left behind! Is my dog coming with me? Will my cats be with me? I can’t Ascend without them!”

The answer to your thoughts and questions is… yes they can… for each and every Soul are on their paths of Ascension. No Soul is left behind… All are on paths of awakening… The Soul will decide when it is ready to embrace the Ascension.

For each Soul carries the spark of the Divine… the God/Goddess Spark ignites within each and every one.

The Soul decides,…

Your focus must be upon yourself…..

What we would like to point out is, those comments and thoughts, while they come from a loving place that you want your loved ones to move along with you, upon your Ascension process…

You must allow yourselves not to enter a phase of great judgement upon yourselves or them…. but to allow your Soul and theirs…to be at that beautiful core level to allow you and them to move through human experience exactly the way it has designed to be.

It is a time to set focus… upon yourselves and process yourselves through the process of Immortality, Resurrection and Ascension for these are the three attributes that are truly taking place at this time upon every awakening Soul.

Let us explain to you what this means… when a Soul enters these stages they become aware of who they are… the knowing of thyself…. (immortality) Activating your Lightbody and DNA – your MerKaBa…. (Resurrection) and Ascension finally connecting you through to the 5th Dimension and above – having full awareness of the Higher Dimensions of Light and bringing in the Energy from the Higher Dimensions of Light and Love.

As we’ve said previously to mankind, what we ask you to do is instead of worrying about those around you who you have decided are not in the “right place or space” for this process of ascension, please hold the space of the beauty and intelligence of their Soul to be guiding and directing them from a place of their inner truth.

The best place you can hold for anyone in your life is non-judgment and heart-centered peace and trust. Trusting their soul to be guiding their lives as you are learning to trust your Soul to guide your life. In the meantime not holding that judgmental place, as if you have the crystal ball into their Soul, knowing that they’re making the wrong decisions.

Because what we put forth is that all of their decisions are right and perfect for them in their uniqueness, as the beautiful being of light whose chosen to have the human experience they’re having.

What we would like to offer up to you is by you moving into that heart-centered space of trusting their Soul to guide their life, trusting your Soul to guide your life, there’s less constriction, there’s more openness, and it allows greater potential and possibility for all involved.

For when there is judgment there is construction, and construction limits the expansion of energies. So if you can find that place in your heart to trust your Soul, and find a space in your heart also to lovingly look at those around you, and trusting their Soul, you create an openness of energy that allows for more for everyone in that situation.

The energies of expansion and openness come from this place of Soul-centered and Heart-Centered allowing. We ask you today to bless those around you. Stay heart-centered, as much as you can. If you find yourself not experiencing life from your heart, take that moment to breathe and drop your energies down into your heart.

It is truly a time to connect within dear ones connect with your hearts for it is from within you will find inner healing, inner peace….

It is truly a time dear ones to connect with your hearts for it is from there you will find balance and harmony.

It is truly a time dear ones to connect with your hearts for it is a time now to connect with the Truths….

We are the High Council of The Orion and we have spoken through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

Orion, May 29

Take Yourself to the Edge of Unknown

“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

The energies of transformation abound on your planet at this time. Many of you are feeling them in a variety of ways.

There are some of you who are experiencing openings and transformation in positive ways that you have been striving for for a long time you are finally connecting with that place of success, openness and flow that you have been desiring and working towards for a long time. For that we ask you to make sure that you are in place of celebration. For when one puts a great deal of effort into visioning, manifesting and doing the things of action in your dimension that then begin to materialize, instead of being somewhat complacent and saying “Well, of course it’s happening because I’ve put a lot of effort into it.” We would ask for you to celebrate. Celebrate the support, and the additional support to all of your efforts, of the energies that are abundant on the planet at this time.

Beyond that there are some of you who are experiencing a great deal angst and upset. It might feel that the things that have been troubling you are feeling even more troubling, more stressful or more worrisome looking as if they are getting worse. You would say “But I hear that the energies are in support. Why do I feel worse? Why does this feel like it’s getting to a place that I can’t deal with it anymore? I can take it any more.” We understand.

