Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain via Nancy Tate, December 2nd



Wake up Call: St. Germain, December 02, 2015


This is a morning when you can look around you and see that there is a lot of wonderful energy in your world. Or you can look around and see that there is a lot of sorrow and chagrin in your world. Which would you rather see? Is it a world that you would choose to create and enjoy, or is it a world that brings you the opportunity to go from here and build it more it more as it feels the best for you?

I am St. Germain, and I am seeing what is taking place around the world, and it is powerfully joyous and full of love. I see what I choose to see and it is making a difference in the world. I also wish to let you know that this is what is happening all around the world. There are more of you now who are choosing to see the best of this world. You are choosing to focus on what brings you pleasure, what makes your heart sing, what brings a smile and a joyous tear to your eyes. This is what it takes to create the world of your dreams. It is the most powerful way to bring about all of the promises that you all have made to each other.

When the world is moving in a way that brings the abundance to each other, it is not only the money that floats through your lives, it is what the love brings to the comfort and wonderful feeling of the individual lives that have been feeling less than. It is a matter of being able to stand next to your neighbor and giving of yourself in any way that you can. It is a matter of being able to reach out to those around the world who have been caught in the ‘less than’ energy that has permeated so many parts of the world. Now it is moving in a way that brings the freedom to all of those who have been feeling kept in ransom, held in captivity for so long. It is time for the freedom to flow all around the world, so that each of us can feel the abundance that lies within, and emanates forth into our lives.

Yes, I am speaking from my realization of what I once chose to experience. I did so in order to be able to understand what you all have been experiencing. I have walked those roads and have been able to find my way beyond the darkness into the Light. That is where I am now seeing so many of you by my side and on the path to where I sit for the moment I can give you a joyful hug. You are all my brothers and sisters, and I am speaking now of all of the life on this earth. I speak of the animal kingdom, the plant life, and all of life that radiates forth to the sun and the moon in love and freedom. Even those of you who feel as if they cannot move forward are being assisted to rise forth and reunite with all of us who have found our way home to the Light and Love in the trueness of freedom.

I see you choosing that Light, Love and freedom to spread forth your creativity in the New World of the joyful return to ourselves and on into the Love life that we all will know in the moment of the truth of Love. The Light of Love is Forever Here.

Thank you so much dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate