Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain via Méline Lafont, September 11

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Saint Germain ~ Taking matters into your hands and shift!

My dear friends,
You call forth the momentum of some grand inner forces to come and play along in your world of existence. It shall be the allowance to be so as you are becoming aware of the indefinite play that is at hand here. Are you seeing the momentum at hand within your hearts? Is it not calling you to join and play along so that you can have a more fulfilling experience of joy and experience the influx of these Cosmic waves of energy?! Is it not that what you all have been joining and doing in groups to come and find what you seek?!
And that is the inner peace that is at hand, a moment of clarity as to where you are defining the natural state of consciousness to be within your own awareness as you experience the full potential of it within that momentum of peace. You see, all that is you comes about and is at hand for you all. This means that there are windows of opportunity which entails the submerging on different planes as to where all that you are has now the free access to join within this Dimension and elevate you into the Spheres and vibrations of the Stars.

What you are is coming down onto your Earthly grounds like an experience of your SELF in this level of being by heart. You are not going up, it is coming down into manifesting grounds on the level where you reside as a conscious being. It is a collision of fragmented pieces that are destined to become you once more as the wholeness of your Being and that happens as a merging when the heart resides at an inner vibration of inner peace with oneself.
A collision of worlds is what the collective sphere could experience as a worst case scenario when one would reside in the conviction of separated Source, although for many of you it is a peaceful merging when one is in allowance of the change that must take place to be a part of your conscious reality. You thus then participate in a grand manner as to where you reside within your heart lineage sphere that is in full alignment with the Greater sense of the God Being within.
You call forth the existence of Oneness to be Present within each heart on your planes. That is the same as calling forth the Higher Vibration of each consciousness within Illuminating Truth to descend into the spheres of the Earth and participate within this massive consciousness shift for Gaia in Her entirety and for Humanity. You ought to experience this within all and through the Rays of your illuminating Fire which represents your inner Truth ~ the God and the Goddess within. This to be experienced within your physical shell.
It is the conscious participation of the Divinity, the I AM and the ALL that you ARE within this limited perception and belief of what oneself is. This so that One can illuminate and disclose one’s own reality and spinning of virtue. This is what marks the change within your cells and body structures as it changes your entire world of perception and beliefs. What you come to find out within makes a change in your outer reality as well.. and so your physical body is a representation of you within this outer reality as an outer form.
The calling forth and the emergence of your inner forces to now take on an active role in your Planetary Ascension shall therefore elevate your consciousness experience into an expansion as to where you all shall come to find out what is Heaven on Earth. Earth is not leaving this experience to go out and travel across time, She is nurturing the indefinite foundation of the I AM experience within the God essence of ALL. Earth shall stay on your vibrational frequency as you elevate your own and be a part of your reality experience for as long as you choose.
Together you and Earth raise the vibrational Shuman resonance field and thus you are staying together in this journey and share your experiences of God particles and the Source Code to descend into your Beingness as you simultaneously elevate your own consciousness vibration. The Higher your vibration goes the easier these Higher Cosmic vibrations can join the play, descend and take on an active role as a submerging takes place of your cosmic vibrational fields.
Earth is being visited and has become a playfield of experiences for other Cosmic vibrations to interact with Human life, with the forcefield of Earth and to join the Magnetic Pull that each Being has as a living Source.
You are the awareness of God, you see and you know when it is time to pull your strings together and to join the forces of your hearts. It is the time for oneness consciousness and no longer that pertaining to the old separation consciousness. Focus on LOVE being within all that lives amongst you. Focus on Love being held within all forces of existence. Dark and matter are forces of Light as well, they are a vibration of LOVE as well as all other forms of existence. Focus on that and so shall Oneness be able to be your experience for all in the collective.
The tiniest focus on separation, on good and bad, on right and wrong shall enhance more of that separation/duality consciousness. See the Light and the Divinity within all my dear friends! There is no good or bad there simply is ALL as One. The attacker finds out he attacks himself when he realises that the perpetrator and the victim are one and the same, playing the role of duality within the separation consciousness.
Let us breathe oneness, let us see oneness and let us start oneness to be your only awareness from now on. A collective play is at hand here and so you should ask yourself the question of how far will you go along with all of this? When is it enough and what makes you start noticing that all of this are merely calls for attention to be loved and to be embraced with love. That is all these parts want! It is a calling for love in all sorts of forms, even desperate ones.
Call in the Unity grid to be your Presence and force within and unite with Love. You are the momentum of ALL dear friends! Now allow the Love to step forth through you as you represent this.
With the greatest eternal Love and Blessings,
I AM that I AM
Master Saint Germain
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