Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary via Susan Leland, September 8

Mother Mary: “9-11
Must be Healed for All!!!”


Ashtar On The Road Teleconference September 8, 2015

“Greetings, My Most Beloved Children!  I call you my children, as are all upon this Earth, for I love you as a mother loves you.  And while it is of course that I honor your Freedom and your free will to evolve – each of you, according to your own choices – I must tell you that I have the Heart of the Mother, which is literally overflowing with Joy at how beautiful is the Love you are radiating, each and every one of you!!!

“For the Answer, of course, is given.  It always has been from the very first days.  And I and my Family of Kumara are here, as we have been holding the Light.  And what is that Light?  It is the Answer.  And, of course, the Answer is Love!!!  It always has been; it always shall be.  And Beloved Ones, I know full well that you have all known sorrow, pain, even suffering in this lifetime as well as others.  And I am here as a mother to hold out my arms to all of you, to let my Love enfold you, and to tell you how blessed I am at your presence!

“And so, I will speak now of that which we are here most particularly to engage in together.  Since Love is the Answer – it is the only answer, not just the best answer – it is the only answer to absolutely every question, every problem, every situation which is less than Joy-full.  And it is Love to begin within each and every one of you.  It is for you, Beloved Ones, to allow the Love to come into your own Hearts even more.  There are opportunities in every moment of your lives, in every nanosecond.  It is only to consciously open your Hearts and the Love will come pouring in!!!

“Indeed Love energy is pouring in to all of this World!  And it is for you to access it.  Now often, is it possible to fill yourselves so much that you might be feeling a little bit light-headed with it, so stay grounded at the same time.  Remember, you are in earthly bodies and so it is to honor your bodies!  Bring in the LoveLight, but stay grounded – unless, of course, you choose to fly or soar up and away for a time, as you will do more and more!

“This is what lies ahead for you, this ability to rise up into the Higher Dimensions where there is only Love.  And ultimately you will join with that part of you called your Higher Dimensional Selves, which are already there anyway.  And many mysteries will unfold, and you will see once more that the answer to all mysteries is always Love!!!

“And so it is that we turn to our focal point, if you will, and that is, of course, that day of 9-11 in your year of 2001.  I was with those in the towers.  I was even with all of those involved.  And I will tell you this – those who participated did so as part of a mission, a wake-up call, if you will.  And although the ones who orchestrated the event had no conscious thought of being in any kind of service to the World, that is ultimately what evolved.

“And so I ask that you find the Love for them as well.  Because you see, the healing cannot take place if it is only for those who left their bodies, or who were left to mourn.  The healing must be complete.  It is much like bathing a child, a very young one, and it is not complete if you leave their head out of the water and do not clean that as well.  You can see what I mean by this. There is no part of that event which does not deserve, and indeed, require healing in order for Ascension preparation to continue to evolve as rapidly as it is!!!

“You are all on the Ascension Path, and you are eager to continue, and to soar.  But there are many clearings and healings which must take place in the third dimension.  And it is much quicker to rise up together, to raise our vibrations together!  And when I say ‘our,’ I am speaking as being in joining with you so that I can feel your energies.  And I assure you, your energies are beautiful and they are so loving!  And when we join our energies together, our energies of Love, we can indeed create miracles!!!

“And so it is to offer a specific miracle of healing to all involved and all who were affected by 9-11, and that is ultimately every one in the World and the Universe beyond!!!  It is to allow the healing in your own Hearts, and then to share it throughout the third dimension.  And it is to be observed with great Joy by all who reside in the Heavenly Lighted Realms, including the part of you – each and every one of you – which is permanently there! Thus I am meaning, you are eternal and you are Divine!!!

“And so it is that we come together in the Joy of this mission together, if you will, joining together as loving beings, all of us, and shining our Lights together.  The entire Company of Heaven is with us!  We are in that very special Communion – and we shall rise even higher during the Meditation* – to offer this healing to all of Planet Earth,  that we may be catalysts, if you will, for the healing, specifically of 9-11 and all of the events surrounding it and for all of Humanity and indeed for all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia!  Because there was not one in all of the Kingdoms who, by their connections, did not feel the impact of that event!!! And it has continued all along the way.

“And so it is time, as you measure time, for us to turn this into an event which changes the focus, to allow the wisdom, and most of all, the simplicity of the Answer to all, all of the troubles, all of the sorrows, all of the sadness which still exist in the third dimension on Planet Earth!  And to allow the One Answer to be felt in the Hearts of all, as a beginning of the great healing which must take place for this event and indeed, for all the troubles that are currently still present – for all that is keeping Humanity and the Kingdoms still at least partly present in the third dimension, and therefore subject to those very problems and troublesome situations!

“It is an opening, a clearing, if you will.  It is a bringing in of the Light of Love, that all will see within their own Hearts and their wisdom eyes.  And they will translate that into their brains, so that they will be consciously aware of the changes in the energies, of the opportunities to heal whatever there is to heal, and most of all, so that they will adopt for themselves allowing, accepting and knowing the Truth, the Truth of the Answer which is Love – unconditional, eternal and always present as the ONLY energy, along with all that comes from it in the Higher Dimensions, where you are headed as permanent residents – not just as visitors – where you will engage on newer and Higher Levels energized by Love, and coming together in the Light of the One We All Are!

“And so, my children, I thank you for being here, for participating.  And those who come to hear my words – it is not the words which are so important as the Love – it is the Love which is the Answer and, therefore, it is to feel the Love I have for you and the Love that this Company brings!  Allow it to come into your Hearts even more, and be in the Oneness of the LoveLight in your consciousness, for that, Beloved Ones, is who You Really Are, as much as I and anyone who comes from the Higher Dimensions!!!  And that, Beloved Ones, is Truth, and that is the reality for us all!  And so it is.  Namaste!”


*Mother Mary was followed by Sekhmet, who led the Meditation available as mp3 download. – scroll down for complete audio link
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, September 8, 2015.
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