We would ask you to look at what it is that you have a preference about, what it is the situation that you find yourself in and how you can look at it from a new point of view and a new perspective. Perhaps being open to a different outcome then the one that you see in front of you, or the one they see is, at this moment in time, the only choice as far as you’re concerned.

For now is the time with these energies of transformation to a release the need to effort and to bring in the idea, as you’ve heard us speak about many other times, solution energy. The way solution energy can come in often is by drawing your perspective back to get a bigger view of what it is that you are seeking and striving for, and looking for other ways that you can connect with the end result.

Perhaps it is money you’re lacking, for example. You feel the only way you can bring more money into your life is by getting that promotion you want. You start remembering all the times when you’ve been passed over for the promotion or whether they’ve given you a raise that ends up being very insignificant. You feel thwarted in that pathway. What we would invite you to do is to look at what other ways can you make changes? What other information can you have in that same situation to shift the desired outcome and not decide that it has to be the one pathway that you’re thinking about. In the example we’re using perhaps it’s changing departments within your same company. Perhaps it’s even looking for a different job. Or perhaps it’s deciding that that side business that you’ve always wanted to do is ready to be started. While our example could be fraught with all kinds of problems from your point of view the idea here is that we want to give you the opportunity to look at the situation you’re in from multiple points of view. This is what’s being asked energetically at this time.

If you are doing the same things over and over and over again and having a particular point of view that you need an outcome that is reasonable in your life and you’re only looking at that outcome coming from one pathway we would ask you to expand your view and what other pathways are available to you.

Now, there is one other very important aspect of the energies at this time which is this: they are asking you, and you are being energetically activated, to not ignore the unhealed parts of yourself. If you’re looking to have an outcome in a particular way that is ignoring a part of yourself that needs to be healed, that is asking to be healed, or a situation that is asking to the looked at from a new perspective that can bring about a healing and a transformation, now is the time to do it. Now is the time to dig in and really begin to work with the patterns and the energies that have been like that record skipping for you for years.

So whether it’s about personal relationships with coworkers, with family members, whether it is about a personal relationship with yourself, whether it’s about your satisfaction with your profession, where you live, your physical body, where are the things that are really asking to be changed at this moment in time? What’s that new perspective you can bring in?

In the course of all of this we ask you to not forget that all of this is about your vibration. As you shift and work with your vibration, either by changing your point of view or by actually working to heal some of those unhealed parts that are asking to be healed right now, you will be shifting your vibrational resonance, which will allow for the movement to happen in your life that you desire.

Have those quiet moments where you can be very honest with yourself and also be able to see the new points of view. Often you need to be quiet with yourself and not continue on with life exactly how you do it day in and day out, but shift what it is you do and when you do it and how you do it so that you have that time to focus on you. Focus on what else is possible within the field that you’re already in. When you ask what else is possible you are opening up your energy field for you to find new points of view and allow new energies to come in. If it feels deeply personal and hard and you have a hard time forgetting your woundings to move forward the looking at it from a higher-level perspective, as an outside person even perhaps, can give you those options. Then try them out. See what it’s like to try something different. See what it’s like to take yourself to the edge of the unknown and push that boundary. See what new can come in.

We invite each and every one of you to ask us for our assistance through the attunements, if you desire, as you work your way into a new vibration that’s being asked at this time. The attunements don’t need to be asked for just when you’re in a desperate moment, you can ask for an attunement just because you remember it, even if every thing’s absolutely perfect. For no matter what you’re in a trajectory of vibrational change. We can always assist with that.

Smile as much as you can for the way it shifts your vibration is magical! It opens you up and you carry more light. Smile as much as you can. Add laughter in as much as you can. For those give you the buoyancy to float through these changes.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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High Council of Orion – Take Yourself to the Edge of the Unknown – 29th May 2015