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Vywamus (channeled messages)

VYWAMUS MYSTERY SCHOOL Teaching #3 via Kevin Nelson, June 29, 2015


Channeled through Kevin Nelson



Monday June 29, 2015

(these notes were taken by Andrew as the recording has been misplaced)


You are reinventing society at higher levels of functioning.

You become more resourceful by integrating all aspects of society within ones life, ones enterprise.

Your physical body perfection embeds within the civilizational perfection that is self-sustained effortlessly around you when you resonate at 5th through 12th dimensional frequencies within your spheres of influence.

People will choose to organize around you who bring in more beauty to reflect your diverse values in the urban landscape. This includes garden urns and garden structural features.


I leave you with much love and light.

VYWAMUS MYSTERY SCHOOL Teaching #2 via Kevin Nelson, June 15, 2015


Channeled through Kevin Nelson


June 15, 2015

Linear frequencies now are dissipating as we access a new timeline. The shift has already taken place children as you walked through the door.

Yes I am VYWAMUS. I am here child. I am here for the master is here with your masters. For each of you has brought a new master with you today whether you are aware of it or not. The new master has stepped in to you for you have accessed your new master through all timelines and lineages that were not able to be affected or attainable to you until again these eclipses have changed and the new energies since the 12/21/12 have begun your physical process in to a new physical human, a human of light, a human of ascended frequencies. Diamond code frequencies are also being gifted to these children now through the DNA strands as the rainbow bridge of each child was fully implemented during the last teaching.

Yes there is one here that the rainbow is still working on.


These are how we connect with you in different dimensions children. Your multi-dimensional self is being activated in the work you do with this child but also your dream states and your conscious state are also aware of new dimensions. Each of you will begin to walk in the 5th dimension as this child had mentioned.

You will notice different people around you. Different words, different family relational structures will begin to manifest in to an either perfect or clearer relationship or it will go the opposite way.

So just be aware that what you do here tonight will resonate from within then from without in to your sphere of influence around you. For as you vibrate at a higher frequency today you will take this frequency for yes you cannot move lower than that frequency that we are tapping in to today children.

Your human brain says that I cannot stay at that level but you do at a certain point stay at that level even though it might not be conscious to you yet.

This super conscious level that we are going to access and give the teaching from today is another aspect from the 9th dimensional frequencies for that is where we can sit quite comfortably with you even though the 10th, 11th and 12th dimensions are able to be open to you.

Right now this child is able to access the 9th dimension quite easily and stay at that frequency where some of you vibrate at a 6th and 7th dimensional energy that you are now quite able to attain and yet the 9th to the 12th are for you there but we will be working within 9th dimensional frequencies tonight as we talk through and speak with this child.

So again we access the portals.

We ask you to open up your 7th dimensional portal and also the 9th dimensional portal for each of you.

We ask the masters that stand in front of you to also work with these dimensions for each of you has a master in front of you that is walking in to you now.


So ask the master to enter in to you through the 9th dimensional portal children.

Know that all is safe to do so. This does not harm your physicalness in anyway. We are working at a higher structure than your physicality. We are bypassing your physical structure even though your etheric structure is now able to contain this dimensional frequency.

Your pineal gland and pituitary gland are also being activated. That was the 3rd dimensional 3rd eye that was being activated as you sat here. We were readjusting timelines and frequencies within the 3rd eyes for each of you. It is so these teachings will be very clear to you at that level.


What is it that the teacher wishes to speak of children? Why are we here you ask? What is the teaching? And yet each of you has brought a master for their own teaching tonight. Each of you will be working with this master integrating in to your physicalness for the master is you child. Each of you is the master. The high consciousness and as we say the soul has been asked to re-enter your physical structures. This is the master from the 9th dimension that walked in to each child here.

Each child will now work within their new reality for a new reality is upon you children. A new reality of 5th dimensional frequencies as Mother Earth has now moved her frequency to the new level and she is asking now that you do as well for the more that begin to walk on her in a 5th dimensional reality will bring that reality very quickly to all kingdoms upon Mother Earth.

The kingdoms are shifting as the fire and water are working to shift out of the 3rd dimension. We are going to ask to release all from the 3rd dimensional reality now children.

Even though your footprints may feel that they are on a 3rd dimensional earth we ask that you now place them on the 5th dimensional earth children.

