Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain via Linda Dillon, August 25

Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ St. Germaine: Another Higher Attunement of Healing and Expansion

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset“Welcome to this time of Healing and Expansion. You have joyously and openly received my first Attunement of Expansion and Healing and you are ready to take it to a higher octave, to fully relish, experience, expand into the Truth of your I AM, the fullness of your Divinity, the fullness of your co-creative self.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ August 25, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: Today we are blessed to once again speak with St. Germaine to continue the discussion on Healing Humanity. There have been some rumblings that the global currency reset is truly underway, and as far as I can see, being able to step out of survival mode will go a long way indeed towards the healing of the human collective and a world that works for everyone. Good morning, Linda!

Linda: Good morning, Suzi – and Good morning, everybody listening in! I hope you are doing great. I want to say that our prior show two weeks ago was a phenomenal blessing – and I think I have put this in my newsletter. It was the first time ever on the radio, on this very show, that St. Germaine has come and – over the airwaves as it was – has done an Attunement of Expansion and of Healing, not only for everyone listening but for the entire planet.

To me that is just phenomenal! And I have been hearing – and I know you’ve been hearing too, Suzi, from a lot of our listeners who have gone back and listened and tuned-in – that they have felt the energy of that attunement, and are feeling really invigorated and healed and zippy and ready to go. We are receiving these, what I call ‘the everyday miracles’, which in fact are amazing! [Laughter]

And so when St. Germaine came to me the last couple of days – because I thought we would be picking up with Galea – but he came and he said he wanted to extend this energy of the attunement and the expansion so that everybody is receiving more and more and more energy, and more readiness to really create Nova Earth. So I’m jazzed; I think this is amazing that over the radio, over the computer, that our Ascended friends are doing this work. So bring it on!

Suzi: This brings to mind a story I must tell which, although a little embarrassing for me, turned out okay.

My daughter and I were getting some food. We had paid and were about to take our food from the counter when she saw a wad of cash on the floor with $20’s in it. She picked it up and handed it right over to the cashier, at which point I said, “What are you giving it to her for?” She was then very upset, “Why did you yell at me?” She is very sensitive and it was really tough – and so we had this discussion during which I of course apologised, but here’s what actually emerged from it.

So in old paradigm, if you find cash you quietly slip it in your pocket. You cannot hold up a $20 bill and say, “Who lost this?” because it’s probably not going to be an honest situation. The guy who lost the cash would say, “I’m never going to see that again; I’m not even going to go back and get it.” And the cashier would probably be in survival mode herself and say, “I need this money too.”

But in the New World, the way that we want it, you pick up the money, you hand it to someone who would be in a position to do the ‘lost and found’ kind of thing; the guy would say, “Oh yes, everyone’s good in their heart and honest, and I’m going to go back and get my cash,” and the girl would hand it over to him.

So if we want that kind of world, we need to live it now – We need to live it Now! – and just make the assumption… What I told my daughter is that I want her to do that; I want her to act on her impulses in the moment because it’s the right thing, and she opened the space for good things to happen and allowed. It was such a powerful thing, and it’s such a good message I think.

Linda: It’s a powerful message and it’s a good message, and I want to say, “Hallelujah!” One of the things we get stuck in as human beings and as Lightworkers/Loveholders is that we keep saying – and this isn’t said in a critical way because we’re all guilty and we’re all not guilty – is that we talk about building Nova Earth, we talk about implementing and really using Universal Law, but we forget that we are Nova Earth, that we are the Law, that we are the Divine Qualities and that we are the Blessings and Virtues – and that unless we are really inhabiting it, then it doesn’t happen because we’re the ones, we are the Wayshowers.

So when it came as a natural impulse for your daughter to do that, it’s like, “Alright girlfriend, that is fabulous!” And she did it without judgement of, “Oh, will this get back to the right person?” No judgement at all; just act on the truth of your heart. And that’s what we really need to do. So often we step back and think about the consequences; or is it going to turn out the way I want; or am I going to get blamed for stealing this money.

