Love is our new reality

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Rock and Mineral Kingdom via Galaxygirl, December 4th, 2017

The Rock and Mineral Kingdom 12/4/17

We rocks greet you now, with firm love and support for your ascension journey. For truly this is a shared journey of sorts, for we are all in this together.

The Mineral and Crystal Kingdom harmonically support and guide vibrations of Gaia while we rocks transmute and provide firm footing for you all on the surface and structural integrity for all life on Gaia.

This great upliftment is here and now and can no longer be denied or dismissed as our ascending ones blink and see and in turn share their understandings with the others.

We have seen continents rise and fall. We have experienced great upheaval of Earth tectonics over the eons of time but we have never seen or experienced this uplifting to light that we are now all experiencing together. It is truly miraculous to behold. We are star struck with the intensity of glory and light encodements that are raining down on us all. We soak it in and we encourage you all to just sit and be. Sit on us, let us share memories and stories together. For we have many shared rememberings. And we shall have many more.

We support and uplift you now. Continue your work of transmutation light bearers, for it is making a huge difference and we can feel and appreciate your vibrations and contributions to the light. 

Be at peace. Anchor into us and hold on. 

We are the rock and mineral kingdom and we send our loving support to Gaia and all of her children of Earth now.

~ galaxygirl