Love is our new reality

Saint Germain via Nancy Tate, April 13th

Wake up Call: St. Germain, April 13, 2016

I am here today to speak with all of you about what has been taking place around the world in the manner of money. It has been a course of action that not only represents the knowledge of what has been taking place in the history of this planet, but also in what is coming for the planet in the times to come.

First I will let you know why I am still using the word time. It is because it is the usage of the word that makes this all verifiable in the coming actions that are at the threshold. All of you know what time means to your lives, and you are only recently being reminded of what it means for there being no time. It is a matter of being released from the agenda that you agreed upon when you came to this planet and what you knew it would mean for all of the expressions and experiences that you would create on the surface of the planet.

Yes, I refer to the surface in the same way that I refer to time. They are two components of your lives here, and they are both part of what you have been believing is the only way of expression for what you are doing. It is now the time to let go of it and to see how that affects your lives and allows you to see what is in the corridor of Now and how you can access it in any way that you choose.

I am saying that you are in the evolvement to your own higher selves, and as you proclaim who you truly are you will be able to see what you are capable of. Not only will this be the eye opener for what you have been doing, but for what you have done before coming to this planet for the duality experience. You will see that it has certainly been an experience that carries you further into the idea of being less than, as well as aiming for the more than Now, that you intend.

Perhaps it is in order Now for you to see that you are in a position where you can access anything you desire and intend for your lives by reaching further into the area of creation and add to it as a means by which you can bring anything that may seem old, as being something that is in the moment. In that way you can see it and experience it as something new that is in the now and different from what it was in the ‘before idea’. It can be so powerful that you will see it as something that you have only just begun to experience. It can be the totality of who you are for the moment, while at the same time it can be the extended Now that changes and becomes a newness that you have created.

Do you see what I am relaying to you, that on one line you have already experienced, yet on another is altogether new, for it has a different meaning and feeling for you? It is something that you hold in your mind and remembrance, and yet it is brand new to you, in another ‘look’ that speaks to you of your power to create from what you have already claimed as the ultimate.

I bring this all up to you at this time to suggest that you may be able to see that you already have the funds you have so been awaiting for their gift to you and all of life on earth. It could be that you have already claimed it on some level and yet you forgot that it was yours. Ask yourselves if that could be why you have not as yet been able to hold the funds in your hands. Could it be that you are in the old mentality of being less than, rather than enough in the moment, which does not suggest that there is a stopping ground.

See this as your living in the moment, and being able to go on from there and claim that which you create in every moment, whether you are aware of it in any moment, or not. It is a matter of knowing that if there is something that you intend for your life, then you already have it. That means you have the power to create from your original idea. That is what The Creator does in every moment. First there is the thought of an idea, and the creation of it. Then there is the decision of claiming what you feel is what you intend to experience. It is a matter of believing in your ability to create and then deciding what it is you truly want and why you chose it. That can bring the clarity of claiming it.

I will leave you with this piece of information, the reminder that I have been planning to share with you at this point in your lives, for you have asked enough for me to come and remind you of what we agreed to in the moment of the creation of the idea. It is a matter now of you moving forward and deciding what and when to claim what has been created. I am truly one with you and I have experienced this that I share with you Now in my process of reaching my destined place, as you are in the journey to do yourselves, in your own chosen way. Love is the answer, and it is in your power to move in that Love and create your lives as you choose.


Thank you Dear, Loving St. Germain,

Much Love to you, Nancy Tate