Paul the Venetian via Adele, January 1st, 2021

Your Ascension into Divine Love ~ by Paul the Venetian, the Maha Chohan (1-1-2021).


Greetings, dearly beloved.


I am forever your friend, Paul.


Every single person who has come across this message, will experience one of the following three different reactions. You will either be: strongly compelled to read it, or, not particularly compelled to read it (usually due to: Divine Timing, or the fact that there is nothing here that isn’t already part of your attained consciousness), or, repelled by this transmission of Light.


And so it is, that all of you here are at different stages of your Ascension journey.


Your journey back to the Unconditional Love within (the God/Higher Self within) will, most of the time, be completely different from another person.


What worked for you, may not work for another person.


And thus, the goal of today’s message is not to give you instructions on how to find your way back to Divine Love.


Our goal here today is to spark a powerful remembrance, or, activate a much deeper knowing within you (right now or in the near future), of your own unique ways back to the Divine, Unconditional Love from whence you came; the very same Flame of Divine Love that has always existed within you.


Most of you are here reading this message, due to a perfect match between your current level of attained consciousness, and the higher purpose of this transmission.


Some of you here had, in the past, intuited that every single one of Our messages here and elsewhere, acted as a powerful vessel – a vessel that is used to store, and/or, transfer high-vibrational Light Codes – that has the potential to trigger (at the perfect, Divine timing) each and everyone of you here into the: remembering, understanding, receiving of whatever you need in that Divine moment. Preparing and assisting you all to get ready to take the next step forward in your Ascension journey.


For you to be reading Our words now, will clearly indicate to us that you have now become more: ready, capable, willing and committed, to change yourself completely, by embracing and embodying Divine Love all the more fully wherever you are.


We know who you are. We know who is truly ready and who is not.


For the majority of you here, your longing to become the personification and full expression of Divine Love, has now reached a ‘tipping point’, or, passed a very important marker.


You have now come to a point where this deep longing can no longer be denied. Most of you here have become so passionate; so dedicated in your efforts to become Divine Love & Peace-in-action, so much so, that We can no longer ‘withhold’ this message from being physically-manifested into your reality, through Adele. Many drafts she had previously written in the last few months, only to be revised and/or deleted, before this final version was finally ready to be shared with all of you today.


Loved ones, you are now ready to ‘step up your game’.


By resolving to: be and express only Unconditional Love in all of your waking moments, you are standing at the precipice of major changes – changes that will, without a doubt, positively and permanently alter the course of your life from now on. Life is about to get so magical and wondrous for you!


The old, automated, highly-conditional ways of loving the people in your life; loving the living beings on your planet; loving your Mother Earth, are no longer good enough for you.

Your staying: loving, forgiving, compassionate, or patient, only once in awhile; only when there was someone watching; only when it was easy enough to do; only when it suited your own purposes, will feel like a ‘betrayal’ to your True, Inner Being. You will be energetically ‘forced’ to be your True, Authentic Self, at all times from now on – because being anything else but your Authentic Self will soon feel so exhausting and/or discordant to you.


From now on, whenever you return to the old, 3D-way of loving yourself/others, it will be like forcing yourself to wear clothes that no longer fit you. It will feel so limiting; so foreign, contrived or strained – so much so that you will feel drawn to, immediately, do everything in your power to re-align yourself back to the Source; the God-Self, or the I AM Presence within.


Most of you here had known by now that the highly-conditional, 3D type of love you had become so accustomed to giving or receiving, will not be enough to get you to New Earth.


For you to successfully achieve your Ascension to 5D, you must be able to return to, and, fully embody, the purest and perfect state of Divine, Unconditional Love.


Unconditional Love is your only criterion for successful Ascension into your own Ascended Master, Christ Consciousness; the higher consciousness required to ‘enter’ 5D Earth.


This is the highly-prized ‘entrance ticket’, or, the magical ‘key’ that will open your very own unique gateway to New Earth.


Your consciousness is either: currently anchored in Divine Love, or, currently not anchored there.


