Channeled through Kevin Nelson



July 20, 2015

The golden thread that each child has been gifted with is also radiating at a new frequency of gold. The frequency of gold has changed on the planet.

Yes I am VYWAMUS. I have been listening to you. I’ve been here since the one child Margaret had stepped in. You knew that the energy had shifted to that frequency.

This is the new golden frequency upon Mother Earth now.

For the frequency of all minerals, all kingdoms, all are starting to resonate at a new frequency now child cause you are no longer living in a 3rd dimensional reality. You fully have stepped in to a 5th dimensional reality.

You have been working at this for quite some time but we may say to you today this is your 5th dimensional birthing that is happening now child.

The last couple of days sitting with the singing bowls has helped you walk on to the earth in a 5th dimensional form and frequency now.

This is the new golden frequency that is coming to you. It is not the frequency of gold at a 3rd dimension. And Margaret are you hearing this because this is also for you to remember child.

For the golden frequency is now vibrating at a 5th dimensional level. It no longer serves those of a 3rd dimensional level. That is why Margaret we ask you to hold the golden frequencies because you are able to now hold these at a 5th dimensional level and you will be helping Mother Earth and all those that hold the golden frequency of 5th dimension so that all will be able to hold the gold within them, not just those that are hoping to hold the gold for themselves.

For you are able to hold the gold and yet did you not say “I will share this frequency. I will not hold this frequency for myself,” and that is what needed to happen child. That is what is happening upon your Mother Earth.

For each of you will hold this gold frequency now as we ask to be placed around you now a golden sphere of light at a 5th dimensional frequency. That is why this child said “what was the shift?” and the shift was the golden sun disc that now sits beneath your feet.

But as it is a 5th dimensional golden sun disc, it is not 3rd dimensional. Each of you are going to begin resonating at this level now children.

You are not going to be resonating at a 3rd dimensional frequency. As you may understand each of you has been heightened in the last few days and now we say to you keep walking in to the 5th dimension children. Keep your frequencies high.

Your food, as they mentioned to the other child Andrew they said did they not, keep the 5th dimensional frequency food as well higher in your resonating chambers for these physical vessels are going to be rapidly shifting.

You will also feel your diet changing. It will be not be a hard shift children. It will just be.

You are just waking up to this new golden frequency. It is not for you to NOT be at the 5th dimensional level now children.

Each of you will begin to walk in a state of 5th dimensional bliss, joy and ecstasy or something better as this child has asked for almost a year now to resonate at that frequency.

He is now doing so.

Have you not noticed how easily life is becoming for you child. Have you not noticed how easily you walk through your day and your new now.

How easily you begin to rest around those that are vibrating at a higher frequency or wish to vibrate at a higher frequency now are starting to gather in circles as you have done.

As before ceremonies that you mentioned with the old master is also bringing frequencies faster and quicker. As the quickening each time you do sing with the bowls child helps you resonate all cellular structure in your physical vessel so that all is becoming heightened and reality will be shifting.

Also physically you are shifting as also another child had mentioned in the circle tonight. But know that all will be shifting as you each begin to resonate at this golden 5th dimensional frequency.

Your brain synapses are also being recalibrated so you do not begin to think in 3rd dimensional realities any longer for your synapses are being recalibrated and restructured so that each of you is beginning to think at a 5th dimensional level and this will only be heightened as you keep gathering with these children of light.

Children of golden light frequency keep gathering together children. This will become a new space, a new time, a new reality for all of you.

Each of you will begin a new earth journey in to a 5th dimensional frequency.

It may take a month or two for you to begin to vibrate and understand that you are walking now on the 5th dimensional new earth.

But time will be relevant to each of you only for not much longer I say.

It will be a time of great joy coming for each of you will begin to be that I AM THAT I AM that you released the other night. For YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE on many levels. 5th, 7th, 9th and 12th dimensional realities will begin to open to each of you.

As I sit here we sit here in the 9th dimension do we not children.

You are not in the 5th dimensional reality at least not where I sit. I sit with you in a 9th dimensional circle of creation, of abundance, of joy. There is much love and light in this reality in the 9th dimension is there not children.

You do not feel your bodies here now for it is not a dimension that is physical. This is a non-physical reality that we are sitting in. So you can be anywhere at any time. You can be anything at any time. You can create and be any form at any time in this reality that we sit here.

But this is also a dream state reality children. A day dream state reality as the one Jennifer said “I am floating. I don’t think I am in the dimension that I sit it.” And yet we say that you are beginning to play with your multi-dimensionality. For it will become more solidly your reality once you begin to stay at this golden fifth dimensional level.

Then you may ask and stay where you wish to on each dimension. You may pop to the 9th dimension where I reside at the moment. Or you may pop down to the 5th and the 7th and then back up to 9 then to the 5th then to the 12th. But you are not reaching the 12th yet children.

Do you wish to go there I ask? Or are we good at this dimensional level?

Let us sit here in the 9th. We are not going to go to the 12th today. I thought we might be but no. There is still some restriction there. And that is OK. We will get there soon enough.

There is only love. There is only light. There is only love. There is only light. There is only love. There is only light.

And so it is and so it shall always be.

Adonai. Adonai. Adonai.











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