Love is our new reality

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Penelope, Angel of Grace via Karen Vivenzio, June 30th, 2020


Penelope, Angel of Grace via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest children full of light – we see you, we hear you burning bright, burning bright. The earth has lit up in recent times, ignited by a united flame of desire – to save yourselves – to bring more love to the planet and we see the times of strife receding to birth a new beginning. And we see this despite all the illusions coming to you through many channels, many mis-communications strewn about. In order to find your truth, you must go deep within, it will not come to you from the outer worlds / only from within.

There are so many thought streamers, so many channels with which you can tune in, and that is how the chaos sustains itself. There are too many voices, too many choices flowing to you through the airwaves, and then, there is the voice of truth, the still voice within. And this is not the same for everyone, it begins where your ego self ends. You must tune in.


To the sounds of silence.

Take a deep breath.

Settle in for the long ride ahead, it is a journey of discovering your own inner magnificence.


Settle in.

Take a deep breath.

Now, we may begin.

To resurrect those parts of you, each of you, your inner gifts – of patience, of love, of relaxation, of bliss.

Hold this in the palms of your hands.

The knowledge of the magic that lies deep within, the miracle of creation.

And connect with it.

Take a deep breath.

Allow the knowledge, the wisdom, the grace, to flow up – filling every single cell of your being with the magic, the lightening, the spark of the Divine deep within your heart and mine.

Bringing in the magic and the majesty, holiness and grace within each and every inch, every molecule, every space in between until your entire being is humming with the Spirit of Love – eradicating fear, loneliness, anxiety.

Allowing the wisdom of the ages to rise up to the surface, and the healing begins.

Allow the healing vibration of the ancient masters to flow from your heart chakra into the ethers – reaching humanity in all nations, all religions, all doctrines and creeds – renewed by the loving power of your inner majesty. Find new meanings in the lessons of old. Reach out and dare to break the mold. For you are one of a kind, each of you – dearest child of mine. I AM living and breathing through you, for you are Divine (of the vine) and my light streams through you so shine, shine, shine. Shine so bright you light up the night and the wonder of your glorious tribe is seen and respected, glowing now – shine, shine, shine.

For the time has come now to separate from the rest. Allowing your true nature to rise above as a leader, a sage, a loyal scribe. Whatever the gifts you hold, it is now time to embrace and unfold the magical destiny that awaits you dear child.

Leave behind the rest and take another deep breath. Step forward into the garden and release all that is not yet healed to be tended to, watered, and fruitfully grown until you can stand freely on your own. Allow us to tend to you while you sleep, while you rest now on Eagle’s wings. Taking flight and flapping your wings, Oh the power that it brings – soaring through the trees, rising above the breeze, allowing the wind to take you where it may please.

Children of love, listen now to the soul that sings, the beauty and the bounty of your inner well springs. While knowledge becomes wisdom of fruitful offerings and you are basking in the light of love from heaven above – outstretched before you, anchored in love, feeling the blessings come forward as you rest and you sing above it all, everything.

For I AM Penelope, Angel of Grace, messenger to the human race.

Blessings to come, stay out of the fray, live to see one more magical day. Miracles coming your way.


With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen Vivenzio

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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