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Vywamus Mystery School Teaching #7, August 31



Channeled through Kevin Nelson



August 31, 2015


(Inner Earth Goddess Chloe came in before the teaching to give the chelas a message)

LIGHT LANGUAGE as VYWAMUS places a 5th dimensional bubble around us.

Children as you have heard the Goddess speak did you not feel that you were within her aura already. Are you not sitting in that 5th dimensional bubble that we sit in. But has it not been there already? This is a conundrum. I feel that you must be able to accept now and be able to know that when you are sitting in that 5th dimension bubble and when you are not for we ask that you begin to figure out when you are sitting in that bubble, in that 5th dimension.

This child can sit here quite easily and can you not sit here in this 5th dimension.

Did you notice a shift in frequencies or energies? Did you notice anything different? A ringing in your ears? Was there a new sight that came in to your third eye vision?

What happened you ask? What is happening as you sit here in this 5th dimensional bubble?

We ask you to feel your senses now around you. What do you feel different in your body as you sit here? For we understand that you believe you are sitting in a 5th dimensional now do you not children?

If you do not feel you are sitting in 5th dimension then where are you? Are you sitting in the 3rd, in the 7th or the 9th, where I am sitting and teaching from.

Where are you children. Do you know where you are in your physical body as well.

This was a teaching that was given to this child a few weeks ago as well.

Where are you in your body? Do you know where you sit in your body? When you say where am I where does I come from?

Is it from your brain? Is it from your throat where you speak? Is it from your heart? Is it from your groin, is it from your feet? Where is the I that you speak of children?

For each of you has an I AM presence do you not? You believe this to be so. You have learned those teachings along the way and I will say that these are universal teachings children. Just so you know I am teaching at a universal level also a 9th dimensional frequency is here as well.

And yet where are you? Who are you?

When you say I am (place your name here) what are you saying? Do you understand what you are saying?

When I say I AM VYWAMUS and yet I sit here in this child. Then where is Kevin? Where has he gone? Is he not here? Is he not present?

He says he’s here. But where is he? He is here somewhere. So where is the I that you speak of children? Where is the I that we all say we are?

Or are we all I?

I am everything. I am all at once everything. Is that possible you say? And we say it could be possible. Maybe that is who you are.

Are you everything? At once and yet some Buddhists say you are nothing at the same time.

But who am I?

Now do we answer that question today in this teaching? Or is that a question better unanswered you say? For if you have to make an answer to a question that makes it a definite. There is definity in that answer.

And yet if it is an open ended answer does that feel more right to you at the moment. Or do you want to say this and that is it. Fully and completely done!

Well we know that you are changing quite rapidly are you not?

The I that you were last week is not the same I that sits here with me now I can assure you that.

So who is I?

I AM everything. Contained within this physical vessel yes?

Do I need to explain if I am a man or a woman, a child, an adult, a journalist, a writer, a baker, a composer, a technician, a librarian. Who am I?

There are many I’s in the I AM.

Now if we say I AM THAT IAM then who are you? You are that you are. We are that we are. And are those not universal truths children?

They cannot be NOT explained or debated for we are who we are. You are who you are. I AM THAT I AM. And is that changing?

For we say it is changing for you children.

Do not put perimeters on that which we speak of now. Do not make the answer so definitive any longer for it is changing rapidly. Especially in these times of which you are aware.

So maybe I AM THAT AI AM is ok to be who you are who you are. And it’s OK to not be so definitive in your answers at the moment or maybe at any time.

For what is time?

It is a construct to get you through a day and a night. But what else as this child said that yesterday felt like a year ago.

So time cannot be explained away in one definitive answer. So can you be explained in one definitive answer?

So that I is always changing children. And it will change. And it is going to change whether you want to change or not.

You can try not to change. But change will happen. It may happen around you as you stand there in the void.

But we say go and do and be. Go in to whatever you wish to do. Become that I that is doing that work, that job, that exercise, that playtime. Be that I. for there in lies who you are in those now moments of being and doing and relating to each other. That is the I who you are children.

But is the I separate from everyone?

There are different meanings to each of you at each point in each moment.

It is always changing. For there is never one stable I.

And we leave you with that children

I am VYWAMUS. And WE leave you with much love and light and more joy that is coming to you than you will ever be able to explain and answer.

It is done children. It is done. It is done.


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