SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey, September 25

    SaLuSa  25 September 2015
Dear Ones, what an important and exciting time has arrived, when many of you will be able to feel the upliftment resulting from the incoming level of energies. Those of you who do will know beyond doubt that the changes are beginning to bring about welcome changes.  You only have to look around you to see that in the midst of them is evidence of changes for the better. Very soon you will have had even more evidence of them, and it will become quite clear as to the direction that Humanity is going in. There will of necessity be a clearing out of the old that no longer serves you, but at the same time the new energies will become established. The Illuminati will make their last attempt to keep on their chosen path but it will be to no avail, as their power has been seriously curtailed by the Galactic Forces that surround the Earth. So have no fear as all is progressing well but be patient as all benefits will come in good time – you are in the period of the Great Awakening.

You may be sure that every soul that is here at such an important time will benefit in one way or another from their experiences. You have no need to be concerned about their future , as all will proceed as planned and cover everyone’s needs. You move forward as a group of souls, with each one playing their part in determining your future prospects. Great changes are on the verge of taking place and all will quickly bring the New Age into being much to your delight. You have already been given an idea of what lies ahead and we can assure you that you will not in the least be disappointed. We praise you all for the part you have played through many incarnations, and it does not matter that at times you have taken a negative role as part of your experiences. When you read the Akashic records you will find that you have had all manner of roles that collectively have enabled you to evolve. There has always been a plan to help as many souls as possible reach the point of Ascension, and now the benefits are about to be realised.

For a long time you have been carefully guided through the many challenges you have had to face, and you have had the wisdom and knowledge of Archangel Michael to help you. There have also been many other souls guiding you, so that your individual needs are catered for. By now all of those who had the potential to rise up should now have done so and be well on the way to Ascension. We tell you again not worry about your personal progress, as if you have made a genuine attempt to rise up then you would have undoubtedly succeeded. As we see it, it is not difficult to place your feet firmly on the path that carries you forward to fulfilment .  If you feel ready then you most certainly are, and should have no difficulty in finding the path forward into the Light.

With the guidance we have given you we feel that you should now be able to go forwards with confidence, and know for certain that the future is golden. Although it is not yet apparent, you have won the battle with the dark Ones who can no longer expect to complete their plan for World domination. They are in array and looking for a way out whilst still clinging to the hope that they can still find a path to success. Be assured that they will not recover from the setbacks they have experienced. However, as they have shown in the past, they find it difficult to accept defeat. Meantime the Forces of Light grow stronger and forge ahead with their plan for the complete return of the Light. Some of you are already sensing a greater awareness and understanding of what is taking place, and it shall grow even further as the obstacles placed in your way are removed.

The changes continue to grow and at a faster rate than earlier, and so it will continue all the way to Ascension. Meantime you should be watchful of the news for indications of changes that are about to be announced, but there will be attempts to prevent them that may delay matters. However, any delay will only be short as the dark Ones no longer have the power or connections to dictate matters. They are the victims of their own plan to imprison others that has backfired on them. With their greed and arrogance they have never contemplated failure, but are now confused and unable to control events as they have done in the past. So we can all concentrate on the coming changes and help in many ways to make them completely successful.

Some of you who are more sensitive than others will possibly feel a little light headed as the higher energies impact upon you. This condition will soon pass as you get used to them, but in general terms people will feel uplifted in a number of different ways, and so it shall continue. If you have no feeling of change within yourself, do not worry as they affect people in different ways. Simply keep calm and remember that you attract the energy to yourself through the Law of Attraction. So you are entering an eventful period when many things will happen, often in quick succession. However, do not be dismayed if some are concealed from you, as there are still ones who would keep you in the dark if they could. For our part we will enlighten you when it is appropriate to do so. As far as possible we would like to see a smooth transition from the old ways, but that may not be possible until the dark Ones are out of the way.

We would like to add a few comments about group souls, and using birds as an example will mention that they evolve. When you rise up will find them gifted with more beauty, and like flowers they will respond more openly to the energies of the ascended Human. Colours will be more vivid and pronounced, and songbirds will have delightful songs to sing. What will be most noticeable is the cleanliness and newness of everything. Animals that you now consider wild will become tame and no longer aggressive or carnivores. Domesticated animals such as horses will respond in a more intelligent manner and be able to converse with Man through the power of thought. In time this will also apply to your pet dogs and cats that shall remain with you, as it is only the wild species that merge into a group soul.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and waiting as you are to see and enjoy the changes that are waiting in the wings. All comes in good time and of course what we call the right time. So do not despair if something dear to your heart does not occur, as the delay may only be due to circumstances at that time. Also know that every soul will be in the right place for them by the time Ascension takes place. Stay calm regardless of what you encounter during this last period of the old energies.  It will be a testing time in some ways but in the long term all will settle down and great joy experienced. You have earned your place in history having successfully gone through great periods of darkness. Yet you have overcome the attempts to ensnare you and prevent your ascension, and done it with grace and determination. We say well done and enjoy the fruits of your labours that are still to come.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.



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