So to just act that way… because part of the gifts of the Tsunami of Love was not only Clarity, but Purity and Grace. And what you’re describing is ‘Purity’ right down to its very core.

Suzi: I know, and I made it absolutely clear to her that when it’s all said and done and discussed, I want her to do that; I really applaud her doing that and it’s absolutely the right thing to do. If that’s the world we want, we need to live it.

Linda: Absolutely, yes. And the person who lost the money probably was really saying a prayer. Whenever I lose something… I was raised Catholic and so I have some culturally Catholic habits shall I say, and I always turn to Saint Anthony to help me find money or glasses or whatever – and he always comes through! But he couldn’t come through if somebody removed it and I couldn’t get back to it. So yeah, bravo, bravo!

Suzi: Bravo! And things happen to show us where our work is and so it was a good lesson for me.

Linda: It is. And it’s in the most unlikely and unexpected places.

Suzi: Yes, truly so. I just wanted to share that, as embarrassing as it is! [Laughter]

Linda: Oh no! Maybe it feels embarrassing to you, but to me it sounds like a real-life example of how we step up. So “Good work, Mom!” because you’ve raised this fine daughter. Think of it that way.

Suzi: She’s awesome! She has just turned 19 and I’m so proud of her. Anyway, this is not what the show is for… [Laughter]

Linda: But it is! I think that when our listeners hear these personal stories, it makes the difference and really helps people understand and feel that we are a family, that we are a soul family. And maybe we are 7+ Billion people, but we all came here together basically in the same time to do this work as one circle, one family; and when we act that way and we remember that, it changes the whole paradigm.

Suzi: It does. And it really does affect the people around us when have that attitude.

Linda: Oh yes. Think of all the people who were in that line or in the store at the time and witnessed that. They all carry that home – it’s amazing!

Suzi: Well, I don’t know that they witnessed it, but they got the energetic blast from it I guess!

Linda: They certainly got the energetic blast!

Suzi: So, are we ready for a meditation?

Linda: We are ready for a meditation; St. Germaine is nudging me along. He is full of vim and vigour. This is always my prayer: for perfect physical, mental, emotional, every type of health and vim and vigour and vitality. Well, if anyone is going to bring it and deliver it, it’s either Archangel Raphael or St. Germaine. So here we go!

[Meditation from 10:38 to 15:30]

St. Germaine: Greetings, I AM St. Germaine, Keeper of the I AM and the Violet Flame. And welcome my beloved friends, my family, my circle, my One. Welcome to this time of Expansion and Healing.

Suzi: Welcome.

St. Germaine: And yes, I continue; I continue with each and every one of you, my sweet friends. And when I say “my sweet friends and family,” yes, I do mean every Being, every human, whether you are Starseed or Earthkeeper, or a blend of all which most of you are.

I bring you the I AM Presence in this moment, in this day. I awaken with my Violet Flame your I AM and your connection to the I AM within you right now. I give you Attunement – yes, even now to a higher level, broader.

You have joyously and openly received my first Attunement of Expansion and Healing. And you are ready to take it to a higher octave, to fully relish, experience, expand into the Truth of your I AM, the fullness of your Divinity, the fullness of your co-creative self.

I am not recruiting you to all become of the Violet Ray, for the magnificence of your array of rays from gold to purple to magenta to silver to grayelsha to siroun, to the brilliance of gold to gold to gold to blue to red…

I will never, nor would I wish to, interfere with your expression of Divinity. But I come this day to awaken, with my Violet Flame overlighting your heart, the Truth of who you are, and for you, for each of you to fully begin – because this is a beginning – to begin to understand, embrace and utilise your powers, your Divinity, your healing, your creation of Nova Earth and Nova You.