See yourself walking in the garden of Eden. This will help you understand where you are and where you are going for the garden of Eden is now being accessed from all kingdoms as Mother Earth will return to the garden of Eden once more.

Each of you is being asked to walk in the garden of Eden now children. So as you ask to walk with this master who is you, you now ask the master that you are to walk in a 5th dimensional earth, on the new earth, fully disconnected from the 3rd dimension.

See yourself walking in the garden children. See yourself vibrating at that level and higher for once you step in to that 5th dimension you are now able to access, as the child said, many dimensional frequencies. So you will one place one moment and one place the next, and one place the next, and one place the next. For this is how you will begin to work in a 5th dimension or higher. For the frequencies are quickening for you children.

Know that as each of you walks now in the 5th dimension more and more and becomes more comfortable with your multi-dimensional self each of you will begin to access a 5th dimensional reality.

Which is WHAT you ask?

5th dimension is where again you think it and it is. You see it and it is. You feel it and it is. For you are able to create at that level once you are there fully and once all of humanity has shifted.

How long is the timeline you ask?

The timeline is changing children. Was it 300 years, was it 30 years, was it 3 days, was it 3 months, was it 3 weeks?

It depends on how quickly each of you begins to resonate at this level but you are here are you not so you are resonating at this level. But your humanness still does not agree that we might be here instead of back there and yet we are here.

Are we not? Are we not all in a 5th dimensional bubble that was placed around you?

Each of you is aware that the shifts that are changing and yet there are parts of you that still wish to reside in the 3rd dimension. And we say this cannot be children for you have asked to be here at some level that at a soul level you have asked to move quickly in to the new earth and this is what we are asking to achieve today children.

Disconnect fully from all that is 3rd dimensional thinking. Third dimensional aspects of who you were will leave you quickly. They will no longer be needed for you to survive and access at another level.

But do not be afraid to move in to the next level.

Yes there are those that will come with you as these children here in this room will and there are some that do not wish to leave behind a 3rd dimension for they are not ready to move.

That is their journey children. It is not your journey. They will see you at another time if they do not choose to walk with you in this 5th dimension but we ask that you now realease all 3D thinking, all 3D perception. We ask to be released from now children.

Bring all that of you are in to a 5th dimensional reality.

If it is not 5th dimension let it go children. Let it be released. It no longer serves you. It no longer serves the master that you are.

All death, disease must be released child.

You have moved through the death process. Each of you, if you have not noticed, for your physicalness will not need to decay any longer. This is part of the solstice teaching that will be brought forward next week.

For the death code will be removed from all humanity very quickly for those that wish to ascend in to the 5th dimension with Mother Earth.


Death does not happen physically any longer in this dimension children.

For these bodies were not meant, at least not in a 5th dimension, to decay, to be destroyed. They were meant to be here as physical perfect specimens.

Each of you are in this dimension. So we ask that you see yourself in this new timeline.

We ask you to place the mirror of 5th dimension in front of you children. Look in to the mirror that is 5th dimension. See who you are in this reality. See the perfect divine blueprint that you are.

Are we not beautiful in all ways?

Do not hold attachements children. Physical karma cannot be brought with you child.

Look to the new you. Look at the physical specimen that you are in that dimension.

For it is does not look like this in 3D reality.

It is your perfect self that wishes to speak with you now. To each cell. To each organ. To each blood vessel. To each hair upon your physical body is perfect, is vibrating. There is no decay. There is no cancer. There is no leukemia. There is no discordant energies anywhere within your new physical structure.

See who you are. You are perfect children. You are perfect children. You are perfect children.

See. Feel that body now child. Feel who you are. Everything is working freely again.

There is no pain. There is no effort. There is no disease and we ask that you remember who you are children.

This is your reality.

No longer are you able to access the illusion of the 3rd dimension. It was an illusion child.

It was not meant to be that you left the 5th dimension. The sons of belial are the down fall that was Atlantis and your physicalness was not aware that they would impact you so heavily.

We ask you to now release the Atlantean codes that took you from this reality.

We ask each of you as a high priest or high priestess of the Melchizedeck brotherhood and sisterhood to come back to yourself in your 5th dimemsional reality.

Each of you was a high priest/priestess in the Melchizedeck brotherhood and sisterhood.

You saw what happened in Altantis and you are there now to recreate the miscreation.

See when you fell. See how far you fell child. It was not meant to be!