There is no faking it, loved ones. Every ascending, embodied-soul will soon become so energetically sensitive and thus, be able to feel/discern for themselves, whether the people they encounter daily are genuinely unconditionally-loving, or, whether they are still a ‘work-in-progress’ towards this sacred goal.


Embodied souls who cannot, or, are not willing to do the required work (a.k.a. the ‘shadow-work’ – the process of releasing all shadow aspects of themselves that are often concealed/deeply buried within) to: achieve, embody or attain, the Purest and Most Loving state-of-being in their consciousness -> will in fact be denying themselves the experiences of New Earth in their physical reality.


As within, so without.


We are of course talking about time lines here, or multiple physical realities currently existing simultaneously on Earth.


The physical reality of New Earth has always existed at the Higher Frequencies of Divine Love, Peace, Harmony, Unity, and Freedom. And thus, if you are not constantly vibrating at these higher frequencies, you are then, very simply, not a vibrational match to New Earth.


Once you have successfully met this criterion, no-thing, or, no-one, will be able to have any kind of power over you; over your life, or over how you feel.


You will have achieved the state of being emotionally-free from any person, thing, event, or, condition that used to bind you, or lower your vibrations, in the past.


You will have finally broken free out of the figurative chains that had bound humanity for so long. These were the chains that had kept many of you enslaved to existing negative emotions within; this was the lower, automatic programming that had kept you all from fully realizing your Highest Potential -> by keeping you chained to the Wheel of Karma instead. Only a small percentage of members within the human collective was taught how to handle any negative emotion in the energetically-constructive ways, rather than energetically-destructive ways. Not many people understood that a healthy emotional (and mental) body will yield better and faster manifestation of any goal they have in life. Most of the focus in the world thus far had been how to look after the physical body, to keep it in optimum condition.

Growing up, not much attention, guidance or training was given to many people here, about how to always keep the mental and emotional aspects of yourself healthy and balanced – no matter what you are experiencing/the people you meet, in life.


The time has now come for most of you here, to claim the gift of EMOTIONAL FREEDOM that you so rightly deserve, so that you can start 2021 with a powerful new beginning. Powerful energies of Divine Love and Peace permeate the very air that you are breathing in right now, and these energies will (if you release all resistance and surrender to your I AM Presence) help to keep your thoughts and emotions positive, loving, forgiving and peaceful, no matter what. Loved ones, it has now become so easy and even effortless for all of you to remain firmly anchored in Divine Love.


When your sacred goal to consistently express and be the personification of Divine Love, has become your deepest and most overwhelming desire, the Universe will not fail to verypowerfully support you in this endeavor.


You are setting into motion a powerful energetic momentum; setting off a chain reaction that will, inevitably, give you everything that you have ever desired to be, to have, or to experience in life. Soon, you will come to a deeper and more profound realization that God/the Universe loves you so very much, and, the fact that God/the Universe loves you so much also meant that ‘they’ had never withheld anything that you desired to have or experience in life.

You alone, had been the only obstacle/block to any manifestation that you wanted.


For most of you here, your deep longing to become the fullness of your Mighty ‘I AM Presence’ has now overpowered your (previously-stronger) resistance to the giving and/or receiving of Divine Love and Unconditional Forgiveness.


Many of you here are feeling ready to enter a new phase in life; entering a mostly-uncharted territory here on Earth. You are now attempting to do, or, become that which was previously only achieved by the Great Sages; the Gurus, Saints or Ascended Masters who had walked the Earth before.


Some of you here also recently discovered that you could no longer continue to ignore the persistent but loving ‘voice’ of your Higher Self. You can no longer ignore the Higher Purpose for your presence here on Earth, at this crucial time. You are being called to make, and to be, the changes that you wish to see in your life, and, in the world.


All of you reading this, are now being called to vibrationally lead the people of this world (in more tangible ways), and show them the way back into the purest, Higher-version of Love (the Unconditional kind) –> with your every expressed thought, word, feeling and action.


It is time for you to deeply understand or comprehend, how your own energy field (created by your current attained, Higher consciousness level) is now already acting like a super-powerful Lighthouse.

Meditate upon this information if you wish, loved ones, to discover this amazing truth for yourself.


Simply put your entire focus upon your Diamond Heart (the Higher Heart chakra) and then, make the intention to find out the exact distance your Light is now touching, and, undoubtedly raising the vibrational frequency of every atom found within the radius of your physical presence.


You are a Star, my love – blazing bright with: the Mighty Powers of Source; the highly transformative Rays of the Great Central Sun. You are always guiding the ‘ships at sea, so they can return to land’ safely.


Your Light; your vibrations will from now on, act like the great North Star – a powerful Beacon of Inspiration, Hope and Love for many – even during the times when you are doing/saying nothing at all.


Many of you have now become or, are soon becoming, the ‘Light of God that never fails’ — Mighty, Majestic, and, Eternally Victorious over any human condition/discord that maybe be found around or within, you.


This Great, Divine, Unified Field of Love that many of you here are already, naturally, emanating, creating, living or existing in, is only going to get bigger, stronger, and more powerful in the future.


It will continue to do the work of repairing, renewing and, rejuvenating all of your cells until you are glowing with Eternal Youth and Beauty, that is a just mere reflection of the already-attained state of

Divine Perfection within you. The Flame of Divine Love will, very effectively, free all of your cells from its current state of decay/aging.

Your I AM Presence will continue to use all of the different Flames/Rays of God, to daily raise the atomic structure of your physical bodies, to the Ascended Masters’ full illumination and complete liberation.


Moreover, at some time in the not-so-distant future, anyone who enters into your individual Energy Matrix field; your energetic sphere of influence (a.k.a. your auric field) will, naturally and instantly, be elevated into Higher Consciousness, and/or, transformed (physically, mentally or emotionally) into a state of Divine Perfection. (Provided that this is also the Higher Will of the person(s) involved, of course.)

A great number of people will be completely healed from any type of human illness, disease or condition, just by be-ing in your presence alone.


You will soon be, or, have already become, the Presence that inspires and strengthens everyone (whose lives were touched by you) to embrace the same Greatness, Divinity, Highest Potential, that can always be found within themselves. Within any group, communities or societies that you belong in, there will be times when you’d feel that your voices must be heard. Oftentimes you will feel so strongly compelled to speak your higher truths, rather than keeping them to yourself like what had often happened in the past.

You will also be the God I AM Presence, that assists many embodied souls into their perfect Ascended Master activities; into their conscious ability to do this (if you were to choose this as your life mission).


Hopefully the above examples have now successfully convinced you, of the Mighty, Supreme Powers of Divine Love, dear friends. Encouraging and motivating you to continuously work towards your Sacred Goal of even greater, and more constant, alignment with the I AM Presence within.


Those of you here who are completely committed to be the personification of Divine Love, in ALL of your daily inner & outer activities, will soon find the ‘Gate of Heaven‘ being opened far and wide just for you.


ALL of Creation; the entire Universe; All-That-Is an aspect of Source Energy will yield to Divine Will of the One who has truly become Divine Unconditional Love-in-action.


We had often mentioned before that the pure, raw, electron-ic energy (flowing from Divine Heart of Source) that is ever-present in the entire Universe, is designed to be perfectly obedient to the higher will of One who commands with Divine Love.


Nothing can be hidden, or, kept away from people who have reached this pinnacle of their Ascension journey on Earth.


Your past (often painful) efforts in elevating your consciousness to the Ascended Master; the Golden Christ Consciousness level, will be infinitely rewarded.


And if you are wondering how to get ‘there’ from wherever you are right now, the answer is easy.


Consistency is crucial for you to achieve a state-of-being that is permanently anchored in Divine Love. This is all about the power of energetic momentum, loved ones.


The more consistent you are, in your daily (moment-to-moment) efforts to be unconditionally-loving to the people and world around you, the faster this dream will become a manifested physical reality.