The human race turns to you, my beloved sacred family; they turn to you, not necessarily to lead the way, but most certainly to show the way. And you say to me, “Germaine, what is the difference?” You walk with the people, side by side, hand in hand. Have you already forged the path? Have you already cleared away much of the brambles and debris? Have you forged the way through the forest of old beliefs and paradigms, false illusions? You have.

And then you say to me, “But St. Germaine, I still feel less-than; I do not feel that I have control or that I am fully utilizing all my gifts, capacities, talents; I am not fully engaged in 12 dimensions and often I feel trapped by the realm of physicality.” These are but illusions.

Yes, your physical form is a beautiful, useful gift. But you are not “trapped” and you are free to travel in any realm, any dimension of human experience, and to bring forth by intention, by expression, by prayer, by ritual, by stillpoint, by action what you desire – and what you desire for the entire planet.

I give this Attunement to humanity this day. Once again, I send my Violet Ring around sweet Gaia to fall like gentle rain, like Pentecostal flames entering into the crown of every being, into the heart, into the solar plexus of every being that they may awaken as well. But in that awakening, my beloved friends, they turn to you.

You are upon planet – yes, the strongest, the bravest. You are the Light. You are the Love. Is it sent from the heart of the Mother in a magnitude that you cannot possibly even begin to fathom? Is it sent from we who are the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, your Star Family? Yes. But it does not even come close to comparing with the energy of the Mother/the Father/the One.

So open and receive. We send it to humanity because the kingdoms, the elementals, the devas, the mountains, the trees, the rivers, the oceans – they are already fully interdimensional and have been for some time. It is the humans… And we want you, we invite you and you are capable. Skip through the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th, the 7th, the 8th, the 9th, the 10th – skip through and play. Stop pretending you don’t know how.

And it is in this interdimensional reality that you are anchoring your perfect self, not as defined by us but as defined by your sweet self. There are some of you already living in the Cities of Light/the Cities of Love, who have already embraced your future selves and are building crystal cathedrals and homes.

But there are many of you who want a cabin in the woods – that is alright. There are many of you that want a penthouse in New York City or San Francisco – that is alright. It is wherever you feel you belong in any given moment or dimension, and you may have many houses surrounded by those you Love.

I am upping the ante this day. I am giving you a higher and deeper awakening. This is what I have remained on this side to do. It is my service, my gift, my honour to and from the Mother – and there is no greater joy than serving the Mother.

Many of you think – think – that I reached the fullness of my being when I was in form for so many years and that I had reached Ascension, and that I sit on a lofty plane helping out here and there. My beloved friends, my journey has continued just as yours has, and there has been expansion, greater understanding, greater fulfilment – what you would think of as a higher quotient of energy of Love.

I cannot be the Keeper, the honour of holding the Violet Flame for the I AM Presence, and not be thoroughly affected by it. And it is so great, so big, so magnificent that I am compelled to share it with you. And that is what I am doing in this very moment.

Yes, I speak and I explain and I bless and I encourage. But it is through the energy that I am transmitting into each and every one of you in this moment that we truly raise the collective frequency; and thereby you, in consciously holding this energy, continue to raise the collective frequency.

Think of it in this way. The collective has been on simmer for a long time and last visit we have turned it up to about 3 or 4, but you have been turned up to 7 or 8. This day, we turn the collective up to 7 or 8, and we put you all on high.

So if you feel that you are steamy and bubbling and full of electricity, it is because you are. This energy feels highly electric; the balance of electro-magnetic is shifting within your very core as we speak and it is my honour, my gift to me to be able to help you in this way. It is the fulfilment of my promise, so I thank you and I bless you.

Dearest Suzanne, where do you wish to begin this day?

Suzi: Thank you, St. Germaine, for all the blessings and attunements. I’m feeling it and also feeling very spacey which is kind of normal for me. You mentioned people are already living in Cities of Light. The way I’m thinking of Cities of Light is in an etheric form that one can be in, in a meditative state. Are you talking physical?