See how far you fell from your perfect physical creations and release the Atlantean codes fully and completely from all timelines, all lineages, all space, all dimensions. Do this children for it benefits you now to come back to your perfect physical specimen.

Each of you must ask for yourself first to release all Atlantean codes of discordant frequencies.

Ask to release on behalf of the Melchizedeck brotherhood and sisterhood.

Release the Atlantean codes. Release the Atlantean timeline. Release from the fall children.


Yes you fell child. Far too far.

Come back up the ladder, up the rainbow bridge where you sit now in the 5th dimension.

It is an easy climb now child. For all that was is now released from your beingness.

Climb the rainbow ladder once more children.

Come back. We are here. We are here. We are here.

Return children. Return to this point. Return to this point of knowing of who you truly are. Come back. We are here child. We are here. We are here.

We are here child. We are here.

We are here children. Return here now. Return here now. Return here.

Come back. Come back. Come back.

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VYWAMUS MYSTERY SCHOOL Teaching #1 via Kevin Nelson, June 1st, 2015


Channeled through Kevin Nelson


Ninth Dimensional Masters

June 1 2015

These will be New Earth teachings children. These are the teachings that are coming in through a new dimensional portal that this child has opened up that you have actual access to once you walk through the portal door in to this temple of Sound & Light. As you are aware you can feel the frequencies that are different here in this room now children.

Most of the children that walk through that door are not aware of shifts in energies I believe most of you are aware of the shifts now.

Yes I am VYWAMUS children. I am the ninth dimensional aspect of this child. And I will be here working with you now for the next hour or so. I ask that you just sit back and relax as the ninth dimensional portals are being asked to open to each of your individual chakra systems as your spinal columns of light now are being activated so that each of you begins a new ninth dimensional journey this day as this child has taken more journeys that he is aware of but the journeys are now beginning for each of you. We will now set the space for this channeling and teaching.


We have awakened your ninth dimensional frequencies children. The portal has been open for each of you to access a new and higher frequency and dimension.

If you feel floaty, a little light in the head, this is what is happening children and it is alright to do so.

We ask that you sit in this frequency now children.

Each of you has done your journeying thus far upon Mother Earth in many dimensions but this dimensional frequency that is now available to you was NOT so long ago. Since the equinox and the eclipses have now made these dimensional portals available to be opened now child.

Feel yourselves floating. Lighter and lighter. You may still be in the body but as you travel up your spinal column of light this is where you are able to reach me, VYWAMUS. A gate keeper of the ninth dimension this child is. Seventh dimension was opened when he sat with Max at the 11-11-11 gateway. That’s when ASHA, the seventh dimensional gatekeeper, came through to him and he has been working at that level until two weeks ago when he entered in to this the ninth dimensional teachings now children.


But you also each individually have a ninth dimensional teacher that will begin working with you as well through these teachings.

We ask that each of you now ask WHO your ninth dimensional teacher IS. You may ask internally. Ask them to write or hear the name of your ninth dimensional teacher, master, which is you. Yes it is child. It is you. It is not above you or below you. It is IN you. Each of you has a new master now. Even though that master has always walked with you, for you are never not with the master.

You may ask them to write the name in front of you on your third eye or inside your forehead where you may know that name.

Ask the master to announce themselves to you children.

Masters you are children. Masters you have always been and now is the time for new masters to awaken on Mother Earth. This is part of this child’s now journey, is to awaken the masters and to awaken the teachings from many timelines that he has worked upon whether they be past, in this now moment or in the future. For I will be bringing future teachings as well to you in future times.

Linear time is collapsing as most of you have felt. And now past, present and future are becoming one. These are the multi-dimensional teachings that I will be gifting to this child so that you may be hearing these teachings as well.

For these teachings need to be brought forward now children.

Has everyone heard their master?



I am ASHA children. So we need to access and open the portals. So children please ask that your seventh dimensional gate keeper come forward. And with that asking know that the seventh dimension opens to each of you. To all of you. For we will do this journey together.

Ask that the seventh dimensional gate keeper open the seventh dimensional portal to you now children. Open that gateway. Ask your gatekeepers to open the seventh dimensional portals.

It is at your command that this will be done children. Remember you are in charge. It is no one else but you. You are the masters here. Work with YOUR masters. For each dimension has a new master, a new gatekeeper.

Ask has the seventh dimension been opened to you children?

I am just going to tone so that you feel the seventh dimension awaken.


