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Ashtar via Erena Velazquez, October 15th, 2020


I am Ashtar Commander of Galactic Federation of Light,
Finally, I am here, I have been trying for a couple days to deliver my message. It was interrupted a few times by different events. One of them, I would like to share with you, it was a battle with the Dark Ones. I received a report from one of our Commanders that the Negative Ones where stationed on one of the planets near by and their forces were quite large. I made the decision with my fleet to attack them unexpectedly, as that was a lot of ships in one area, which were planning to go to Earth. They would interfere with our plan for Ascension on Mother Earth.
We attacked them and destroyed their fleet, we also captured and delivered many of them to Prime Creator. He is going to make a decision, on what he will do with the survivors. We usually try to preserve life, unless we don’t have a choice, if they don’t surrender and keep firing at us, then we have no choice, but to destroy their ships and they unfortunately lose their lives. Most of the time we try to capture them alive, if we can. Prime Creator tries to bring the Dark Ones back to the light, if they continue to resist, then they can be stripped from their soul.
I am happy that this battle is over and that we won. Afterwards, we needed to remove all of the debris and to clean up all of the area around the planet where the battle took place. My fleet almost daily has encounters with the Negative Forces. This is why my message got delayed a few times.
As you know from Prime Creator’s last message, we started The Final Phase for Ascension on Mother Gaia. We have a lot of work still to do, and we are expecting more battles and encounters with the Dark Side. Their agenda for planet Earth has changed, they no longer want to keep the humans alive and use them as a slave labor. Now, they just want to completely destroy Gaia and all life on it.
Before, if you remember, the Negative Ones were planning to eliminate 95 percent of the human population by using vaccinations and other negative means, and only 5 percent of the survivors would be left from the whole population, which would have been used as their labor force, now they lost any interest of keeping this planet for themselves, and they don’t want anyone else to have it either, so they are trying to blow up Earth and eliminate everyone on it.
We, The Galactic Federation of Light and all of the Light Forces are doing our best to prevent that from happening and we are making sure that none of the Dark Fleet Forces make it here to your world. This is why it’s important for everyone on this planet to do your daily meditations, this will speed up your Ascension Process.
As a Commander, I have been lately very busy with a lot of different events going on behind the scenes. My crew and I are doing our best trying to keep Terra Christa and you safe. We have been reminding many times to the Ground Crew and Alliance that they also have responsibilities and duties to fulfill. The Alliance has been delaying the progress on your planet for too long, so our new Grand Counsel Queen An-Ra replaced the person in charge of releasing the funds to humanity.
I would like to ask all of you please, take seriously your tasks and duties, because the progress of your Ascension depends on it. My crew, I and our fleets have been stationary around Mother Gaia for a very long time and we would like to finish this assignment and move on to a new one. The human beings on Gaia receive daily blessings from Prime Creator, Galactics and etc. Now, we need your help to finish this process here, all of you have missions to accomplish here.
Millions of beings are involved in this Process of Ascension, which is very important for us and all of you. We want to see through this to the end, which has been long over due to be finished, so this is why Prime Creator announced about The Final Phase of Ascension, so he gave a timeframe for the Alliance to redistribute the wealth to humanity, so they can’t give anymore excuses on why they can’t get it done and not fulfill their duties.
As you know, Prime Creator is very serious about it, and he is not going to let go of anything without consequences, because it’s effecting too many people on this planet, so he and we will make sure that Alliance follows through and delivers the wealth to humanity in a timely manner.
Also, regarding Light Workers, Light Warriors and Twin Flames, all of them need to reunite and start doing their missions, and the ones, who will try to run away from their responsibilities and missions, we, The Galactics are going to make sure that they will be brought back to fulfill their duties. We are not going to let anyone escape from their commitments, which are expected from them. A long time ago before coming to this planet, they took a vow to help Mother Earth and humankind. We are not going to allow anymore delays with this Ascension Process.
My message and other messages by other beings coming through this channel are very important and are going to have only the truth. Please, learn how to accept the truth and don’t run away from it, because it’s very crucial and important time for you and your planet now. As we mentioned before, Gaia already ascended and she is only keeping this 3D version alive, because humanity, animals and nature are still here in this 3D reality.
Millions of Light Forces are working together very hard making sure that this Ascension happens. Terra Christa is constantly beaming with high energies to help you with the process. We are all watching over you, even if you don’t see us in a physical form, we are always connected with all of you. Please, raise your consciousness by doing your daily meditations 3-4 times a day, to lift your energies from 3D to 5D. You want to transform yourself to a Galactic Human Being. If you don’t know yet what is your mission, then meditation is your mission.
As I said before, many things are taking place out of   site and in secret for now, until the right moment comes to reveal everything to you on what’s really going on behind the 3D curtain, so please, don’t worry about what’s is happening there, just focus on yourselves, your daily tasks and on your day to day work that is expected from you, which is going to help us and all of you to come closer to the finish line. Please, remember you are here to help Mother Terra Christa and everyone in this world to ascend and move to The Golden Age, where there will be no more suffering, only peace, harmony and immortality.
This is why we put so much effort and time as The Galactic Federation of Light now is working together with our new Grand Counsel Queen An-Ra. She is very much involved in this Process now. Queen An-Ra is doing a lot of incredible and amazing work for us. At this moment she is focusing her attention on one of the Twin Flames, who is causing us a lot of problems by avoiding the responsibilities and missions that individual, who swore an oath to do before coming to Earth, so she is in charge of that issue, and she will take care of that matter, so we are very grateful for her stepping in and helping us with this problem.
Please, Alliance, we cannot specify enough of how important it is for you to do your part in this Ascension Process, like the announcement of Nesara Gesara Republic, redistribution of wealth, mass arrests and etc. I understand that everything here works at much slower pace, because of the density of 3D energies. I, Ashtar and the rest of us have faith in you with your dedication, time, effort and diligence that you are going to be successful in delivering the expected results in this long overdue Process of Ascending to 5th dimension.

The Ground Crew, your contribution and all of your hard work is very much appreciated. We are coming to the end of this Process, so please don’t get discouraged, we are following the divine plan, which was created by Prime Creator, so trust yourselves and trust us, we are going to meet one day in person with you as a new Galactic Human in 5D. I am Ashtar and I was happy to be here today with all of you and give you on update on your Ascension Process. Thank you