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Pharaoh Hatshepsut via Ann Dahlberg, December 2nd, 2017

Pharaoh Hatshepsut

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Hatshepsut and I lived many hundreds of years ago in Egypt and for a short time I was Pharaoh there in spite of the fact that I was a woman. However, I had to arrange this myself. I saw myself as being equally good as a man and did not understand why women could not be equals with the men. This has unfortunately continued all the way to these days. Today the women’s energy is on a march forward and I am incredibly grateful for this. I do not underestimate the men. They are needed just as much as the women, but it has to be a relationship of equals with similar conditions and mutual respect. Women need to bring forth the masculine side within them just as men need to bring forth the feminine side within them. When these are in balance you have all your strength there. Your origin is to be in balance and in this state you can carry out all that you want. I had to push my masculine side in order to get to where I wanted in the time that was and then the feminine side had do give way. This is also not good as an unbalance is created in the energy. The body needs a good balance in order to stay healthy and strong, an energy that flows through the chakras in an even flow. This requires balance and our most important balance organ is our heart. If one has let one’s masculine side dominate you are also not fully in your heart. If you let your feminine side dominate you easily become a victim. A balance is always important so feel inside where you have your unbalances and try to fix it. If you can reach into your heart this will help correct what is wrong. It whispers to you how you should act in different situations. Sometimes it might be the feminine side that should come forth and you should listen more to your counterpart and receive help from your intuitive abilities. Sometimes it is you masculine side that needs to come forth and you should stand up for yourself and to start working for that which is close to your heart. With a strong intuitive ability and a strong drive you can move mountains. This is so true, which history has shown over and over again. We have always admired and marveled over the people who have done great things. Most likely these people have been in balance with them selves and in this way had an enormous strength and will power to carry out that which they came down to do. It is here that humanity is heading. Finally there will be a relationship of equals between men and women, both of these sides should be honored and respected. This leads to wonders. Many marvelous wonders will now happen on Earth, as there are many more people who have affirmed all of them selves.

The children that are born now are whole and have a protective cover around them so that they can preserve this precious that they came with. The energy has been raised on Earth and a new glamorous era is to be expected. I finally just want to say that I am with all women on Earth today that are now freeing them selves from the chains that have tied them and I will give them all the strength that I can. It was for this reason that I wanted to appear today so that you will know that we exist and that we support you in your strife for freedom. Freedom shall belong to everybody so stand up for yourselves, bring forth your masculine side, but do not forget to also bring with you your feminine side. Only the two together can give you the freedom that you long for.

I am grateful for being able to come forth today. I hold both the sword and the heart high in my hand.

Much love,




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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