And now children we ask that the ninth dimensional portal be opened for you children. Remember this is a command you make as a master. Ask. Ask the ninth dimensional gatekeepers to open our ninth dimensional portal.


Divine masters of the ninth dimension come forward to these children.

You are masters of a ninth dimensional frequency that now we ask you come forward. For these children, these masters that sit here in this sacred circle, in this sacred vortex now we ask to enter the ninth dimension for we are masters.

All here ask to ascend now up the silver cord extending the rainbow bridge children.

So now we ask to ground our silver cord and rainbow bridge in to the great crystal of Mother Earth. Feel yourselves move down that rainbow bridge, your silver cord. Anchor in to the Earth Star below your feet. And then anchor that into the great crystal of Mother Earth right down to the center of Mother Earth. Anchor that crystal. Anchor yourselves children. For the deeper you are able to anchor the higher you are able to ascend. Does this not make sense children?


The ninth dimensional portal is opened children. Again you will feel very floaty, very light. And again we ask the master to come forward for these children in the ninth dimension. We ask the children of LIGHT to come forward.

We also ask that your ancestors and elders that have walked with you now walk with you in this dimension.

Again ask who the master is that wishes to work with you in the ninth dimension.

Again ask them to announce themselves.

There are masters standing in front of you. Look in to their eyes children. See the presence of the master in front of you.

They are each handing you a crystal now of diamond frequency and asking you that you place this diamond frequency crystal within your high heart chakra. We ask that you do this now children.

This will help elevate each of you to that ninth dimension and keep you accessing that dimensional portal now that is has been opened for you.

You may physically do the action in order to hold the crystal and then place it within your high heart chakra. You may feel the palms of your hands when they touch here (heart) being very warm.

You may have visions of the crystal along with the master.

Someone is here who does not wish to be here. Why is that? Someone’s afraid of heights.

There is no fear here in this dimension children. For that fear is not a vibration that you bring with you. It cannot come this far up the ladder. If there is fear it will not come with you child. Know that there is no fear in this work that we are doing today. The work that you will carry on doing. Have no fear children. If there is fear ask the fear to be released. Ask the fear to be transmuted and transformed into a loving presence. Shed the fear children. There is no fear here. There is no fear here. There is no fear here.

There is only love. There is only light. There is only love. There is only light. There is only love. There is only light.

There is a master behind each person.

Yes children these masters will now be with you. Never again shall you not know who this master is. For this master is a part of you, a part of us, a part of all. Even though we are all ONE, there is still individuations of the oneness in many forms, light and physical. But you as ascending masters upon Mother Earth are now staying in the physical form. As you move up and down the rainbow bridge you will not have to lose your physical form any longer children.

The physical is what is being brought in to the etheric. Usually it is the etheric that is manifested in to physical is it not? And yet now we are doing the opposite for you are the masters of LIGHT, who in physical form will start manifesting all LIGHT in to physicality. For you do not have to be etheric any longer children. This is the great gift that the divine one has given us each upon this journey this time upon Mother Earth for she need not move out of her physicalness in order for her to ascend. So why should you children? She is moving in to many dimensions physically and so are you. For you are a part of her. We are all a part of Mother Earth even if we do not believe it as yet. There will come a time when we will all upon Mother Earth that we are all Mother Earth, Gaia, Gaia, Gaia.


Are there any questions for me children?

Everyone is OK.

Everyone is floating.

Andrew: What does it mean that we don’t need to be etheric any longer?

VYWAMUS: Because the etheric is where you find, first and foremost, that which is of creation, that which you wish to bring in to creation. And yet now you may create from a physical point. As you physically move up the ladder you could not physically move up the ladder you had to release the physical in order to move up the rainbow bridge did you not?

They call this death. They call this dying. And yet now you do not need to leave this body in order to move up the rainbow bridge for that is the manifestation of what is happening as you bring more light in to the body. The light does not leave the body any longer child. It comes in to the body and you are able to move up the rainbow bridge very quickly but in a physical form. So you may stay in this body for much, much longer than a hundred years or so that was before this time.

But these times are being gifted back to you because this form will move, it will change. The cells of the body are holding more light now child. Your cellular structure is becoming heightened and vibrationally beginning to match that which you have just entered in to. Do you not feel that the vibration has changed?