St. Germaine: I am talking that it is bi-location, multi-location, and yes, it is in physicality. It is not simply what you tend to think of as your Lightbody, as inhabiting these Cities. It is different.

But one of the things that you are doing – some of you consciously, some of you unconsciously – is that just as you travel at night time with Archangel Mi-cha-el, many of you are bi-locating to the Cities of Light. You are like the ‘advance team’ in many ways, and you are assisting with the anchoring of these magnificent cities into physical form.

So some of you have duplicated, triplicated, multi-located your bodies in various places. Some of you are aware of this, very consciously aware of this, and some of you are not. But yes, that is what is taking place.

Suzi: Well, very interesting. I almost virtually never remember dreams or anything while I’m sleeping, so I’m trusting that I’m doing some really neat stuff while sleeping.

One of the things I would like to ask about that’s been on my mind, and which Linda and I just spoke about, is about people who are mentally ill or suffering from dementia/Alzheimer’s and really are no longer in their bodies and doing things like forgetting to pull up their pants. What would be the reason why someone like that would hold onto their body? Quality of life is like zip.

St. Germaine: We would like to differentiate between someone who is catatonic, or in dementia or Alzheimer’s, or even to a certain extent in a coma – not an induced, chemical coma but an actual coma, or in a situation where they are not present.

These people, very often – now we are not saying 100% but awfully darn close – they have decided that they no longer wish to be upon planet, that they are ready, either through choice or exit-point, that it is time to go Home. But either because of feelings of responsibility for loved ones or because of inordinate fear, they have remained upon planet, often not only with mental incapacity but physical limitation.

But they have been afraid to leave and, shall we say, leave their bodies entirely. So much of their being-ness has already departed; the silver cord as you would think of it is very, very thin. But what has happened is they have left but forgotten – and this is very typical of dementia and Alzheimer’s – they have forgotten to take their bodies.

It is part of the forgetfulness, and so they are wandering around literally like a shell. And that is why you say, “they are a shadow, they are a shell of their former selves.” What is very helpful – yes, take them to the 13th Octave; that will work miraculously – but also it will often help to call back, call back the soul.

It is a very temporary situation. You call them back and have them take the body with them. Have them relinquish, let them have permission, give them actual, spoken permission, encouragement if necessary, that it is alright to leave; that they have that ‘permission slip’, Suzie, that you have spoken so often of, that they have permission and encouragement to leave.

Now the situation with mental illness or mental… yes, instability, is different, depending on the condition. But all… very often – and we will separate this only slightly from addictions – the experience of being in form, the experience of buying into, literally, believing in the old paradigms or a dysfunctional family, or a situation that has been extraordinarily painful even though there has been pre-agreement – freewill has often changed the agreements that are reached on this side – it becomes so difficult that various neuroses or psychotic breaks occur because it is too painful to deal with everyday reality.

Now you say, “But what about chemical imbalance? What about genetics?” I am not suggesting that there is no such connection. But what I am saying is the genetic disposition and the chemical imbalance come – the activation of the genetic disposition and the activation of the chemical imbalance – come from the pain of being in form.

So take an example where a beautiful Angel of Pink, those who are the Defenders of the Throne, or an Angel of Blue, one of the Mother’s girls – whether they are male or female – come to the planet to offer beauty and grace and nurturing. And they come to bring that into a family that needs it desperately, that that is the soul agreement for the experience.

And then they land in the family and there is no Love, there is no acceptance, there is no nurturing. There is only the pain of being trapped in a tiny body, or a body going through puberty, or a body where you are abused, mentally or emotionally, physically. You leave; you split away from yourself and you forget that spark of Divinity, that the Love already lives within you. It lives within your parents; it lives within your siblings; it lives in the hearts and minds and fields of every person upon planet.

So they find a way out. They create an alternate reality that is not the joy of experiencing interdimensionality. They may have drifted into another dimension, but they are experiencing the horror of their creation, not the joy of reality. It is tragic, tragic.

