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Plato via Jacquelyn Fox, August 14th, 2018

August 14th 2018

Session with Plato for Sananda

Channeled by Jacquelyn Fox (J)


Plato is speaking:

“Greetings, friends. Today, I will talk about limiting lessons in Light-study, explain their purpose and why we allow them.

Pondering in Light presents one with many lessons in Light. Some of those lessons are lifting and some are limiting. Each lesson however, offers enlightenment. Promoting minimizing lessons, there are deceiving spirits of night-light who often inject themselves into the lifting lessons offered by higher-level spirits. We enlightened spirits allow these intrusions. ‘Why would my teachers do that?’ you may ask. And I answer, ‘Because abundant grist for one’s spiritual intellect is presented in these intrusions.’ Hard lessons are sometimes the most effective lessons and Light allows lessons of all types helpful to one’s enlightenment.

Promotion of Light is always at the top of our list of goals. Light accepts both ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ There is no judgement. If one believes in the ponderings of deceptive spirits, that is one’s choice. We do not judge that choice, because a valuable learning experience arises from such a choice. Believing in false messages aligns one with consequences that can hold great teachings in life. Light aligns with lifting great teachings in life, therefore, we closely follow the choices our students make in Light pondering. Most choices aligned with Light are life-lifting, while those aligned with deceptive spirits are life-limiting. Both are valid choices and so we allow our students to make those choices. Mighty wisdom flows in those choices, encouraging spiritual enlightenment in life. ‘Bad’ choices are not labeled as bad in Light. They are labeled as life-limiting only. The facing of limitation in life offers a great opportunity for growth in Light. Spirit sponsors hold their students’ growth in Light to be utmost in importance. Only deceptive spirits use limiting lessons as teaching tools, but higher spirits let them. Long-in-Light spirits know that limiting lessons are valuable in spiritual growth. Hard life lessons offer woeful experiences but promote enlightenment. Aligning with such lessons is unpleasant, but the resulting Light growth is great. Healing is always offered in Light in the aftermath of any limiting life lesson, holding hope out to any student suffering the sting of such a lesson. This results in understanding and, hopefully, well-being.

Facing such lessons does not bring long-in-life suffering most of the time. We do not allow lining our students up with a horrible life tragedy as a lesson, only life-limitation. Minimal hardship is endured but great wisdom is gained. Loss of trust in Light is, however, a consequence of such lessons, so we in Light-teaching positions ponder long and hard before allowing such lessons. The trust of our students is important to us so we do not take breaching of Light trust lightly. Kicking out Light trust briefly, however, can lift great teachings, so we must carefully weigh the cost and benefit of each lesson. Previewing each lesson we offer is a mighty task of teachers in Light and takes up much of our time here, engaging us in much discussion and pondering. Experiencing such lessons packs mighty Light understanding and the candid discussion afterwards, even more, garnering great growth in Light knowledge.

Aligning with Light-study in life is a challenge. Not all who begin such study will stick to it and that is as it should be. Some do hold out however, and for those students we in Light are grateful. Most in life never achieve enlightenment. To those who lift themselves in Light, we in Light say ‘Bravo!’ and lift our hands in joy. Choosing Light-study in life voices the truth of Light, holds the promise of Light, and lifts the beauty of Light to humanity. Until next time, my friends, be well.”

You can connect with Jacquelyn, and her Master Teachers, via her website at httpss:// A book of her channelings, “LIGHT LESSONS: Wisdom for Light Workers from Master Teachers in Light” is also available on Amazon.