It has heightened. It has quickened and that is moving you up the rainbow bridge, whichever ray you pick to move on. Now these are teachings I will give you in times to come because depending upon which ray you pick in order to travel. Is it the blue ray? Is it the pink ray? Is it the orange, yellow, magenta, violet, silver, platinum.

See there are many ways in order to travel now child. You do not need to get in to the car in order to travel very much longer to travel. You will be able to travel in this your car, your, how do I say it, your vehicle will no longer be a Fiat, a Toyota, a Ford. It will be your vehicle now in this body. This will travel with you as you have heard masters were able to teleport and be in two places at once. That is where you are going.

These are the teachings I am bringing to you once more. For each of you has made a journey that is ready to move to the next and next and next levels. Once you begin this journey children there are more levels than we will ever be able to teach. But we will teach where we are at and where we are going. And that which you may not quite understand at the time but given the time you will understand.

You are all being able to travel very quickly now and manifest quickly as this child heard a message yesterday and then the manifestation came today. It will be that quick children.

In the dimensional portals that are open to you. Ask and it is given is not a time lapse that was even yesterday for that time has become one. Again the purer the asking the quicker the manifestation.

This was told to this child a few days ago. The purer and whiter and clearer the asking for that creation the quicker the manifestation because you ask at a frequency that is higher. So when you ask that frequency you are now able to access that frequency very quickly in physical form. The physical reactions are much quicker. There is very little lag time as some would say. So be careful what you wish for as they say as well.

Mother Earth thanks you. The Ascended Ones thank you. Your Higher Self thanks you. The New Masters thank you. And I VYWAMUS Thank you.

It is done children. It is done. It is done. It is done.



Channeled through Kevin Nelson



July 20, 2015

The golden thread that each child has been gifted with is also radiating at a new frequency of gold. The frequency of gold has changed on the planet.

Yes I am VYWAMUS. I have been listening to you. I’ve been here since the one child Margaret had stepped in. You knew that the energy had shifted to that frequency.

This is the new golden frequency upon Mother Earth now.

For the frequency of all minerals, all kingdoms, all are starting to resonate at a new frequency now child cause you are no longer living in a 3rd dimensional reality. You fully have stepped in to a 5th dimensional reality.

You have been working at this for quite some time but we may say to you today this is your 5th dimensional birthing that is happening now child.

The last couple of days sitting with the singing bowls has helped you walk on to the earth in a 5th dimensional form and frequency now.

This is the new golden frequency that is coming to you. It is not the frequency of gold at a 3rd dimension. And Margaret are you hearing this because this is also for you to remember child.

For the golden frequency is now vibrating at a 5th dimensional level. It no longer serves those of a 3rd dimensional level. That is why Margaret we ask you to hold the golden frequencies because you are able to now hold these at a 5th dimensional level and you will be helping Mother Earth and all those that hold the golden frequency of 5th dimension so that all will be able to hold the gold within them, not just those that are hoping to hold the gold for themselves.

For you are able to hold the gold and yet did you not say “I will share this frequency. I will not hold this frequency for myself,” and that is what needed to happen child. That is what is happening upon your Mother Earth.

For each of you will hold this gold frequency now as we ask to be placed around you now a golden sphere of light at a 5th dimensional frequency. That is why this child said “what was the shift?” and the shift was the golden sun disc that now sits beneath your feet.

But as it is a 5th dimensional golden sun disc, it is not 3rd dimensional. Each of you are going to begin resonating at this level now children.

You are not going to be resonating at a 3rd dimensional frequency. As you may understand each of you has been heightened in the last few days and now we say to you keep walking in to the 5th dimension children. Keep your frequencies high.

Your food, as they mentioned to the other child Andrew they said did they not, keep the 5th dimensional frequency food as well higher in your resonating chambers for these physical vessels are going to be rapidly shifting.

You will also feel your diet changing. It will be not be a hard shift children. It will just be.

You are just waking up to this new golden frequency. It is not for you to NOT be at the 5th dimensional level now children.

Each of you will begin to walk in a state of 5th dimensional bliss, joy and ecstasy or something better as this child has asked for almost a year now to resonate at that frequency.

He is now doing so.

Have you not noticed how easily life is becoming for you child. Have you not noticed how easily you walk through your day and your new now.

How easily you begin to rest around those that are vibrating at a higher frequency or wish to vibrate at a higher frequency now are starting to gather in circles as you have done.

