Love is our new reality

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Queen An-Ra via Erena Velazquez, March 5th, 2021

I am Queen An-Ra and I am pleased to be here today. It has been awhile since my appearance through this channel. Your world is being constantly challenged by the Dark Entities, who don’t want to give up their power and control over you and Earth.

Well, as I mentioned in my previous message, I have been cleaning up Alliance and removing all of the corrupted members, and I am only leaving behind reliable and pure ones, who are going to finish the battle on the ground and help with the tasks to establish a new free world in your reality.

I have been very busy with trying to ease up your transition to 5th dimension. The time has arrived for humanity to take their power and freedom back into their own hands and start living their own lives, without being told by the governments, who keep imposing their will into your daily lives.

Millions of rules, which were forced on everyone are going to fade away. Visible signs of change coming is going to be the removal of mandatory rule of wearing masks, which is a threat to your health because your lungs are not being properly oxygenated. Many more things are happening behind closed doors, which were not yet disclosed to you. Soon, all of the truth is going to come out everywhere. Please, be prepared for it.

I am happy to see that humankind is starting to have a more understanding, what was done to them and why they never felt like free beings. They are finally seeing that the life here has been an illusion created for them with intention to keep them here as prisoners.

Human beings have been thinking for centuries that they are completely alone in the Universe, and the truth is that millions of civilizations exist. This is going to be a quite shock for the masses.

As a Grand Council, I have been spending a lot of time with preparation to finish our operation on planet Earth. Also, my Egyptian Fleet is getting ready to land on Mother Gaia as soon as the Nesara Gesara is established and disclosure happens.

We are planning to share with you our technologies and teach you how to use them as we tried to do that 10,000 years ago. My daughter, who recently received her authority from me and agreed to take on the responsibility of leading and being in charge of my fleet that is going to help humanity with their transformation.

I, Queen An-Ra, want to focus on my work as the Grand Council. Right now, I am helping the Galactic Federation of Light to get ready for the Final Engagement with the Dark Ones, which is going to remove them completely from this part of the Galaxy. I can’t wait, when this planet will be entirely free and there will be no more Negative Forces disrupting the natural flow of Divine.

In the near future Texas will have an important role in the United States. The first Center of Light is going to be open in Texas, where everyone will be welcomed. Meditations, meetings, healings and etc will be conducted there. This type of centers are going to be build around the globe in every city, town or village.

Exciting times approaching for the Human Civilization, and I am thankful to be a part of this process. Also, my daughter is going to play the role as an ambassador here on Terra Christa and she will launch some of our technologies to help with the advancement of the human race. I am grateful to able to participate in these historic moments on Mother Earth.

Stay courageous and trust the Divine Process of liberation on your planet. Freedom is within your reach, you have the power inside you to free yourself and this world, just connect to it through meditation. I am Queen An-Ra and I am glad to be able to communicate with all of you. Thank you.

Stay connected with the Universal Flow
Queen An-Ra