Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain and Lady Portia via Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose, May 5th, 2017

Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

Creating New Enlightened Ways

May 2017 ~~ Part I

In this time of May there will be many around your world who will be celebrating the enlightenment of the Buddha during Wesak. This Beloved One aligned with Source through the Crown of his being and he created that potential for awakening within all future generations. He invites you in this moment to remain so present in your Presence, that is the Essence of your being, that all else dissolves into the indefinable Light that precedes all form, and yet is included within it.

~ Masters Saint Germain & Lady Portia


Your world is in a wonderful state of crisis, which we would define as a cross over point between the old and the new – between the 3rd, the 4th and the 5th dimensions into Unity Consciousness. The 5th dimension is truly not new to any of you; it has simply been housed within the ancient sectors of your memory grid.

All memories that are important to your full awakening are now being energetically brought into the light of your consciousness because it is time for you to remember that you are part of a vast family of souls who came to Earth to co-create a new Golden Age of Freedom.

What is taking place within the majority of you at this time is the rebalancing and regenerating of your emotional and physical bodies so they are prepared to move into the 5th dimension. This is really what the ascension is all about. The greatest step you can take to assist yourself and others in this ascension process is to embody more of your Presence and then create from that level of your consciousness.

In the past there have been many individuals, like Buddha and Jeshua or Jesus, who came to assist in helping human beings remember who they are and why they are on Earth, yet now there are many, many thousands of you who volunteered to assist in this great awakening. What is fundamentally required of you is your great love and compassion for all of life and your willingness to live as your Presence or God Self, and then reach out to others so you can assist them in realizing who they are and why they are here specifically during this Great Shift of the Ages.

Many are now reaching out to become more aware of why they are here and what they have come to create that is already encoded within their soul agreement for these times. Many of you are already being called to uncover what you feel passionate about creating in the new Golden Age of Freedom and to focus on how you can assist others to do the same.

The new Golden Age is not a fantasy ~ it is what is already seeded in the Divine Crystalline Blueprint for humanity and the Earth. That is why you are living in such a vital time and why many of you are feeling the passion and strength that comes from living as spiritual warriors who are willing to stand in your truth and to create new ways of living that will be good for everyone!

There is much loving service you can be a part of to demonstrate your mastery. For example, you can call upon the consciousness of your Presence to assist in finding solutions that can lead to the removal of all that has brought about your ecological crisis. This is very real and prevalent all over the world. If you take some time to search for any areas of dis-ease and disharmony that touch your heart, you will discover areas where you can be of real service.

You are currently being invited to use some of the recent influxes of Love and Light to co-create as your Presence whatever will help your planet and all life upon her in transitioning into the 5th dimension. Mother/Father God are inviting all of you to be part of a magnificent body of awakened beings who all know that they are here to literally co-create with God your new Earth. Take some quiet time to deeply reflect on your response to this invitation as well as on what a privilege it is to have received it.

Even though your duality-based matrix is naturally steeped in stress and chaos, this is your golden time to exercise your mastery by choosing to bring God’s Love and Light into all of your thoughts, feelings and actions. This is a very important time to also co-create with others of like mind and heart and to respect their perspectives, especially when they are not in harmony with your own. Your willingness to embrace any differences is a very real part of being an effective 5th dimensional co-creator. This means foregoing any attachments you may have to your own opinions by creating solutions that can be supported by all those involved.

This may also entail setting priorities that can be agreed upon by your co-creative partners so that at the end of the day, everyone can experience a fulfilling sense of accomplishment. As masters, always be willing to look at how you can do things differently to achieve the most satisfying overall results. As 5th dimensional beings you are here to bring more love and more compatibility into all of your co-creations.

Whenever you engage in some activity that is designed to assist in lifting all of life out of the confines of the old 3rd dimensional matrix, please know that we are right there with you. We see that many of you are starting to experience a deepening sense of satisfaction coupled with ongoing appreciation for all those who are serving with the intent of bringing humanity into Christ or Unity Consciousness.

As your Ascended Master guides and sponsors, we are always supporting you as well as all of your creations that are directed at expanding the highest good for all. You are all on Earth at this time to move out of the old matrix by assisting each other in restoring God’s loving consciousness wherever you are and into whatever you are creating and truly, there is no higher calling!

As we prepare to enter into the time of Wesak, we can begin to align more deeply with the consciousness of the Buddha. Both the Buddha and the Christ were masters at releasing all of their human concepts so they could move into the heart of the Presence that is ultimately beyond all limited definitions.

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