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Vittra – We Love you – June 1st, 2023

Thursday, 1 June 2023



We are Vittra! We are very old! We are from the beginning of the planet!

We are even from before this planet was born, we are one of the creators!

There where many creators! Some say there was only one creator and that is God!

God was there too of course!

We love this planet as our Mother! She gives life after life, she gives birth to new lifes all the time!

Every season is a baby! Spring is a baby that grows old and becomes a summer. Summer is a baby that turns into an autumn. And so it goes on!

All the babies eventually matures into an adult being and moves out from home. All the seasons, when they are adult they move out from the planet, and creates a new life elsewhere and so life goes on and on.

Mother Earth is an ovary! She is a gigant holy grail, a holy container of lifes. She is a dynamic hub of motherhood of creation.

She represents all the stages, all the seasons of life and if you will, she can be your guide, just as God is your guide!

We the Vittra, see that Mother Earth is sacred, as she have so many children, and she actually cares for everyone.

She knows about all of her children!

Mother Earth has a soul! When you connect to her, you can feel your roots. When you thank her, for your daily meal, when you thank her for your daily drink of water, she is very grateful for your insight that everything is connected.

As a soul Mother Earth responds to gratefullness to life, as she is a providor.

She feels every leaf falling in the autumn. She knows every raindrop and dewdrop. She know every wind. She knows about every seed in the ground. And she feels the beat of the butterfly´s wings. She knows that every snowflake is unique and has its own purpose.

She knows you, and that you are unique and have your own unique purpose here on Earth!

And most of all, she loves you more than you can ever know!

When you re-connect to your earthly roots you connect to your ancestry of earth. You will find out more easily about your previous lives on Earth.

But this is not all. Connection with Mother Earth means love and becoming whole, being healed!

And this is a co-operation, between Mother Earth and God!

We love you,