Saint Germain via Linda Dillon, April 21st, 2018

St. Germaine: Greetings, I AM St. Germaine. Welcome my beloveds, welcome to this Council, to this circle, and to this class mentored and taught, over-lighted and underwritten by our Divine Mother. And I know each of you, with me, bows in supplication to Her and implores Her help in all things and in the transformation of humanity back to original plan, back to original design, back to the essence of love.

This morning, in this gathering called Saturday Conference Call, I have begun to address you and I have addressed you, asking you to write your name in violet in the air, in the water, on your desk, on your heart, and to declare yourself and your I AM Presence. To write it – that I AM Janet, I AM Mare’, I AM Tomas, I AM Marga, I AM, I AM, I AM!

Why? Why do I ask this, beseech you to do this? This entire class, this entire last several years has been about your ascended self. Note, I do not say ascending – yes, there has been much fru-for-all about ascension and rightfully so…but this is you, beloveds, declaring your ascended self.

Not in ways as boastful or egoic, not above or below any other being, but in the quiet certitude of your soul declaring your I AM Presence.

Because what is your I AM Presence? What is it? Is it that spark of the Mother/Father/One that you carry within you? Yes. Is it that spark of divinity that lives within you? Yes. Is it the love? Yes.

But what makes you different than someone waiting, hoping, wishing, ascending? It is claiming, it is claiming your sweet self. It is that decision based on your divine authority, based on the truth, the might, the beauty, the strength, the fortitude, and the humility of who you are. To be the love, to act with love, to speak with love, to listen with your heart, to speak with your heart, to know that nothing else matters other than love. And that if it is not of love, either within you or around you, then you do not engage. You may send…you are powerful senders…you may torch but you do not engage because you do not sully the purity of what you have gained. You do not choose to diminish the truth of your I AM.

So yes, I ask of you to declare yourselves, to stand up filled with humble pride and grateful knowing, to stand with me in honor to the Mother, in the deepest gratitude to the Father, that you have remembered, you have remembered that you are creator and that it is not simply a hit or miss, now and then, lucky you, that this is the truth and the fulfillment of who you are. This is your ascended self. The energy of creation, of all creation, is love. The action of creating is loving.

As you go forth, and my friends, there is no doubt you are going forth, we are going forth together, united in heart, united in purpose, united as one. As you go forth co-creating Nova Earth, cities of light, temples of wisdom, know that we are with you, I am with you and more importantly, the I AM is with you.

Go with my love. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

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