Plato via Jacquelyn Fox, June 19th, 2018

June 19th, 2018

Session with Plato for Sananda

Plato is speaking:


“A topic that I feel is important to ponder here is aligning bodily well-being with Light. Let’s begin.

Only Light exists, therefore all that exists is Light. In Light, all is moving in long waves of vibration in differing rates of movement. Lining up with higher moving Light frequencies are higher vibrational Light beings, while lined up with the slower-moving frequencies are nominal beings not aligned with God. Light is home to both kinds of beings and no judgement is made on either mode of existence. Kicking out God-alignment in Light, long-limited beings lost in suffering emotions issue the energy of those emotions to any in Light who line up with them energetically. They limit open Light flow in themselves and all who lineup with them.

Promotion of Light chimes a bell of alignment to all in Light. If one promotes Light, then one attracts Light spirits. If one promotes minimal Light, then one attracts minimal Light spirits. Lining up with nominal Light beings is always one’s own choice in Light. Defending one’s Light against such beings is also a choice of only you.

Long-in-Light, low vibrational beings can adhere to one’s energy flow, so defending that flow is necessary. Unlimited, low energy spirits can cause great suffering to those they adhere to. For instance, J became minimized by a low energy Light being just days ago. She picked it up dining out at a lovely restaurant. Minimizing her over the past few days, it filled her with bright night-light. J noticed her mood become anxious and agitated, then she came down with a minor health malfunction. Riding her still, this spirit needs healing.

Such is J’s life as a healer in Light. Pondering night-light spirits notice her in life and adhere to her to lift themselves, quietly minimizing her in the process. They do not line up with her out of malice, only need of healing. Qualifying such low-Light spirits as evil is misguided. Only healing souls such as J’s can give that needed healing to them. Not all in Lightwork issue Light healing, only those whose souls line up with that purpose. Open Light healing is a gift from God. Qualified over many millennia, long-in-Light healers are much noticed in Light by all.

The question many of you are asking now is: Am I a Light healer? To answer this, look into your mind. Are you drawn to holding frail life in love? Giving Light to those in need? Helping others in life with no expectation of reward? Pondering life illnesses for missing elements of cause? Long interest in bodily wellness in yourself? Answering yes to most of those questions indicates you are likely gifted with Light healing. High in vibration, healers stand out in Light and attract many needy, low-Light spirits. Such problems as sensitivity to chemicals also often plight high vibration individuals. Quality of life for such highly sensitive individuals can be limited if they are not defensive of their energy. Open Light healers in life often need to heal themselves first.

Pondering Light to heal others in Light and in life creates a wave that casts away night-light in life. Healers in life are greatly needed now. Look into yourselves now and lend your Light to dance with ours. Together we can heal millions in life.”

Note from J: I did do a healing on the spirit attachment I had picked up, and thanked Plato for bringing it to my attention. I could have use that information a few days ago, but better late than never. Lesson learned for me to be more careful with protecting myself against attachments.