Vywamus Mystery School Teaching #6, August 17



Channeled through Kevin Nelson


August 17, 2015


Children you have brought in many, many beings with you tonight. There is not just the four that sit here in front of me. There are many, many, many beings of LIGHT that you have brought with you today.   

Each of you is growing stronger in your own personal life but you’re also attracting more of your LIGHT tribe that walks with you.

I don’t know if you have felt this around you, felt that there is more that you are beginning to see and do and hear and feel.


Yes I am integrated pretty much in to this child’s psychic abilities now that there is not the floatiness that he had or you may have noticed that it is not as floaty as it was before for you are each multi-dimensionally expanding quicker and quicker as the quickening is happening before the date that he is about to remind you of.

That sept 28th date that has been coming into his awareness and into the awareness of many channels upon Mother Earth. It is the time of a total shift in your consciousness for humanity as well as all kingdoms upon Lady Gaia and for Lady Gaia herself.

Yes you are sitting here in a 5th dimensional bubble that is surrounding you as each of you began to speak and within that bubble we are able to access many more dimensions for as you sit in a 5th dimension you are also able to access easily access up to the 12th dimension and the 12 aspects of each 12 dimensions.

These teachings eventually will become very high consciousness for it will not be just from sitting in the third dimension any long in the light bodies that you are sitting here in the 5th dimension even though you may think you are in the 3rd dimension listening to this channel and listening to my words that come from this self that sits here but know that there is more than just one reality now children.

Each of you will begin to work in many realities at many times for you are flipping back and forth from one to another quite instantly now even though you do not notice these shifts and yet you say yesterday feels like so long ago and that is because it is children because you are flipping so quickly through each reality now. This will become a learning tool for each of you as you move in to the next stage after you your light bodies are fully activated on the 28th of September.

Yes will you gather on that date? And we ask that you do children for it will be a quite a monumentous occasion for each of you to see a light body activate in front of you.

Will this happen? Yes child this will happen and we say why not and it may happen before the 28th for you are already sitting in the gamma ray that is coming towards you. It has been coming towards you for millions of years and yet now it is reaching the height of perfect perfection that will hit Mother Earth that day and yet some of you may quickly understand that you will be bombarded with new energies and how you relate to those energies is the work you have been doing over the past year or two years or for how long you have been doing this work.

For nine years this child has worked, or at least he is aware of the nine years, there is much more that was happening before those nine years but he believes that that date that he awoke is the date that he began in earnest and we say he has always been working in this energy of an awakened state and yet he was not consciously aware of it and yet each is beginning to be that you are consciously aware of the work that you are doing.

Was this not the message that was gifted to many of you, to be you individual selves, to listen to you own messages, to speak your own truths, to know who you truly are. For these are the ways in which you will activate fully more into your own being and understand that as you do that those that vibrate at their levels of own individuality will also be coming forward to you. It is not just that we sit here in this bubble but there will be many bubbles that will start activating all over this community and all communities upon Mother Earth until all bubbles become one bubble.

As you saw in the pictures all the orbs. That is happening now. You are each creating on orb of your own 5th dimensional reality. Yet all those orbs will eventually become oneness for each of you will begin to connect with all the other orbs until there is only one big orb around Mother Earth and you will be contained in that bubble.

Each of you is activating your own inner child now that is being recognized as a new child. So we ask that each of you go in now to speak to your inner child. Is it the same child you came here with yesterday? Is it the same child you knew years ago? Or is this a new child that you are speaking to now?

This child seems a grown up child, not as young as there was before. Now a teenager speaks. Has anyone else seen a different child in front of them now?

Each of you are looking at a new perspective of who you truly are. For this inner child is you now being awake for each of you has awoken to the new frequencies and no long will you be that inner child’s reality of pain and suffering that was there.

There is no more pain and suffering where you sit now children.  This 5th dimension has no such thing. Your child must come in to this reality as well. Ask your child to be with you and to awaken to the new 5th dimension children.

For soon you will see that child is you or you are him or her fully and completely. That child will no longer be a child but will be who you are and at the age that you are. It is coming in to fruition children.

This is part of the new earth realities. For the inner child is no longer needed where you are going for it will incorporate fully and completely in to your own matrix into you own system for the inner child was activated when you left Atlantis and Lemuria. But now that you are returning and even better to the energies that you left before your inner child no longer is needed for the inner child will now become you fully and completely. You will integrate the energies of this child in to your being.

This is a new teaching, is it not?

You always thought you would have this child with you. We will let you know now that no this child is you. It is you fully and completely and being reinstated in to your physical matrix as well.

It is not just the mental and emotional child that it is you saw and now you will begin to see it fully and completely as a divine lighted child in front of you which is you children.

You see the light radiating from that child in front of you?

This is how you are beginning to look children. You are starting to radiate more light are you not?

Do you not feel more light hearted ones around you as you go through your days and your nights now?

It is not just you sitting as you any longer but it is you radiating out that which you wish to manifest as a few children have talked about as we sat here today.

I listened quite astutely while you were here while this child sat here and I noticed that each of you is much more brilliant than you were.

There was not very much talking when you first came in as usually you are gifted some words of wisdom then but all that was needed today was to look at the lightness you are now children. The lightness of being who you truly are.

And these are the words we will leave you with today. You are the light of the world children and know that that is your truth. Yours alone. But you are not alone. You are the light, within the light, within the light, within the light. The light is not outside you any longer. It is within you and it is within your inner child as well.

You are the light children. Know this to be your truth. We thank you for coming and sitting with us today. We are VYWAMUS. We thank you, we thank you, we thank you.




Channeled through Kevin Nelson

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