Love is our new reality

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The Arcturian Collective via Galaxygirl – VIDEO, January 28th, 2018




Greetings! We are the Arcturian Collective and we wish to converse with you regarding your inner transformation and the concept of metamorphosis that is currently well underway on your planet.

Consciousness is ever expanding, ever improving if that is one’s intention. We would ask you to ponder what is the intent of the butterfly as it begins to build its chrysalis? This process is exhausting for the creature and demands quite a bit of physical effort and the result is – entrapment, encasement. Yet, the worm does this knowingly, willingly, for it is driven deep within to do so. For it knows that it’s life was meant to be so much more than lying on its belly eating leaves.

For you see, the idea of longing for something more is encoded in its DNA.. such that building and constructing a chrysalis makes sense. And what happens when the creature is in the process of change within the mystery of the chrysalis? On the outside it appears that nothing, absolutely nothing is happening (which we hear some of you say inwardly and sometimes outwardly quite a bit) and on the outside of things this is true. For aside from an occasional movement or wiggle, which could easily be blamed on a breeze, the chrysalis is mostly silent and still.

Yet does a worm emerge after gestational completion? No! A new creature emerges, with dim and distant memories of being a caterpillar and no desire to return to a previous existence of leaves and belly eating. Instead, a whole world is opened up to the new butterfly, after their wings dry out and are stretched and tested. The newly hatched butterfly is exhausted from the effort, but as a result and reward, a whole new world is available to it, now

Such is happening to you now, dear friends and family. We tell you the truth. It is an exhausting, highly informational and transformative process that you are in the midst of. But truly, you are the butterflies newly emerged, stretching your wings and letting the breeze gently dry them out as you gingerly test them. In a butterfly hatchery many will emerge, and some will start to fly faster than others, but a very few will not fly at all.

We gently remind you that you are excellent at the higher vibrational navigation and that this higher form is much more natural and pleasing to you. You are strong flyers and you have the full support of the Galactic Collective. So try flying! You will find out more about yourselves in the process and realize you are only stuck on the ground until you discover your wings work. We encourage you to “Go for it!”, as you say.

We are the Arcturian Collective, ever in support of Humanity and Gaia’s ascension efforts. Remember, your success is assured, it is your participation in it that of course is your free will choice. And so we leave you with this question: What will you chose to experience? Will you fly with your newly found / hatched wings of your expanded self or will you stay on the ground wondering why nothing is happening? Remember friends, perception is everything because your perception forms / creates your reality. That is all. You are much loved as a species. We send you our affection.