Saint Germain via Kerstin Sisilla, March 4th, 2019

Saint Germain

March 4th, 2019

Channel: Kerstin


Merlin/Saint Germain

I walked the Earth as Merlin, the magician who was King Arthur’s trusted assistant and friend. The Knights of the Road Table…

The Knights of the Round table – You were the last remnants of the old era. Your life is not a fairy tale or a legend but a true story about the battle for the light, the connection with the elementals, white magic and mysticism. The Lady in the Lake was there, as a connection with the origin – the old. The new era meant it was time to forget. You around the round table had different roles. You played them well and did what you could.

You are many on Earth that carries the same memories. It is time to meet now again – To remember the battle for the good, fellowship, love, the connection with the dragons and the old world. The Lady in the Lake she is waiting for you now so reestablish the connection with her and with Mother Earth’s elementals. Remember the love for each other, tie the sack, regain the fellowship between you and all on Earth now living and all who earlier have lived and are now helping you from the other side.

Everything is One, so when you meet again it is much that is united and reconnected. I love you all on Earth and is overly satisfied with your work. The era is now coming to Gaia and all you who live there will reconnect to Mother Earth, the five elements (earth, water, air, fire and ether). You recover your memories and unite as one as we all came from one origin since The Source/Father/Mother God where everything was created is one.

My violet flame helps you to burn off remnants for the old that still might remain in you. Bad conscience regarding roles played in the past does not benefit you – instead let my flame burn off everything old. Your future is here. This means you will become whole, healthy and restored. Many will also reconnect with the dragons and can take their powers of love and healing abilities as assistance.

Much will change on Gaia, but everything, without exception will get better. Your planet, animals and yourselves will be restored gradually. Feel the fellowship between all you who serve the light on Earth. Look behind the curtains of apparent darkness and you will see the large and profound transformation. Or rather, you feel it in your body and soul.

I love you all you strong souls on Earth, nobody named and nobody forgotten, who through your thorough work and roles played in darkness and light have made this development possible. One day you will fully understand how profound the transformation is and you will be amazed over your own greatness.

Thank you the Knight who wrote this down. It was good that you visited the cave of Merlin in Tintagel and fetched the stone that you have. I saw your visit and how you studied the energies of the dragons in the memory bank of the mountain.

I send my violet shine over all of on Earth. With great love from Saint Germain, which was one of my names on Earth, as well as Merlin the magician.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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