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San and Saxon the Dragon via Angel Skog, February 14th, 2019

San and Saxon the Dragon via Angel Skog

February 14th, 2019


Twin souls

The time is here to stand in your full light and strength. During life times you have prepared yourselves for this time. Through suffering and love you have follow the path of God and acquired your wisdoms. With courage and faith in your burning hearts you have always looked up towards the sky and sensed your greatness. Your grand mission is now shining in your blueprint and now power is powerful enough to extinguish it now.

The time is now here for you to wake up and complete your unique soul mission. As an army that with discipline has trained in all the arts of war you have consciously chosen every life with greatest care and ambition to prepare you for what now lies ahead of you. The time is now here when you have seen your beloved die for the last time. The time is now here when you for the last time have been executed, distrusted and dismissed because of your abilities and knowledge. The time is now here when the limiting density of Earth no longer can hold you prisoner.

Can you feel it? The lovely scent of freedom. Your unlimited soul’s strength and power for love, light, unity and infinite expansion within the dimension’s dimension – the light of eternity?

Close your eyes and feel it in the depth of your hearts – your true nature. The place that always has remained awake, eternity, God’s love and the truth of the Universe.

The time is now here for you to stand in your full power and strength, united but unique each one with a burning purpose that colors the universe in a cascade of rainbow colors.

I am and many others guard you and guide you during the nights. With all the love we see you rise up from the ashes into the fire – The ash that remains after you have burned off and transformed within yourselves. This is the fire that you now learn to master, transform and love as a part of yourselves – that which is all that now surrounds you, the collective consciousness, the lower frequencies, the dark powers that wish to see Earth remain in the old era of false honor.

The time is now here, however for the new world to rise up! The golden age has entered through the portals of Gaia and it is time for your to ride this wave of power and strength and find yourself stand there in the wild, burning fire and realize that the light persists, that you persists.

The time is now here for you to shine in your full light.

San and Saxon the Dragon




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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