And I may sound like an extraordinarily simplistic Ascended Master, but when you bring the Violet Flame, when you torch that situation and that person, when you have them sit in my Violet Bonfire – they are cleansed, they are transmuted; they reappear like the phoenix from the ashes, and they will rise again in the purity and brilliance and beauty of who they are.

There is no need when they are truly transmuted to work with medications or chemicals. I am not naysaying the role that these have helped, but in Truth that is not the path of Purity or Clarity or of Love. What you are doing is tinkering with a Divine Being. Can you imagine prescribing lithium for the Mother? It is absurd.

So in the Nova Being there is a re-emergence, there is a surfacing, not only into interdimensional Nova Earth but the Truth of who you are. There are very few beings upon the planet that did not wish to claim their physical, mental, emotional perfection. Yes, there are some who have come to teach compassion, but even they are entitled to the healing and that is what I am bringing forth.

Suzi: Beautiful, thank you very much for this. As you are speaking, what’s coming to me is what’s required is sort of like a collective soul retrieval, as each of us do our individual work. But there are those who really have no idea what’s going on, and they aren’t doing their personal work. So I get that what’s happening is that we’re all banding together to do that for everyone spontaneously.

St. Germaine: That is correct. And the feeling of retrieval implies that you are going somewhere to get it. When I have ignited my Violet Flame within you, it is to re-awaken the fullness of your soul design. So it is already within you; you are retrieving something that is in a drawer that you have forgotten about, but it is already situated in Divine perfection within you.

So what you are doing for humanity is you are igniting, igniting, igniting, igniting and saying, “Look what I found hidden in the corner of your heart!” You can do this with me, each and every one of you.

Suzi: One question that I have is about children who fall between the cracks. I have a friend, a teacher who took a summer position with a program that I’m really not sure what they expect this program to do. It is sort of like a place to ‘park’ troubled children for the summer.

You can only do so much with the children because their family of origin is what made them the way that they are. But this summer program is on lock-down; all these kids have to be escorted to the bathroom, and if you’re not on them every moment they could start to pummel one another and start fights. It’s completely heartbreaking, because the discipline and the things that happen to these kids is just beyond description.

I’d like to just find out if there’s something we can do energetically for them. I’m sure there is, but if you could give us a little detail and assistance on that, because most of us have no access to that and can’t help but, my gosh, we want to.

St. Germaine: Think of it in this way also. There has been a great deal of discussion, both with me and other honoured guests about the spectrum, about the teeter-totter effect or the see-saw.

And at one end there are these children who are so angry, outraged; they are in [such] a haze of rage and frustration that they will pummel each other; they will pummel, they will hurt themselves. And at the other end, there are those that are basically catatonic, who have withdrawn so deep within themselves that you feel that they are not reachable either.

It is the same – different reactions to the same situation – and it is abuse. Now, the parents that listen and have these children would be outraged to hear me say that. But that is the point, is it not? They would go to outrage. Now this is not a judgment, because the parents of the parents of the parents of the parents… this has gone on for far too long.

First of all, drench them in blue – and it is the Mother’s blue. Wrap them in her velvet cloak. See [it] as if you are holding them, holding them by the thousands, wrapped in her velvet cloak until they stop either fighting you or actually try and make eye-contact. Because they have need to remember that they are loved by the Mother, that they are cherished, that they are not forgotten because that is the key.

Most of them feel overlooked, disdained and forgotten, and they don’t know how on Earth they are here. Then, very gently, when they have calmed down, touch their hearts. Yes, you can do this in meditation and visualisation until you feel the heartbeat. Then with the two fingers to their heart, a very very pale… like a gentle gentle lavender-lilac, start the flame; but the palest, the gentlest – as if it is the lowest flame – a pilot-light, so that they do not go into shock. That is how you can help them.

And the number of adults who are these children is high. And that is those who are trying to cling to the paradigm of greed, of lust, of control, because that is all they’ve ever known. It isn’t that they don’t yearn for Love, but they haven’t experienced Love. They haven’t experienced self-Love, self-acknowledgement, so they have grown up feeling that they are not worthy of that. And that is not the Truth in any realm or reality.

