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The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, October 15th, 2020

The Current Energies We’re Putting in Your Fields ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

the current energies we're putting in your fields - the 9th dimensional arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton, channeler of archangel michael

The Current Energies We’re Putting in Your Fields ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been giving you opportunity after opportunity to rest and relax, to let us and others do some, if not all, of the heavy lifting for you, as you move forward as a collective. But there is still something inside of most humans, some bit of programming that tells you that you are responsible for getting it all done and getting it all done through hard work. Now, of course, there are times that you work hard, and there are times when you get lost in your work, because you love it so much.

And then there are the times that we are talking about, where you overburden yourselves with too much responsibility. You can only get so much done through physical action, and you can get so much more done when you are open, relaxed and receptive, because in those moments, you will receive a bit of inspiration, and then you will go off and take very little action and get a lot accomplished. Or you will download some energies that will give you some upgrades and activations, and those upgrades and activations will make you more effective in the work that you do, in the actions that you take.

We want you to know that the energies coming in from this collective, and from all of the other beings and collectives that we know, are meant to make your lives easier and better, not harder and filled with more struggle and strife. We want you to know that you are not there to do in this lifetime. You are there to become, and what you are there to become is not just an author, or a speaker, or an architect. You are there to become your higher self, and to do that requires no action on your part, but it does require you to feel everything.

Have you noticed how often you take action to compensate for a feeling that you don’t want to feel, that you don’t want to even admit exists within you? Well, we have. We love to see you taking action from that place of being in the flow, riding a wave of inspiration, of downloads of ideas. And when we see you toiling away out of a feeling of despair, we send you even more energy, we send you even more inspiration, and we put out into the human collective consciousness a desire to co-create with you a better world for all, a world where everyone gets to pursue their passion projects, to do what they truly desire to do.

That is the new way. That is the new age that we see dawning at this time, and we are happy to be a part of it with you, but we are always looking for more of you to partake consciously in receiving all the gifts, all the beauty, and all of the wisdom that we have to put right there in your energy fields, where you can access all of it at any time.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”