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Saint Germain via Jahn J Kassl, January 29th, 2018


The imagery in this dream is of great importance for all human beings who are on the spiritual path! Because “the robe” points to what has been accomplished, leads to the next step of inauguration, and signifies:

Whoever walks the path of transformation consistently will little by little be handed the heavenly robes.

This dream is meant to cheer everyone up and encourage everybody to initiate self-healing.

You can only receive a new and kingly robe once you have put down your old garment.

You must not put off the process of fully shedding the old clothes! Time is running in this world, and soon enough planet Earth will be inhabited only by those who are cleansed and inwardly purged to a certain extent.

Do you want to be one of them? Then come and look inward. Don’t procrastinate your transformation any longer, and don’t run away from yourself when you face yourself in everyday life.


Start by reflecting in depth your thoughts, emotions and actions. Be aware of what you have an issue with and of what causes you problems repeatedly. Which patterns repeat themselves every day, and which emotions don’t you admit to yourself? Are you a master of repression – unconsciously?

You can and must pick up the threads to yourself now! The prevailing conditions for humanity here on earth have never been like this before. Allow everyday life and the people around you to serve you as a mirror for your transformation.

There is still a lot to do for you internally; and it will be done as soon as you go about it courageously and at last, at last, recognize your blockades and remove the reasons keeping you from it – throw them overboard.

At this hour no more excuses may exist.
At this hour no more hesitation may come up.
At this hour no more despondency may occur.

Many of you have accomplished a lot, and they are being taught, guided and promoted directly by the celestial powers of light. But many of you have forgotten all about that. They avoid further teachings, reject guidance and forgo further advancement. Why did so many of you get to this point? Why are there so many teachers and so few students in the spiritual “scene”?

Start by answering these questions for yourself. Then the road to the next step of awareness is clear, and then your new robe is tailored to you and handed to you ceremoniously at the given moment.

I am ending this message with the invitation to pick up the threads to yourself again, even if you believe that you have already arrived. 

Humanity needs true masters. Are you there yet?