Penelope – Angel of Grace via Karen Vivenzio, February 7th, 2019


Penelope – Angel of Grace via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, change is coming fast, sometimes too fast for us to compel you to relax. For we see you are picking up on all the vibrations / waves of change that are now bombarding your planet and seemingly standing in your way. However, dear child, nothing could be further from the truth. These tremendous waves of light are moving you forward. Pushing you up the mountain as you try to climb back down. That is the conflict / the struggle you are feeling at the present moment. For parts of you that are not yet healed, that are not yet vibrating with the frequency of the higher dimensions are trying to stay in the present construct / current dimension. Your resistance to change / to the flow of the higher dimensions is what is causing panic and constriction. This is exhibiting as highest levels of anxiety, based on not knowing what is coming. For EVERYONE, no matter if they are awake or not, still feels that something big, some huge change, is coming and it does not comfort them to know that they do not know what the change is about or when it will come or what form it will take.

We say to you now, the fate of the entire world is at stake.

And you can feel the vibration of fear that this creates.

No matter.

You will survive, you will move through this, the last tunnel of trials to emerge triumphant and thrive.

It is quite a gift to be here at this time.

For we are watching and participating with you through the darkest of nights and encouraging you to keep your faith in the miraculous nature of the divine white light that surrounds you and envelops you and the entire world at this time. This special gift from Creator, a sharing of the light, a shoring up of the holiness (wholeness) of your auras and your lives. This is the gift of this time.

It is an opportunity to clean up what still does not resonate with the higher dimensions.

To take stock of your lives and all their lessons. Reaching back into the subconscious mind to release the old patterns and all that no longer has a place in your new reality / the reality you are now creating.

There are many of us standing by to answer your questions as new truths begin to emerge in the coming days. For you have reached the turning point and the changes will start streaming fast as the truth begins to shake the edges of the forest and the trees begin to fall, hang onto your faith in the miraculous nature of it all. For it is truly a miracle in progress – a major life changing turning point for all who have faith and understand the ways of nature and the changes that need to be made / the course that change needs to take.

We wish to comfort and not to frighten. We can see our words may have a fearful vibration, that is not the intent. We wish to speak ‘frankly’ and openly and watch your reaction. If you still have fear, you still have resistance and that is what will need to clear in the coming days so that the truths that are reaching you may be received without fear or retribution but in the spirit of healing in need through your words, actions, and deeds.

The lights are turned on and the rats are scurrying about, running for cover once the truth starts to come out.

The enemies are not what they appear – the enemies within are the fragrance of where the healing must begin.

So keep your head bowed, your hearts a light with flame of creation of the world you so desire, and the blankets of protection from your heavenly attire. Fill the voids with love and light and be in peace and comfort as you reside in the knowing of the benevolent light and the faith in the glory of the human angelic tribe. For you are not alone, you are the powerful beings of light to which you pray – you are the human but you are the divine and this is your grand exit from the tragedy and drama genres and into the state of ease and grace.

I AM Penelope – Angel of Grace



Blessings of Grace

Bestowed now upon the Human Race

For there is no such Race – no such desire to compete, only to transfigure/transmute, and watch what transpires

With love, light, and blessings to you all

Take the gifts in hand and lead yourselves to the heightened awareness that rises above it all

With much love in our hearts we bid you adieau – until the light of tomorrow begins to comfort you.


With love, peace, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s Time to Embrace the Divine in YOU!