So you are raising, my dearest friend, you are raising ways in which humanity, children, elderly, from dementia to the crib… you are addressing ways in which the healing of humanity, of all beings upon sweet Gaia, can start this day. So I thank you.

Suzi: You are most welcome and I thank you as well. Another question I would have is about humanitarian issues in that when we have prosperity to share and flow-out to others. What I do is pray for guidance for people who want to do things like that so that they are not hurting more than they help.

If guidance could be given for each particular situation, because sometimes people who are of humble means don’t just need money. It’s other things that they need such as clean water and the ability to educate their children and different things like that, that money can bring. So I am just really hoping that those that have funds can help in an efficient way that’s most meaningful for those whom they are trying to help.

St. Germaine: Yes, the healing of humanity is not about money; it is not about currency. The restructuring of your institutions, your structures, your societies is not about money. I cannot be clearer than that. It is about Love. And how does Love express? It expresses in water, in food, in shelter, in supportive communities, in ways that encourage people to create for themselves.

So it is not about a paycheck for everybody upon planet; that is absurd. It is about providing in equality the abundance of energy that is so rich upon Gaia. So yes, you have seen in various situations – throwing money at an issue does not resolve.

Think of it in this way. Your nation, the nation that I have cherished and helped found – United States of America – has thrown billions and billions and billions of dollars at war. Now, has this resolved anything? Or has it created mayhem, hatred, all in the pursuit of resources and oil, of power? It has been a grievous error. You have made enemies, not allies, not colleagues, not friends. And this can be said equally on all sides of debate and division.

No, it is coming together in community so that those who are disenfranchised come to realise that they have the wherewithal; those basic needs of being in physicality are addressed and from there people are free to soar. So no, it is not about the money; it has never been about the money.

Think of a family that gives their children too much of an allowance, but never sits down to play a game, to have a family night, to have an outing or a picnic or sharing of a family meal. The money does not make any difference. You end up with disenfranchised, psychotic, chemically dependent, frustrated, depressed children.

Suzi: Yes. Love is the greatest currency we can give to our children.

St. Germaine: It is the currency that makes them grow and thrive. And so, if you think of this as treating each other respectfully as adults in building community, but with the tender heart of a child, the child that lives within each and every one of you, then you are on-track.

Suzi: Yes, that’s a good point: “our inner child”. A lot has been spoken about it. I have judgement about the inner child thing, but what really matters is that we really do get to parent ourselves and heal those wounds because of who we’ve become. And we have the capability to do that.

St. Germaine: And it is about giving permission, because it is not only on what you think of as the negative side. Even the most healed, whole adult has moments of such glee when they want to behave and be accepted as an 8-year-old. It is fun, dear heart!

Suzi: Oh yes, it’s true. If I found a nice grassy hill to roll down, I would really be happy to do that. I would love to do that! Can we speak at all of the state of the global financial reset at this time?

St. Germaine: I do not wish to address things that are in motion and undercover in many ways. So we have said that this is underway; this is part of creating Nova Earth. It is part of the Trust Funds that have been set up. But I do not wish to change the focus of our direction in terms of creating Nova Earth, Healing Humanity because, as I say, it is not about the money – it is about the intention of heart.

Suzi: Alright. Maybe you’ve been keeping track of how long we’ve been doing this? But I’m a spacehead and I haven’t, so have you got anything in closing? [Laughter]

St. Germaine: Yes my dear, I do – and I have kept track. I have been keeping track of time for a very long time! I say to you, in the deepest gratitude, “Thank you for allowing me, yet again, to do this attunement for each of you, my beloved family, and for the planet.”

This energy will grow and grow and grow until you, each of you are the Violet Flame, the Violet Bonfire. You honour me and I thank you.

Go with my very up-close and personal Love. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

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