As before ceremonies that you mentioned with the old master is also bringing frequencies faster and quicker. As the quickening each time you do sing with the bowls child helps you resonate all cellular structure in your physical vessel so that all is becoming heightened and reality will be shifting.

Also physically you are shifting as also another child had mentioned in the circle tonight. But know that all will be shifting as you each begin to resonate at this golden 5th dimensional frequency.

Your brain synapses are also being recalibrated so you do not begin to think in 3rd dimensional realities any longer for your synapses are being recalibrated and restructured so that each of you is beginning to think at a 5th dimensional level and this will only be heightened as you keep gathering with these children of light.

Children of golden light frequency keep gathering together children. This will become a new space, a new time, a new reality for all of you.

Each of you will begin a new earth journey in to a 5th dimensional frequency.

It may take a month or two for you to begin to vibrate and understand that you are walking now on the 5th dimensional new earth.

But time will be relevant to each of you only for not much longer I say.

It will be a time of great joy coming for each of you will begin to be that I AM THAT I AM that you released the other night. For YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE on many levels. 5th, 7th, 9th and 12th dimensional realities will begin to open to each of you.

As I sit here we sit here in the 9th dimension do we not children.

You are not in the 5th dimensional reality at least not where I sit. I sit with you in a 9th dimensional circle of creation, of abundance, of joy. There is much love and light in this reality in the 9th dimension is there not children.

You do not feel your bodies here now for it is not a dimension that is physical. This is a non-physical reality that we are sitting in. So you can be anywhere at any time. You can be anything at any time. You can create and be any form at any time in this reality that we sit here.

But this is also a dream state reality children. A day dream state reality as the one Jennifer said “I am floating. I don’t think I am in the dimension that I sit it.” And yet we say that you are beginning to play with your multi-dimensionality. For it will become more solidly your reality once you begin to stay at this golden fifth dimensional level.

Then you may ask and stay where you wish to on each dimension. You may pop to the 9th dimension where I reside at the moment. Or you may pop down to the 5th and the 7th and then back up to 9 then to the 5th then to the 12th. But you are not reaching the 12th yet children.

Do you wish to go there I ask? Or are we good at this dimensional level?

Let us sit here in the 9th. We are not going to go to the 12th today. I thought we might be but no. There is still some restriction there. And that is OK. We will get there soon enough.

There is only love. There is only light. There is only love. There is only light. There is only love. There is only light.

And so it is and so it shall always be.

Adonai. Adonai. Adonai.











Vywamus Mystery School Teaching #7, August 31



Channeled through Kevin Nelson



August 31, 2015


(Inner Earth Goddess Chloe came in before the teaching to give the chelas a message)

LIGHT LANGUAGE as VYWAMUS places a 5th dimensional bubble around us.

Children as you have heard the Goddess speak did you not feel that you were within her aura already. Are you not sitting in that 5th dimensional bubble that we sit in. But has it not been there already? This is a conundrum. I feel that you must be able to accept now and be able to know that when you are sitting in that 5th dimension bubble and when you are not for we ask that you begin to figure out when you are sitting in that bubble, in that 5th dimension.

This child can sit here quite easily and can you not sit here in this 5th dimension.

Did you notice a shift in frequencies or energies? Did you notice anything different? A ringing in your ears? Was there a new sight that came in to your third eye vision?

What happened you ask? What is happening as you sit here in this 5th dimensional bubble?

We ask you to feel your senses now around you. What do you feel different in your body as you sit here? For we understand that you believe you are sitting in a 5th dimensional now do you not children?

If you do not feel you are sitting in 5th dimension then where are you? Are you sitting in the 3rd, in the 7th or the 9th, where I am sitting and teaching from.

Where are you children. Do you know where you are in your physical body as well.

This was a teaching that was given to this child a few weeks ago as well.

Where are you in your body? Do you know where you sit in your body? When you say where am I where does I come from?

Is it from your brain? Is it from your throat where you speak? Is it from your heart? Is it from your groin, is it from your feet? Where is the I that you speak of children?

For each of you has an I AM presence do you not? You believe this to be so. You have learned those teachings along the way and I will say that these are universal teachings children. Just so you know I am teaching at a universal level also a 9th dimensional frequency is here as well.

And yet where are you? Who are you?

When you say I am (place your name here) what are you saying? Do you understand what you are saying?

