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“RV/GCR Course Correction” by Ron Giles – 9.18.18

“RV/GCR Course Correction” by Ron Giles – 9.18.18

Did you get the memo? We are no longer in the, Exchange Scenario. We are in the Zim Redemption Scenario. The old course was taking us to the 20% – 80% where we can only spend up to one Billion on ourselves. This old thinking was done, “to us,” so that the little slaves, the ones that want to be like the rich kids and buy everything in the world they don’t need, will have to be controlled and channeled into being of service to mankind. This the old thinking has been replaced by, Sovereign Thinking, where we have our own stewardship to oversee and make our own choices as to what we want to do and what we want to accomplish. This is called Stewardship Responsibility. Put a death grip on that concept and don’t let go.

Guidelines are replacing the limiting Rules and Regulations, like the Commandment-to-Love-One-Another, replaces the Law of Moses with its eye for eye mentality. Did we really get that memo two thousand years ago? Do we really get it now?

Is it so hard to see the limiting concepts and controlling influences of Intel designed to keep us as slaves? Is it so hard to throw off Intel that attempts to control us and eliminate the expectation of a new way of life that has no imposed boundaries from anything or anybody outside of our own abilities to govern our own lives. It shouldn’t be for those of us who have embraced our Sovereignty and are governing our lives accordingly. If you haven’t embraced Sovereignty, you will continue to believe in the conditioned, Cabal, slave response and will flounder. “Being Smart is No Part Time Job.”

Get used to viewing all, supposed Intel, and pass it through the lens of freedom to see if it applies to you. The differences may be subtle in the beginning, but as you wear it, it may feel constraining like old clothes that don’t fit and need to be thrown away as we grow and mature in our physical bodies. You can’t remain in children’s clothing when your body matures to adulthood.

There are some basic truths that you can count on.

1. We are free to negotiate our own personal redemption rate. The are no limits placed on receiving funds to accomplish our humanitarian projects. NONE!!!!!! Don’t get suckered into any IDC publicized rates. They are not for us. If we can conceive it we get to achieve it. It is our absolute Stewardship Responsibility to never let any limiting beliefs enter our thinking process. We are the Sovereign law givers of our own life. Do not abdicate your position as a Sovereign, or yield to the enticings or directions of others that would lead you to false conclusions. Your personal discernment is vital for your future.

2. Funds obtained from your Redemption are sacred and have no need to be invested in ANY scheme to make more money. If you think you need more money and need to invest for future security, you have old flawed thinking. That thinking is telling the Universe that you don’t believe you have received enough. Thinking this way, the Universe will grant you that reality and you will never get/have enough. The wise Steward always knows there is sufficient for ones needs. The greedy always want more – when is enough, enough?

3. The Structured Payout is for your own good – not theirs. The interest payments negotiated will insure your continued success that will sustain your humanitarian projects over time. Just trust that you have been given all you will need for the success of your Stewardship. Even excess money from your quarterly interest payment should never be put into a, CD or any other bank instrument, until it is needed. That is lack conscientiousness and Cabal banking thinking. Get rid of ideas and concepts that do not sustain your Abundance Mentality. You are the one who will suffer the negative consequences of, lack thinking. Read the memo again. Do you really think that Zimbabwe will need to offer interest bearing bonds to do their in-country rebuilding projects when any one of us Zim holders could grant them every dollar they will ever need? See that post as an enticement to go off course. Zimbabwe – you did not attract greedy Zim holders that need money from your economy to pad our own bank accounts. We are with you all the way as we are with any other country or people in need. You can take that to your bank and count it done…forever. We thousands of Trillionaires wait in line to help. We love you and desire to show our appreciation by using this money wisely.

4. We were told some years ago that the funds waiting to be delivered for redemption have 63 zeros behind the 1. This amount, and more, is in the QFS waiting the redemption distribution. These funds are gold-backed. Nobody… get this axiom, … NOBODY in earthly form, has a clue how much Gold has been mined and available to back our new currencies. As far as gold-backing is concerned, we will never find the bottom of that mined gold source. Our Structured Payouts and the quarterly interest payments we will receive, come from that bottomless gold source.The QFS will not make money on our money. There is no vehicle to do that. To our finite minds we can’t conceive that this is true, but it is. In our linear thinking we need a beginning and an end, but in this case, it has no beginning and has no end. It just is. Don’t limit the QFS as a source to process all our earthly financial activities. It will not limit we Sovereigns, ever. It will, however, require our harmony with correct principles, and the command, “Do No Harm.”

This new course, presents itself as a, course correction, from the old to the new. Embracing and adjusting to the new concepts as they are presented, means we always get to be, “On Course,” to the right place. Store your trays and bring your seats to the upright position. The airport is in sight and we are making our final descent and approach. It will be nice to get off the plane and stretch our wings a bit and proceed to our projects.

In love and Light

Ron Giles