Love is our new reality

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Peggy Black and the ‘team’, October 15th, 2020

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Be the Alchemist

October 14, 2020,

via email

We are here once again to empower you. We are here to remind you that you are a magnificent multidimensional being of Divine Light and Love. We are here to acknowledge you as a sentient being. We are here to acknowledge and honor you as the physical Human that you are.

These qualities and aspects are interwoven into the energy that makes you unique and powerful. The idea that you are alive and conscious is where your power resides. When you can acknowledge these qualities within yourself you are awake and aware.

It is that awake and aware quality that we want to engage. You are here to transmute and transform energy through the alchemical chalice of your heart. There is a consciousness process in which you sit quietly and breathe in the suffering of the world and then breathe it out transformed. That is how powerful you are as a divine being.

It is the physical mind and consciousness that feels overwhelmed by the chaos and intensity that is occurring on your planet. Your divine self is not overwhelmed.

You came here to do this work. You came here to step up and into your personal power as a Divine Being in a physical Human body. Being physical in this dimension is what gives you permission to do this work.

We cannot transform energy for you. It is your birthright and responsibility to transform negative and misqualified energy that you witness or experience.

Your planet is in the stages of an evolution of consciousness. The chaos, confusion and intense energy are the resistance to this evolution and awakening. Remember that all great changes are preceded by chaos.

So your task or your mission is to hold firmly the truth of Love and Light. Your task or your mission is to transform all personal negative patterns or emotions that you have repressed or suppressed from past experiences.

Imagine as a Divine Being that when you came to this dimension you gathered all these intense negative emotions with the intention of transforming them. However, in this reality of unconscious limitation you forgot your agreement and you forgot just how to transform this energy.

We have offered many suggestions to remind you of how to shift, delete or transform negative and misqualified energy or emotions. First say to yourself “I am fully embodied, I am anchored to this planet, I am my Divine Self in physical form.” This is your foundation, this is your source of power, this is the chalice in which you do any and all alchemical work of transformation.

Next ask yourself what percent of this negative emotion is personally yours. Realize that the minute you begin to feel an emotion, the minute you begin to feel the energy or vibration that you call an emotion, you entrain, resonate with, connect to or attract a similar vibration or emotion that is in the collective consciousness.

If, for example, you are feeling fear, imagine that only twenty percent of that fear is personally yours. However the moment you feel that fear, you connect to the broadcast of fear that is held in the collective.

Now you have one hundred percent of fear running through your body. This energy now triggers your adrenals, your muscles contract, you are on alert. You are overwhelmed with fear and your mind/ego begins to tell you more stories that cause you to feel even more fear.

At this point remember that you are your Divine Self in physical form.

  • Now invite divine beings of Love and Light to witness and support you as you transform the energy vibration that you have labeled fear.
  • Now take a breath and sound the fear. What would this emotion sound like if it was just expressed as a sound?  Do not use words because this engages the left brain which is the guard of suppressed emotions.
  • Continue to sound your fear or whatever negative emotion you want to clear until it feels complete.
  • Now name the quality or emotion you want to put in place of what you have cleared and call that emotion of peace, strength, hope or joy with sound.

Now you have completed a process we call emotional and energetic Alchemy. You are an Alchemist. You are here on this planet at this time to transform all the negative emotions you have experienced or have empathically taken on from others. This is one of the most powerful processes we can offer you during this time.

Now imagine that you are your Divine Self in physical form and you call upon Divine beings to witness and support you as you transform some of the distress that has been created by a tragic event. Sound the distress until it feels complete for you. Replace it with healing, harmony or love and call that quality into form with sound. Now you are doing global service work without feeling that distress running through your body.

If each and every one of us began to do this work, that would be a tremendous shift and change with all the current events. You see, everyone stores their suppressed emotions in the tissues, organs, cells and bones of their body. Everyone has been taught to repress emotions; no one has been taught how to clear them in a healthy manner. No one has been taught that they are an Alchemist.

What Humans don’t realize is that if you suppress sadness because you don’t allow yourself to feel that sadness at the time, then you have suppressed that sadness into your body. When you encounter someone who is feeling sad, your sadnesses are going to be triggered. Emotions are contagious.

You are witnessing that very process in your reality at this time. All the repressed emotions of hatred, judgment, anger, fear, and prejudice are being triggered. There is not a safe way to express these emotions. We have observed the practice of huge stadiums of people all gathering to watch their favorite sport. Everyone screams, yells and is very expressive with sounds that are not usually expressed.

Everyone leaves the game or sporting event feeling so good. It was a great game. What they don’t realize or didn’t understand is that in one of the areas in which loud sounds/emotions are acceptable and expected, they just cleared lots of emotions that they had been repressing.

We are inviting you to begin to step into your awesome power to transform negative and misqualified emotions. Be the Alchemist. Imagine that you are clearing and cleaning up toxic vibrations and energy in this process.

We are honored to remind you of your power and your ability to shift the energy very consciously with dedication and intention. Be sure that you invite us to join you as well as other divine beings; we truly love working with you. the ‘team’

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