Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Camilla Lindeborg Alm, September 24th



September 24, 2015

Channeled by Camilla Lindeborg Alm

I show the way. I show the way. I only show the way. You are the ones who do the magnificent walk. You are the ones who take the steps. No one else will walk the walk for you. No real shortcuts are available.

What makes you humans on Earth unique in this Now, is your ability to experience and the gathering of information back to Source, the Divine Creator. In your physical form, you will experience a dimension that is still challenging for every aspect and soul. But still, dear ones, to incarnate on Earth in this Now is much sought after. The time Now is a time of multidimensional transformation and the lines are infinite of spirits, entities, beings of various kinds, to enter a physical body on Earth.

Thus beloveds, many choose a collaboration between souls in this Now. This is to allow for more and more high frequency energies to incarnate in a body that is already walking. The walk-in energies are in gratitude for this opportunity the Divine has accepted. A rising number will show themselves, some by name, some without, as you will see in front of your eyes and hearts. In cooperation with All That Is, the Source, the Divine, you are now walking side by side and together you create a new reality. The time is now. Through the heart, you will find all the keys you need.



© Camilla Lindeborg Alm