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The Tiger Ezra from Orion via Angel September 18th, 2018

The Tiger Ezra from Orion via Angel

September 18th, 2018


Hello beautiful people on Earth,

My name is Ezra and I am a tiger from Orion. I have just as you lived many incarnations on Earth, but since a few hundred years I am back home in Orion, where I act as a master within my area. I work among others things with protecting and transforming energies and to guide people and animals towards ascension. The Earth is close to my heart and its beauty cannot be compared to any other planet.

I am very happy to be able to bring forth my message today and I step forward to remind you that also the animals are going through the ascension process and many are working equally actively as light bearers, transformers, healers and keepers of frequencies as you.

Animals and nature have been extra hard hit by the three dimensional development, as they have not had a voice to make themselves heard with – No voice that you humans earlier have been able to interpret or listen to. Mother Earth has many times shown how she is injured by weather related expressions, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme climate changes. And also, the animals that have attacked humans in stressful situations where humans have taken over their homes, threatened them or captured them.

There are today not many animals that have trust in humanity and this is something that they encounter in the ascension process. Life after life where they have been captured, hunted, shot, slaughtered, abused and forced to live in captivity. They have seen how their homes have been ravaged, burned and turned into a completely unidentifiable condition. They have been removed from their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters and best friends. And I know what they have been forced to encounter as I have myself gone through the same thing. They have an equally tough journey as you now ahead of them.

With all my warm love and compassion I want to encourage you to remember the animals and send healing, positive thoughts and love the animal kingdom – from the smallest insects to the largest beings on Earth and especially to the animals that have become hard hit by humanity’s three dimensional mind and actions.

You have a large number of animals and beings on the etheric plane to help you – all ready and eager to serve humanity and the animal and nature kingdoms. Most of them have a deep understanding of life on Earth as they just like me have lived numerous incarnations on Earth, but have now ascended to serve on etheric planes and from other dimensions instead.

I encourage you till still your heart and to put yourself into meditation and see which guide that comes to you to collaborate. And remember that the guide that you work with also has a close connection to your individual development and will guide and help you. There have been many times on Earth where humans and animals have had a very special bond – a telepathic and energy collaboration beyond anything that you now can imagine. Remember this when your “old friend” comes to again collaborate with you, open your hearts and memories and you did not think could be possible will reawaken within you.

It is a grand day to rejoice in. As today maybe the most unexpected friends find each other again.

With all my love / Ezra




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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