In other words, a lot of hard work (in releasing what must be released from within your consciousness) and consistent efforts, are/had been/will be, required on your part, only until such time when Divine Love has successfully become your ‘autopilot‘ mode. When that time arrives (for many of you here, that time is NOW), remaining forever anchored in Divine Love will have become so easy, natural and effortless.


Most of you here who resonated with Our message today, were the ones who had (in the past) consistently chosen love, to be the Top Priority in many of your interactions with the people/world around you. You had often displayed great: courage, strength, dedication, perseverance, as well as capacity to love and forgive unceasingly. You had experienced exponential spiritual/personal growth in the last 8 years alone, that (previously) was near-impossible to achieve, in the course of just one single lifetime.


We acknowledged that in the past, there were moments when many of you here had ‘succumbed’ to your inner 3D programming that was either consciously/subconsciously ‘unleashed’ unto the people or world around you, but now, this type of incidents had occurred less often than before. All is well. Everything that had happened was a necessary part of your spiritual growth and expansion.

As you continued to heal your consciousness, clean out and release all false beliefs/ideas that you used to have about yourself, others and/or the world around you, you were very effectively eliminating all the shadows within, that used to dim your Light before.


2020 was the year when many of you were ‘forced’ (by external situations seemingly outside of your control) to slow down, and, deeply re-connect with your Divine I AM Presence, all the more fully.

It had been a year where you had undergone a radical transformation.


And now that 2020 has come to an end, many of you here had successfully completed the majority (if not all) of your ‘shadow work’. Even if you had felt that there were some ‘shadows‘ remaining within, you will soon find they are merely ‘blips on your radar’. They are echoes; remnants of your old, 3D self, and those blips will go away quickly.

Many of you are now feeling ready to come out of your cocoon; emerging as a beautiful, mesmerizing butterfly – ready to take flight and fly high.


Like the mythical Phoenix, you are now rising from the ashes; rising from the Death of your old self.


Congratulations, loved ones. You have now Ascended, to a Higher Way of Being.


Let your New Year celebrations include the celebrations of this ‘Birth of the New You‘.


Take some time today to recognize, acknowledge and deeply appreciate just how far you have come, in your Ascension journey.


You had surrendered yourself; surrendered your life to the Divine Will of Mighty ‘I AM Presence’ within, and trusted that everything that had happened in your life, and, all the people that had come/gone from your life, were there both for your benefit and theirs.


They were/are there in your life to assist you in returning HOME.


Home to your Highest, Most Powerful God-Self; the Self who is all about Unconditional Love for ALL that was, is, and will be, in existence.


As 2021 begins, We recommend that you give your deepest, heartfelt gratitude for the roles these characters had played in your life. It is time for you to deeply recognize the sacred gifts these people had brought into your life.

Everything that had happened in the past, in: your life, the lives of the people around you, and, the world – had been Divinely and perfectly orchestrated to give you all the required contrast, between what was wanted or unwanted; what was necessary or unnecessary, moving forward – both individually and collectively.


Helping all of you here to choose a brand new path forward in 2021; a path that is filled with Great Love for yourself, and, for ALL That Is/Was/Will Be around you.


A path where division, separation, exclusion, or judgment no longer exist -> a unifying path of Divine Love, Compassion and Forgiveness, where ALL are accepted and appreciated for who they really are (within).


It is time for all of you to come to the following powerful realizations:


Unconditional Love uplifts and heals everything.


Unconditional Love is the powerful superglue that unites ALL.


Unconditional Love forgives ALL, every single time, with no limits.


Unconditional Love opens up the door to the ‘Magical I AM Presence’ that is your Mighty, Majestic, Eternally-Victorious, Higher Self.


Unconditional Love re-connects you to ALL of your Soul Powers.


Unconditional Love solves ALL of your problems.


Unconditional Love always protects, and, guides you to the perfect; the most suitable people, situations, tools, or events, that will bring even greater joy, health, peace, abundance, fulfilment, meaning and purpose into your life.


Unconditional Love conquers ALL inner/outer discord that can be found within your own self/life, and, within others/the world around you.


Unconditional Love creates manifestations in your physical reality that is of Divine Perfection.

(The speed of these manifestations will indicate to you exactly how far/how close you are, to perfect alignment with the Source Energy that resides within your Diamond Heart.)


AND, most importantly, since Divine Unlimited Freedom will continue to be a big theme in your lives and world moving forward:


Unconditional Love frees you, and, frees others from the highly-toxic, ‘modern-version’ energy of enslavement/entrapment.

It frees you/others from all obligations, expectations and the highly-defensive need to always be on guard; to protect yourself from potential pain that others may inflict in your life, in the future. Divine Love begets Divine Freedom, and vice versa.


Unconditional Love also frees you forever from the need of having to evaluate whether or not someone is deserving of your full and complete trust and/or devotion, before inviting/allowing them to play a greater role in your life.


To trust, or not to trust, the people around you then becomes a non-issue.


Loved ones, it is time for you to come to a life-changing realization that the Mighty Flame of Divine Love that surrounds you, will automatically act like the Sea of Consuming Fire, that will constantly protect, or, deny entrance (into your life/into energy field) anyone/anything/any event that is unlike the unconditionally-loving Christ Presence; the Mighty I AM Presence within yourself.

Remember that the entire world and the people in it, are your mirrors, loved ones. If you are constantly unconditionally loving and forgiving, the people that you will be attracting into your life, will also be ‘cut from the same cloth‘.

The same Fire of Divine Love that had often stopped you from irreversibly harming/hurting your loved ones, will also stop your loved ones from: creating too much discord, irreversibly harming/hurting you, or, severing their relationships with you forever after encountering challenges of any kind. If your and/or their love was real to begin with, it is time for some of you here to learn to stop withdrawing yourself from any relationship whenever things become challenging, as a defensive mechanism to protect yourself from further hurt or pain.


It is time, loved ones, for you all to release all rejection and abandonment issues (however big or small) that may still be found within your 3D consciousness, caused by the ‘failures’ of all past or present relationships.

God never rejects nor abandons anyone or anything, for the very act of rejecting/abandoning any living being will cause God to act unlike itself; causing God to separate, or, divide from that aspect of itself.


You may wish to carefully observe how many animals, especially your pets, express Unconditional Love. People truly have a lot to learn from members of the Animal Kingdom about how to, naturally, become Divine Love-in-action.

Whenever you were struggling, in despair, heartbroken or lost, did they ever leave your side? Did your pets ever set out to deliberately harm or hurt you? Did they not give you the unconditional love, and, accept you for who you truly are – no matter what? And if members of the Animal Kingdom can do it, why can’t you all do the same – especially towards the people that you care(d) about and the world around you, without limits?


We realize that this advice is not easy for many of you to hear, let alone accept, especially for those of you here who are so sensitive, empathic and deeply tuned into the nuances of Source Energy – your energetic sensitivity is always giving you access to ‘vibrational data’ coming from the thoughts, words, feelings or actions of the people/world around you.


It is time, beloved Masters of Light and Love, for you to rise above all perceived weaknesses; above all 3D programming that you may still have about yourself, your life, or, your abilities. Like We had explained before in a previous transmission, that being an empath; being someone who is very sensitive to Source Energy is a great gift and blessing.

From now on, loved ones, the Mighty Flames of Unconditional Love will guide you to make decisions that will oftentimes repair, heal, save or salvage your relationships in some way, rather than leaving you to constantly succumb to the old need/defensive programming that had (in the past) instantly activated, to ’protect’ you or, create a strong barrier between you and your ex-lovers/ex-good friends/ex-partners/ex-whatever. This previously-powerful, 3D conditioning was energetically designed to cause you to remain at a certain physical/emotional distance from the people whom you are not on speaking terms with, or, from anyone else that you had considered to be your so-called ‘enemies’.

How can you truly become: Our ground-crew; True & Perfect reflections of Divine Unconditional Love, Peace, Harmony and UNITY – assisting mankind in your public roles to reconcile, unite as ONE (despite all of your differences and past conflicts), and manifest New Earth together, if in your personal lives, you are still somewhat resistant to the Higher-Vibrational course of actions that your I AM Presence is constantly guiding you to take?

