Saint Germain via Nancy Tate, August 28

St. Germain

August 28, 2015

Channel: Nancy Tate


Dear ones, it is I St. Germain today, and I wish to bring you some news that may be of profound meaning to you all. There is coming an event in the coming month that will curtail so many ways in which the cabal has been controlling the people on earth. This event will deliver circumstances of freedom to the masses and keep the cabal at length, and away from interfering with the freedom of all of life on this planet.  

I am telling you this now because even as I speak there are things going on that are in place to clear away the debris that has accumulated over the centuries. Using that word, debris, and what it means is an example of how quickly the clearing is taking place. It has been in the works to get this planet in drudgery and the closure of freedom. Now it is taking a flash, in perspective of the difference of time it took to set it in place as compared to the time that it will take to clear it all away. There have been some events that have already taken place in the background that have brought about huge changes in the way the systems of society are being freed. These events have been organized by many people on earth in co-operation with many of the ones off planet who have been in harmony and communication with these people. There are many facets of the process that are now at rest and have made way for the next phases of the clearing.

As it all sets into place in the coming days you will begin to see how much has been being organized to shed light on the amount of lies that have been showered over the people. This is just now being broadcast in pieces across the world and it will be seen as pieces of the puzzle being set into place as each of the pieces come to the front and are settled into the lives of all of you beautiful people who are seeing that there is indeed a place for freedom and truth in this world for now and evermore.

I speak now of some news that will be coming forth of how people can open up some doors that have been locked shut for decades, not only in America, but in various other countries as well. These doors have come open and are expelling the truths that have been locked away in order to keep control of the truth of what has been taking the toll on the freedom of the world. So much will be allowed back, to be able to spread forth the abundance that is in the hearts of the people. It will be transported into their lives as the representatives that they are of the way to live in peace, joy, and love. There will be examples of it in the days to come, and it will be a continual example that will be tuned into in abundance.

I would like to give you one example now. It is in the interest of some well-known ones who are in the process of exposing some of the ways that have been used in manipulation. They are broadcasting to the people how they can step forth and allow the power that they have to be the energy that keeps the truths coming forth to the masses. These messages and pieces of news will spread across the globe and those who see them and cannot deny the truth of what they say, will also realize that these same pieces of news represent many of the other unexplained incidences that have taken place for many years. It will open them up to how to interpret many of the news items that have been told. Also they will see many of the pieces of information that have seemed to be of value, and now are seen to be of value in only one way, and that is that they represent the evidence of the manipulation that is no longer being done. They will know that it cannot be done because the ones who did it for so long are no longer in power.

My dear ones, I have shared with you today what is going to be a powerful flow of opening you to the truths that you have either felt to be coming or have seen as a surprise, yet believable. It is part of what you have given me and others the freedom to bring forth, for your souls see that it is time for you to come forth in your power and be the strength of your ability to become a leader of the process in your own lives of the freedom and truth that you are destined for. Have a wonderful and joyful rest of the day, on into forever.  My heart is with you all!

Thank you dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


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