Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain via Nancy Tate, February 14th, 2019

Wake up Call: St Germain, Feb 14, 2019


If we ever go to the place where we are showing our hearts in a wonderful kind of way, it will be as if we have always felt that way, and it is true, we have. We are originally from a place of Love, and when we show that love it is in a grin, a smile, a happy face, a side view of who we are. It is a tremendous way of being who we are being, and showing others that even though we may sometimes feel only to look at them with a stare, or in an upset way, or an unhappy feeling of emptiness, it is always based from Love, or we would not even look at each other. We would not even acknowledge that we are all in the same place and doing the same kind of thing that others have likely done at one time or another, in this lifetime and others.

We would not even see anyone else if we did not know that we are all from the same origin and were each given the opportunity to move forward in any way that we choose. It is the time now for acknowledging that we are on our way back to the realization of who we are and how we are all related. We are all family with each other. As we come to the reality of what that means on a deeper level, then this day of Love with the purity of the heart is what we live more and more as we see each other with a smile on our faces and the feeling of Love in our hearts.

We are all one, and we are living that in the independence of our ability to live our individuality in the way we feel inspired to. So, dear family, go on forth and continue living the way you choose and know that as you do so you are returning to the reality of how we are all expressing ourselves in the ways that we have agreed with each other to do. Based in Love, the more we return to that every moment feeling, the more we will follow and dance with each other in our lives of the day.

Come and dance with me and see the reality come forth and show us the way to keep the Love in expression in every moment. It is creation of every day being Valentine’s Day. We are blessed with the Love of Creation, which has never left us within, and which we are feeling more and more as we bring ourselves to the oneness that we recognize as our own individuality in motion and stillness at the same time. I am St Germain, and I am dancing with you this moment and every other one in my heart and soul, as so are you dancing with me, and all of reality.

Thank you Dear St. Germain,


Nancy Tate