The Flame of Divine Love will now powerfully assist you in choosing the right words to say, or, the right actions to take, to repair anything (including your physical bodies) that you might have previously considered to be beyond repair.

NEVER underestimate the very real, and, mighty powers of Divine Love, beloved Masters.


The question has never been whether or not Divine Love can fix anything that is broken; fix or heal all imbalances or undesirable conditions in your life.

The true questions have always been, whether or not you are willing to:


* put in the necessary effort, work and time, to repair, heal your heart, make amends, or balance all Karma within your relationships (with any aspect of yourself and/or with the people around you),


* put aside your injured or bruised ego and release all of your inner barriers to Divine Love.


* release all stubborn resistance or addiction to anything that is no longer serving your Higher Good,


* deeply forgive all mistakes (including your own) and let go of the past,


* stop repeating the same type of behaviors that created the discord in the first place,


so that you can all truly become Divine Love, Forgiveness, Peace, Harmony & Unity-in action.


Loved ones, it is time for you to:


Be the Ascended Master that you deeply desire to be; the loving and forgiving Christ-in-action. Be the kind of person who is willing to give another, a second, third, fourth or fifth chance, especially if/when you can see, feel, or sense that this person has now changed, for the better.


Be someone who includes ALL, rather than one who excludes, rejects, abandons or neglects a few, some, or many people, due to various past reasons/excuses, previously invented by you.

(Most of you here would understand what We truly meant by the last two statements above – never forget to use discernment whenever interpreting Our words here. So that you can understand exactly what We meant, instead of automatically filtering Our words through any 3D programming that may still exist within).

For your loving, forgiving, unifying and harmonizing actions taken, will always speak louder than your fine words/stated loving intentions.


Divine Love oftentimes must be expressed in words, and, demonstrated by way of tangible actions, for it to truly be manifested into your physical reality; into all aspects of your life.

From now on, whenever someone has managed to successfully trigger you into doing/saying something unloving that you’d normally not do/say, all you have to do, is to immediately ask for forgiveness, make amends to balance Karma, and then, simply thank that person. For he/she had given you the gift of awareness, about what needs to be healed or completely eliminated from your consciousness – propelling you forward even more, towards the desired-state of complete Emotional Freedom.

Emotional maturity is equivalent to: Spiritual maturity and mastery, loved ones.

The first person to offer an olive branch of peace; to offer an apology; to offer forgiveness, love and acceptance, is often the one who is more ready to be the Mighty God I AM Presence and personification of Divine Love, in any type of relationship you have with another.


Whenever you are fully aligned with the God I AM Presence within – anchored in Divine Love – you will naturally allow others to be who they want to be; to act however they want to act; to say whatever they want to say – to express themselves as they are. By now, many of you have become (or are soon becoming) perfectly capable of remaining emotionally unaffected or detached, from all energetic discordances and their after-effects, coming from what people are: creating, doing, being, feeling or saying, to you/your loved ones. The Divine Love within you will now fully take over control over any problem/situation, and, you will be given instant knowledge, wisdom and understanding required, in order to diffuse any negative situation with greater peace, love and harmony. Thus successfully creating a win/win solution to all parties which, inevitably, will make your relationships stronger.


You will soon be (or already are) speaking with the powerful and yet loving, God-authority; with the voice of your own I AM Presence (you will be able to sense the energetic difference in your own voices, whenever you are speaking as yourself, vs. speaking as your God-Self).


You will soon be making very wise decisions to easily solve all challenges, as your Almighty God I AM Presence. The Presence that sees through everything and everyone perfectly.


By now, many of you here already deeply understand that, what others are doing; how they are be-ing at any given moment; how they are treating you/your loved ones, have nothing to do with you and instead, have everything to do with them.


People’s words; the actions taken (or, their inaction), ultimately will either reflect their Higher, Unconditionally-Loving Self, or, their lower-vibrational version of self. They are mere reflections of the embodied soul’s attained consciousness level.


