Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain via Nancy Tate, October 11th



Wake up Call: St. Germain, October 11, 2015

I am here today in my glory, and seeing you all in yours. I see that there is coming for all of you the utmost wonder that has come down the pike in years, centuries, forever. I say forever for it is already far broader than it has ever been. That is what you all have given, not only to yourselves but to all of existence as well. It is a concept that keeps growing and evolving in so many ways of expression.

I am St. Germain, and I am here to communicate with you on a degree that usurps all that is in place and all that is in the works. That is in the Oneness of existence, for as I say is in place, and at the same time is in the works, what that is saying is actually what this moment is. It is all at the same time, or same moment, for time is another creation of your experience here on earth and beyond. It is part of what you have created and live not only in, but beyond, in your concept, that is.

Yes, I realize that you do understand what I am saying, so many of you have remembered what it means to be in the Now. Because of this you are contributing to the evolvement of the people on and within this planet. Not only the people, but all forms of life as well. Yes, I realize that so many of you are in the understanding of how you are able to communicate with the animal kingdom. You have seen how they communicate with each other, and it resounds with so much of what you have felt in so many moments of observations of them. Seeing the cat lay down with the rat; seeing the tiger, sleep beside the elephant. All of the expressions between the animals that are coming forward are being seen in the trueness of their ways, unlike what it seemed to be not that many years ago. You are seeing it this way now because you have awakened more to what they have always been communicating with you. The changes now are that you are more in direct communication with them, and that is such a wonderful sign that you are also in more direct communication with yourselves.

One more thing I want to address today is that there is coming a newness of how you will be responding to the idea of money. You are bringing yourselves to the idea that there is something about the money issue that has not been addressed, and is now coming into the forefront. It is that there is a broader expanse of the money, in that it is not the most important part of your lives. It is a means by which you are being given the opportunity to not only bring more into your life, it is also the wider perspective of what it really means to you. It will be the window through which you will be able to see life in a way that tells you the truth of the value of money. Is it the pieces of paper, or is it the exchange of one thing for another that will bring more comfort into your lives? Is it about a stone that you pick off the ground and you show it to someone and they just adore it? They ask, “May I have that to put on my table to give me a wonderful feeling as I eat my garden veggies? Or is it that you see the stone and then throw it at an animal that seems to be attacking you, when in reality is so drawn to you that it wants to be closer to you in order to say, I love you?’ The stone, the pieces of paper, both have their own individual value, to be interpreted in a way that reflects the energy of the one who holds it in their hands and shows it to another.

This is one of the things that you will see as an example of how, even as I speak, things are changing on this planet. You are all in the process of interrelating with these changes, and creating the individualization of them. As you go from moment to moment, from one person responding to you in their way, and another in a way that may seem different and yet the same, in the moment of realization that you have about it, it is all part of your coming home to yourselves and each other. In a way that is acceptable and easy feeling, you are gradually reuniting with each other in a way that brings us all to our knees at times, in the joy that makes us realize and thank The Creator for the power we each have in expression. It is so wondrous to be a part of this whole evolution through the Love that we all are.

Sing to yourselves and others through the pouring rain and the clouds of sunshine expressed in the colors of the rainbows of Light. I sing to you and I feel your devotion to yourselves and all of existence, in Love, Joy and Peace, forever.

Thank you so much dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate