Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, December 31st, 2020

A Message of Joy, a Message of New Beginnings | Aita Channeling Her Higher Self


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – December 2020

Today is a message of joy, a message of happiness, a message of new beginnings. Today is the last day of this pivotal year, this ascension time, the great awakening of 2020, a year that will live on in mankind’s true history.

Yes, his true history, for our Dear Ones, our wonderful Lightworker brethren, all you have been taught is an invented story. You do not know your own true his/her story.

It is time for you to truly know the truth. It is time for you to access the akashic records and know all that has happened, all that has come to pass. For knowledge is power, knowledge is freedom. The truth does set you free.

For in the knowing of the truth you find who you truly are and you release the chains of your imprisonment, of your indoctrination. You have been ruled by aliens, primarily by the reptilian race for eons. They are totally different from you in their objectives and in their feeling nature. For they have no capacity for compassion or empathy.

While you cringe when you step on a spider, and shudder when you see your brethren mistreated. While you feel the slightest insult, the smallest slur against yourself or your brethren, they feel nothing. In fact, quite the opposite, they feed off mankind’s misery.

You dear ones, are particles of God essence, particles of the light and love that is the Divine Creator. You live off the flow of love that courses from the Divine.

Love, compassion, peace, joy, wisdom, discernment, passion, enthusiasm and mutual cooperation, communion and camaraderie are your delight, your inherent heartfelt desire.

Your controllers, your draconian taskmasters are also particles of God, for there is nothing outside God. The whole universe, all the galaxies, suns, planets and their galactic inhabitants are in the material realm. The material realm that God created when He burst forth in all Hismagnificence to manifest the universe as a playground for his children.

All that is in the material realm is a part of God, created from the atoms, the fragments of God that exploded into physical reality on that auspicious creation day.

So, your dark controllers, the reptilians are too, a part of God. They are part of the schoolroom planet earth experience. They play the part of the dark, while you play the part of the light.

With their evil deeds, their dark temptations, their corrupt enticements, they tempter mankind into rejecting fear and turning more deeply towards love.

They are energized by fear, they have no empathy, no compassion for suffering. Quite the opposite for they function at a low frequency level and they feed off fear.

Mankind is quite literally a food source for them, both in energetic and physical terms. While love inspires you, fear empowers them. Your fear, your low vibrating negative, painful emotions give them a feeling akin to your joy.

So, from the start they have treated you as cattle. They have used your empathetic nature, your kind and accepting way of being, as tools to be manipulated and maneuvered into the behaviors and fear ridden anxiety state that feeds their needs.

So, you have looked at man’s inhumanity to man as the cause of your misery. It has seemed to you that mankind is inherently unkind and sinful, that your fellow humans are to be feared and carefully avoided and kept at a distance.

You did not realize, you could not see that there were two distinct types of beings in your world. Your draconian, harsh and severe controllers are not human. They appear to be human to you. Visuallyyou cannot tell the difference, for, here on planet earth they wear the human body costume.

Over the eons of their control they have set up your governing systems. So that, in this year of 2020 their influence is predominant and rules every phase and area of your life.

The divisive and confusing political, medical, cultural, financial, educational, and religious organizations under which you live have been created by them to be dysfunctional and so to control you, to manipulate your behavior into fear.

You have been taught untruths, indoctrinated with lies, governed by misconceptions. Truly what is goodly and Godly has been made out to be evil and what is evil has been made out to be goodly and Godly. This is why mankind is so confused, so perplexed, so mystified by his state, so uncomprehending of his situation.

This planet earth experience can be likened to a great stage play with good and bad actors. The good the kind, the puzzled participants are the human beings. The evil, the harsh, the bad actors, the controllers are the reptilians.

These reptilians saw, how by repetition, by the use of magical words and phrases and by hypnotic subconscious conditioning and suggestion, they could control mankind.

And thereby they could live off the negative energy, the fear filled vibration that emanated from manipulated and maneuvered, helpless humanity. They created the confusion, the cognitive dissonance, the pain that constitutes the difficult planet earth experience.

The reptilian controllers are the devil, satan against which mankind has warred for eons. They set up the stage for mankind to be tempted by corruption and blackmail.

They created the duality, the division in which man could squirm and writhe in the discomfort of that which he did not prefer. And, nothing wrong ever happened. For you designed this planet earth experience for yourselves.

You, our Dear Hearts, came to this challenging earth life to grow yourselves in comprehension of that which is all there is – the love that flows from the Divine through you and as you.

And this is the message of joy, of happiness of new beginnings we bring to you today. You have graduated from the schoolroom provided to you by your reptilian rulers, you have graduated with honors.

You and planet earth are moving out of the low vibrating frequency that constituted the earthly schoolroom. It is the time of the great awakening of 2020. It is the time for all the dysfunctional bureaucratic control systems to be revealed and dismantled.

It is time for the dark controllers to be removed, for they can no longer sustain their power in the glorious goodly and Godly high vibrational energy that is pouring in.

Yes, it is time for you to know your story, to realize who you truly are.

You are great and grand, glorious beings. You are fragments of God Consciousness, points of awareness in the material realm.

You are Souls ensconced in human bodies who are about to revolutionize the material realm. You are literally bringing heaven to the earth.

There is no hell. Hell is one of the many ingenious inventions of the reptilian control system. You do not go to hell if you are sinful, for there is no hell. Earth was established for you to work out what you prefer and don’t prefer, to sift and sort your preferred and not preferred behaviors, to delineate your personality and to find your talents preferences and abilities.

This you have done. Now, you will ascend in your earthly bodies.

This is new in the universe. Hitherto ascension has involved leaving the material body behind and being born anew. You are being reborn in your physical body.

Oh Dear Ones, the glory of what is ahead for you. You will be young again in body and mind. You will be light, you will be energized, enthusiastic, verve, vigor and vitality will be the dominant energy.

You will do what you love, you will revel in what you enjoy. Health and abundance in all things will be the order of the day. You will find true pleasure in communion and camaraderie with your brethren.

You will revel in your material physical existence, you will fly in your imagination, in your visioning, in the creation of the new world. For you, Dear Hearts, you are the creators of this new world, of this new heavenly material realm experience.

The best is yet to come dear friends, yes, the best is yet to come.