When I say I AM VYWAMUS and yet I sit here in this child. Then where is Kevin? Where has he gone? Is he not here? Is he not present?

He says he’s here. But where is he? He is here somewhere. So where is the I that you speak of children? Where is the I that we all say we are?

Or are we all I?

I am everything. I am all at once everything. Is that possible you say? And we say it could be possible. Maybe that is who you are.

Are you everything? At once and yet some Buddhists say you are nothing at the same time.

But who am I?

Now do we answer that question today in this teaching? Or is that a question better unanswered you say? For if you have to make an answer to a question that makes it a definite. There is definity in that answer.

And yet if it is an open ended answer does that feel more right to you at the moment. Or do you want to say this and that is it. Fully and completely done!

Well we know that you are changing quite rapidly are you not?

The I that you were last week is not the same I that sits here with me now I can assure you that.

So who is I?

I AM everything. Contained within this physical vessel yes?

Do I need to explain if I am a man or a woman, a child, an adult, a journalist, a writer, a baker, a composer, a technician, a librarian. Who am I?

There are many I’s in the I AM.

Now if we say I AM THAT IAM then who are you? You are that you are. We are that we are. And are those not universal truths children?

They cannot be NOT explained or debated for we are who we are. You are who you are. I AM THAT I AM. And is that changing?

For we say it is changing for you children.

Do not put perimeters on that which we speak of now. Do not make the answer so definitive any longer for it is changing rapidly. Especially in these times of which you are aware.

So maybe I AM THAT AI AM is ok to be who you are who you are. And it’s OK to not be so definitive in your answers at the moment or maybe at any time.

For what is time?

It is a construct to get you through a day and a night. But what else as this child said that yesterday felt like a year ago.

So time cannot be explained away in one definitive answer. So can you be explained in one definitive answer?

So that I is always changing children. And it will change. And it is going to change whether you want to change or not.

You can try not to change. But change will happen. It may happen around you as you stand there in the void.

But we say go and do and be. Go in to whatever you wish to do. Become that I that is doing that work, that job, that exercise, that playtime. Be that I. for there in lies who you are in those now moments of being and doing and relating to each other. That is the I who you are children.

But is the I separate from everyone?

There are different meanings to each of you at each point in each moment.

It is always changing. For there is never one stable I.

And we leave you with that children

I am VYWAMUS. And WE leave you with much love and light and more joy that is coming to you than you will ever be able to explain and answer.

It is done children. It is done. It is done.


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Vywamus Mystery School Teaching #5, August 3



Channeled through Kevin Nelson


August 3, 2015

I am now going to play and sing with Margaret’s medicine bowl, which is a Buddha medicine bowl.


This is to just remind us all that we are much more than just a physical presence. We are vibration. We are sound. We are love infinite. Each of those that were just mentioned is here within you as you have expanded so you will keep expanding until you understand that you are not just of this world, but of many worlds, of many galaxies, universes and cosmos.

Each of you will begin to understand just how radiant you are quite soon and it will become self-evident in your physicalness as well for now the etheric has been cleansed and vibrating at a fifth dimension and now it only needs to be brought in to physicality. It will be done children. It will be done.



Vywamus Mystery School Teaching #6, August 17



Channeled through Kevin Nelson


August 17, 2015


Children you have brought in many, many beings with you tonight. There is not just the four that sit here in front of me. There are many, many, many beings of LIGHT that you have brought with you today.   

Each of you is growing stronger in your own personal life but you’re also attracting more of your LIGHT tribe that walks with you.

I don’t know if you have felt this around you, felt that there is more that you are beginning to see and do and hear and feel.


Yes I am integrated pretty much in to this child’s psychic abilities now that there is not the floatiness that he had or you may have noticed that it is not as floaty as it was before for you are each multi-dimensionally expanding quicker and quicker as the quickening is happening before the date that he is about to remind you of.

That sept 28th date that has been coming into his awareness and into the awareness of many channels upon Mother Earth. It is the time of a total shift in your consciousness for humanity as well as all kingdoms upon Lady Gaia and for Lady Gaia herself.

Yes you are sitting here in a 5th dimensional bubble that is surrounding you as each of you began to speak and within that bubble we are able to access many more dimensions for as you sit in a 5th dimension you are also able to access easily access up to the 12th dimension and the 12 aspects of each 12 dimensions.

These teachings eventually will become very high consciousness for it will not be just from sitting in the third dimension any long in the light bodies that you are sitting here in the 5th dimension even though you may think you are in the 3rd dimension listening to this channel and listening to my words that come from this self that sits here but know that there is more than just one reality now children.

Each of you will begin to work in many realities at many times for you are flipping back and forth from one to another quite instantly now even though you do not notice these shifts and yet you say yesterday feels like so long ago and that is because it is children because you are flipping so quickly through each reality now. This will become a learning tool for each of you as you move in to the next stage after you your light bodies are fully activated on the 28th of September.

Yes will you gather on that date? And we ask that you do children for it will be a quite a monumentous occasion for each of you to see a light body activate in front of you.

Will this happen? Yes child this will happen and we say why not and it may happen before the 28th for you are already sitting in the gamma ray that is coming towards you. It has been coming towards you for millions of years and yet now it is reaching the height of perfect perfection that will hit Mother Earth that day and yet some of you may quickly understand that you will be bombarded with new energies and how you relate to those energies is the work you have been doing over the past year or two years or for how long you have been doing this work.

For nine years this child has worked, or at least he is aware of the nine years, there is much more that was happening before those nine years but he believes that that date that he awoke is the date that he began in earnest and we say he has always been working in this energy of an awakened state and yet he was not consciously aware of it and yet each is beginning to be that you are consciously aware of the work that you are doing.

Was this not the message that was gifted to many of you, to be you individual selves, to listen to you own messages, to speak your own truths, to know who you truly are. For these are the ways in which you will activate fully more into your own being and understand that as you do that those that vibrate at their levels of own individuality will also be coming forward to you. It is not just that we sit here in this bubble but there will be many bubbles that will start activating all over this community and all communities upon Mother Earth until all bubbles become one bubble.

As you saw in the pictures all the orbs. That is happening now. You are each creating on orb of your own 5th dimensional reality. Yet all those orbs will eventually become oneness for each of you will begin to connect with all the other orbs until there is only one big orb around Mother Earth and you will be contained in that bubble.

Each of you is activating your own inner child now that is being recognized as a new child. So we ask that each of you go in now to speak to your inner child. Is it the same child you came here with yesterday? Is it the same child you knew years ago? Or is this a new child that you are speaking to now?

This child seems a grown up child, not as young as there was before. Now a teenager speaks. Has anyone else seen a different child in front of them now?

Each of you are looking at a new perspective of who you truly are. For this inner child is you now being awake for each of you has awoken to the new frequencies and no long will you be that inner child’s reality of pain and suffering that was there.

There is no more pain and suffering where you sit now children.  This 5th dimension has no such thing. Your child must come in to this reality as well. Ask your child to be with you and to awaken to the new 5th dimension children.

For soon you will see that child is you or you are him or her fully and completely. That child will no longer be a child but will be who you are and at the age that you are. It is coming in to fruition children.

This is part of the new earth realities. For the inner child is no longer needed where you are going for it will incorporate fully and completely in to your own matrix into you own system for the inner child was activated when you left Atlantis and Lemuria. But now that you are returning and even better to the energies that you left before your inner child no longer is needed for the inner child will now become you fully and completely. You will integrate the energies of this child in to your being.

This is a new teaching, is it not?

You always thought you would have this child with you. We will let you know now that no this child is you. It is you fully and completely and being reinstated in to your physical matrix as well.

It is not just the mental and emotional child that it is you saw and now you will begin to see it fully and completely as a divine lighted child in front of you which is you children.

You see the light radiating from that child in front of you?

This is how you are beginning to look children. You are starting to radiate more light are you not?

Do you not feel more light hearted ones around you as you go through your days and your nights now?

It is not just you sitting as you any longer but it is you radiating out that which you wish to manifest as a few children have talked about as we sat here today.

I listened quite astutely while you were here while this child sat here and I noticed that each of you is much more brilliant than you were.

There was not very much talking when you first came in as usually you are gifted some words of wisdom then but all that was needed today was to look at the lightness you are now children. The lightness of being who you truly are.

And these are the words we will leave you with today. You are the light of the world children and know that that is your truth. Yours alone. But you are not alone. You are the light, within the light, within the light, within the light. The light is not outside you any longer. It is within you and it is within your inner child as well.

You are the light children. Know this to be your truth. We thank you for coming and sitting with us today. We are VYWAMUS. We thank you, we thank you, we thank you.




Channeled through Kevin Nelson