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Plato speaks via Jacquelyn Fox, July 19th, 2018

Session with Plato for Sananda

Channeled by Jacquelyn Fox (J)


Topic: Opening Light when one is limited with negative energies.

**Note from J: I covered this in last week’s channeling, but I will touch upon it again now, so everyone is clear on what Plato means by “night-light.” The term “night-light” comes through quite a lot in my channelings. One’s first impression is probably that night-light equals dark or evil. That is not necessarily the case. Night-light is a state of being, or state of mind, that is apart from God. Spirits in night-light are usually suffering from lingering life issues, like regrets, inability to let go of addictions or habits, holding onto negative emotions like grudges or fears or depression. This focus of their minds on these life issues keeps them from lifting their minds to peace, happiness and God’s love. Certainly, some night-light spirits can appear dark, angry or menacing, but they are simply in need of healing. Most night-light spirits are just like you and me. Most (but not all) mean well, but sometimes let their lingering life issues cloud their judgement and stifle their enlightenment. Once healing is performed, they release their focus on life issues and move into a state of alignment with God. All spirits are divine, and all are children of God. Those in night-light are not lost, they just need healing.

Plato also uses the term “pondering Light.” This is usually meant as forming a direct connection between your mind and those in spirit. Channeling or divination would be examples of “pondering Light,” but it can be any kind of intuitive connection to spirit.


Plato is speaking:

“In Light work one is exposed to many types of energies. Joining the flow of energy in Light to your own energy opens you to flowing spirits of all kinds. Some in Light are plighted, some are lined up with God, and some are holding themselves apart from God in Light. All in Light are loved equally by God. Aligning with God is not a condition of God’s love. Limited spirits of darkness are loved by God as dearly as spirits of Light. Aligning with God in Light is a choice, a choice that is rich in spiritual growth opportunity. It is not judged as good or bad, only lifting or limiting.

In our view of reality, Light is all that exists. Kicking out all limited-Light prevents one from seeing the whole Truth of Light. One must gaze upon Light that is not in alignment with God to be able to recognize Light that is in alignment. They are two halves of the whole. A mighty challenge comes to those who ponder Light in life to be able to recognize Light from night-light. Lining up with Light-only in your ponderings is very difficult sometimes. Keeping one’s pondering in alignment with God is a challenge to almost all Lightworkers. Impudent Light-beings in night-light sense all your negative thoughts and emotions, drawing them to you in your ponderings. This can make it very difficult to ponder Light productively. Parting oneself from the grip of night-light quickly is the goal. Just as in life, one does not want to interact with negative people for too long because eventually their negativity rubs off on you. It is the same with spirit interactions. To stay connected with spirits in night-light dims your Light. Kicking them out of your energy flow hastens your return to alignment with God. A mission easily said, but not as easily done. I will make some suggestions now about how to accomplish this.

Kicking out limiting night-light spirits from one’s energy flow holds the opportunity for learning and growth as a Lightworker. Kicking them out is a somewhat cold term for what actually occurs. Limiting, night-light spirits interject themselves into your energy flow for one reason: To find healing. No enlightened spirit who is in alignment with God needs healing, only those who have slipped into night-light. All spirits who are in Light-only are overtly muted in negative energy. With practice, you will be able to sense the energy of the spirits with whom you ponder. Spirits in Light-only will lift you. You will feel their peaceful, loving energy. On the other hand, limited spirits in night-light will make you feel negative, sad or anxious. Loving spirits in Light-only create loving energy in you. Spirits of night-light create plight.

Joining your energy with limited spirits of night-light is an inevitable part of Lightwork. How long you choose to remain in connection with them is your decision. If aligning with God is a choice, so is aligning with night-light. Many in Lightwork underestimate the power of night-light to influence life. Once upon a time, Roman stories told of mortals who laughed at the night-light spirits. These mortal humans knew all in Light where of God, qualified all in Light as lovable and lined up with all in Light who intruded into their ponderings. Flowing night-light spirits opened into life, creating minimizing and serious consequences for all in life. Same in the stories of ancient Greek culture. Mortal men learned the hard way what comes from pondering with night-light spirits. Many humans have learned this lesson over time. Quality ponderings produce quality life. Night-light ponderings limit life quality.


So now you’re asking, ‘Plato, how do I avoid night-light spirits?’ The answer is, my friends, that you cannot. However, you can limit the length of your connection. All you need to do is to offer the healing they seek. In offering healing, you are offering them away out of night-light. Offer the gift of healing to all you ponder with. If it is a spirit of Light-only, they will thank you for your offer but reply they need it not. If it is a night-light spirit, they will most often accept your offer immediately. Some will refuse in a rather belligerent manner and that rude reply will expose their night-light to you. Let not their rude refusal dissuade you. Offer healing again, creating a loving stream of Light to envelop them. The issuing of love to them will act to lift them enough to accept your offer. Once they have accepted, say the following prayer, “May the Light of God heal you of all night-light thoughts and emotions. Open Light accepts you unconditionally. Now, go live in peace and happiness and love with God in the Light.”

This simple prayer will lift all in night-light into alignment with God. Quarrelsome spirits will let out loud cries of joy when they are lifted into Light. Angry Light-beings, intent on creating havoc, will gently meld with the angels. Limited ghosts will stop their moaning and groaning over life and rush gladly into Light. In Light, this prayer of healing holds profound power. You hold that power. Only Light spirits like you can lift healing to those in night-light. Your gifts are greatly needed in Light. So, expect that you will be bombarded by limited spirits in night-light, but know that you have the power to lift them to God.”

You can connect with Jacquelyn, and her Master Teachers, via her website at httpss:// A book of her channelings, “LIGHT LESSONS: Wisdom for Light Workers from Master Teachers in Light” is also available on Amazon.