You need to simply make a strong intention right now: to, never again, take things so personally.


When you are so very deeply attuned to your I AM Presence; when you are so tightly-embraced in the eternally-welcoming arms of the Divine Love that is your God-Self, nothing ‘outside’ of yourself can disturb your Inner Peace.


You will not be excessively or obsessively caring too much about other people’s lives, words, actions or decisions –> for your attention will be permanently and entirely occupied on how to heal, improve or expand your own life, and by so doing, you will inevitably assist in the creation of a better world that is more to your liking!


Your loved ones’ Mighty I AM Presence will constantly be guiding them to a more elevated level of consciousness, at the perfect divine timing that is suited just for them.


Oftentimes, any excessive interference or support coming from you may prove to be unnecessary, and may even shackle/chain you and the person(s) to an unhealthy cycle of codependency in your relationship.

Follow your inner guidance always, when deciding what to do and what not to do, about any situation/relationship.


Simply hold and maintain a Unified Field of Love in your consciousness, loved ones. Understand that nothing, no energy ‘seemingly’ outside of yourself, has the power to: lower your vibrations, or, take you outside of this Field of Love.

An Ascended Master has Complete Mastery over all Source energy ever-present in the universe; the same Source energy that can be found within the atomic structure of every individual that you have crossed paths with, in life.


And as such, when one has been spiritually-elevated in consciousness and holds the status of an Ascended Master, one will never fail to: create, influence and manifest Divine Order and Perfection, in every aspect of one’s life, by using the Mighty Flames and Powers of Divine Love.


This simply means, when Ascended Masters were facing (what most of you here considered to be) challenging people or situations, they would never fail to: come out victorious, and, manifest Divine Perfection & Order in the lives of people they encountered.


Ascended Masters never felt the need to: reject, abandon, leave, or avoid anyone; cower, hide, withdraw, separate, divide, nor stand in fear of what was happening; what had already happened, or, what might/might not happen in the future.


Ascended Masters always stand Strong, Mighty and Majestic; always feeling supremely confident about their abilities to co-create (with God, and, as God the I AM) anything to their heart’s desire — and as such, they will face and deal with any situation, problem, condition, or person with Divine Love, Compassion, Peace and Harmony, usually as soon as these made an appearance in their lives.

Your Divine I Am Presence, is Master and Architect of the Energy Matrices present in ALL of Creation.

And by extension, because you and your God I AM Presence are ONE, you are also the Divine Master and Architect of your reality.

It is time for you to fully comprehend and experience the full magnitude of what this actually means, in all of your day to day activities and manifested realities. It is time for you to apply this Higher Truth, and turn it from being a wonderful-to-know, but, hard-to-achieve spiritual concept, into, Experiential Knowledge.


In closing, let me now say here again, what Father/Mother God had recently said, channeled through Adele in one of her recent social media posts.


Welcome HOME, dear friends.


Your story right now can be likened to that of the prodigal son/daughter, who is finally ready to come HOME to the welcoming embrace of Divine, Unconditional Love – after having experienced enough ‘adventures’ on 3D Earth, as your old, 3D self.


Your individual journeys HOME had often been long, occasionally painful, exhausting, even arduous, but here you are at last.


You have arrived at a very important marker; at the point in time where the Love within yourself can now be easily expressed equally and unreservedly, to ALL of Creation. Without feeling the need to protect yourself; to divide, separate or withhold that Love from those different from you, or, from those who had hurt you in the past.


You now know how, and, are willing, to love the way God loves, or to forgive as God forgives, and for this commitment, your life will soon be showered with greater abundance, joy and love eternally flowing in, like a beautiful, magnificent river of Light.

This is Heaven’s Gifts of Love for you.


2021 will be a magical year, especially for those of you here, who have now Ascended, to a Higher Way of Being.


Let the celebrations begin! Sending many blessings of love for the happiest new year, to all of you here.


I AM forever on your side,


Paul (the Maha Chohan).


Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2021. If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Thank you for respecting this request. Namaste.