Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, September 19


Judas Iscariot

Saturday. September 19, 2015

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today I have come to talk to you about the New Age that is coming – The time of love and fellowship. It’s time to fill your hearts with love and see the love in the world. That’s when you discover all the beauty and what is good that exists around you. That is when you understand that you must take care of everything that your heart discovers – Everything that lives and moves in Our Lord’s pasture.

There’s a shimmer and a light from everything that lives – A semblance of the spark that God created you from. Everything that lives and moves is sacred and a part of you as you are all ONE but with different forms of expression. You cannot damage anything without hurting yourselves. You cannot love something without loving yourself. Everything is wisely and lovingly created. Everything is perfect and carefully considered in every detail, because it is created from pure love. In pure love only that which is perfected can be created. Since you are created of pure love, it is also in love that you can return – The love that is within you and is just waiting to come out.

Do not be afraid to bring it out, dear children. You are all worthy of all love and are invaluable in front of Our Father. He waits patiently for you and wish nothing more than for you to come home. There is nothing to forgive, everything has just been a great lesson. The difficulty is to drop the illusion and return to love in its interior. If you have filled yourselves with love in every cell you will see that everything is just love. You are only able to perform acts of love.

When your earth is subjected only to acts of love then everything changes as if by a spell of magic. Then you can understand what happens when many people wake up and find the love for themselves – When the collective consciousness is filled with more and more love. Which soldier can take up a rifle when his heart is filled with love and there are a lot of loving beings around him. Can you now understand how world peace can be restored? Love is the answer, my friends. The love that sprouts in your heart is about to take over the world today and transform it into the “New Earth” that you all have been waiting for. The only difference is that it is you, with your love that transforms it.

Do you understand now why we constantly emphasize your work with yourselves. Why you should strengthen the love for yourselves. It is in the collective that the force is found. It is together as you transform the world today. It is thanks to your strength that these loving waves of light can flow in. Thanks to your courage and determination to change the world to a better place for everyone.

In the collective consciousness the people together with all life on earth have decided that love will now be dominant on this planet. This has brought you to the great awakening that you are now heading towards. That is why you live in a tumultuous time. Much darkness has been released and much light has flowed come in. You are moving towards a very beautiful time my dear children on earth. Your bright thoughts and your loving heart is what help you best now.

The energies that come in will help you to find the light in your heart now. You who already have found it can help others to find it. You can do this just by being there as support. The light you send out will spread and helps to open up what has been closed.

Send love and light out into the world now, dear children. The time you are waiting for is here. We are here with you.

With so much love