Love is our new reality

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VYWAMUS MYSTERY SCHOOL Teaching #1 via Kevin Nelson, June 1st, 2015


Channeled through Kevin Nelson


Ninth Dimensional Masters

June 1 2015

These will be New Earth teachings children. These are the teachings that are coming in through a new dimensional portal that this child has opened up that you have actual access to once you walk through the portal door in to this temple of Sound & Light. As you are aware you can feel the frequencies that are different here in this room now children.

Most of the children that walk through that door are not aware of shifts in energies I believe most of you are aware of the shifts now.

Yes I am VYWAMUS children. I am the ninth dimensional aspect of this child. And I will be here working with you now for the next hour or so. I ask that you just sit back and relax as the ninth dimensional portals are being asked to open to each of your individual chakra systems as your spinal columns of light now are being activated so that each of you begins a new ninth dimensional journey this day as this child has taken more journeys that he is aware of but the journeys are now beginning for each of you. We will now set the space for this channeling and teaching.


We have awakened your ninth dimensional frequencies children. The portal has been open for each of you to access a new and higher frequency and dimension.

If you feel floaty, a little light in the head, this is what is happening children and it is alright to do so.

We ask that you sit in this frequency now children.

Each of you has done your journeying thus far upon Mother Earth in many dimensions but this dimensional frequency that is now available to you was NOT so long ago. Since the equinox and the eclipses have now made these dimensional portals available to be opened now child.

Feel yourselves floating. Lighter and lighter. You may still be in the body but as you travel up your spinal column of light this is where you are able to reach me, VYWAMUS. A gate keeper of the ninth dimension this child is. Seventh dimension was opened when he sat with Max at the 11-11-11 gateway. That’s when ASHA, the seventh dimensional gatekeeper, came through to him and he has been working at that level until two weeks ago when he entered in to this the ninth dimensional teachings now children.


But you also each individually have a ninth dimensional teacher that will begin working with you as well through these teachings.

We ask that each of you now ask WHO your ninth dimensional teacher IS. You may ask internally. Ask them to write or hear the name of your ninth dimensional teacher, master, which is you. Yes it is child. It is you. It is not above you or below you. It is IN you. Each of you has a new master now. Even though that master has always walked with you, for you are never not with the master.

You may ask them to write the name in front of you on your third eye or inside your forehead where you may know that name.

Ask the master to announce themselves to you children.

Masters you are children. Masters you have always been and now is the time for new masters to awaken on Mother Earth. This is part of this child’s now journey, is to awaken the masters and to awaken the teachings from many timelines that he has worked upon whether they be past, in this now moment or in the future. For I will be bringing future teachings as well to you in future times.

Linear time is collapsing as most of you have felt. And now past, present and future are becoming one. These are the multi-dimensional teachings that I will be gifting to this child so that you may be hearing these teachings as well.

For these teachings need to be brought forward now children.

Has everyone heard their master?



I am ASHA children. So we need to access and open the portals. So children please ask that your seventh dimensional gate keeper come forward. And with that asking know that the seventh dimension opens to each of you. To all of you. For we will do this journey together.

Ask that the seventh dimensional gate keeper open the seventh dimensional portal to you now children. Open that gateway. Ask your gatekeepers to open the seventh dimensional portals.

It is at your command that this will be done children. Remember you are in charge. It is no one else but you. You are the masters here. Work with YOUR masters. For each dimension has a new master, a new gatekeeper.

Ask has the seventh dimension been opened to you children?

I am just going to tone so that you feel the seventh dimension awaken.


And now children we ask that the ninth dimensional portal be opened for you children. Remember this is a command you make as a master. Ask. Ask the ninth dimensional gatekeepers to open our ninth dimensional portal.


Divine masters of the ninth dimension come forward to these children.

You are masters of a ninth dimensional frequency that now we ask you come forward. For these children, these masters that sit here in this sacred circle, in this sacred vortex now we ask to enter the ninth dimension for we are masters.

All here ask to ascend now up the silver cord extending the rainbow bridge children.

So now we ask to ground our silver cord and rainbow bridge in to the great crystal of Mother Earth. Feel yourselves move down that rainbow bridge, your silver cord. Anchor in to the Earth Star below your feet. And then anchor that into the great crystal of Mother Earth right down to the center of Mother Earth. Anchor that crystal. Anchor yourselves children. For the deeper you are able to anchor the higher you are able to ascend. Does this not make sense children?


The ninth dimensional portal is opened children. Again you will feel very floaty, very light. And again we ask the master to come forward for these children in the ninth dimension. We ask the children of LIGHT to come forward.

We also ask that your ancestors and elders that have walked with you now walk with you in this dimension.

Again ask who the master is that wishes to work with you in the ninth dimension.

Again ask them to announce themselves.

There are masters standing in front of you. Look in to their eyes children. See the presence of the master in front of you.

They are each handing you a crystal now of diamond frequency and asking you that you place this diamond frequency crystal within your high heart chakra. We ask that you do this now children.

This will help elevate each of you to that ninth dimension and keep you accessing that dimensional portal now that is has been opened for you.

You may physically do the action in order to hold the crystal and then place it within your high heart chakra. You may feel the palms of your hands when they touch here (heart) being very warm.

You may have visions of the crystal along with the master.

Someone is here who does not wish to be here. Why is that? Someone’s afraid of heights.

There is no fear here in this dimension children. For that fear is not a vibration that you bring with you. It cannot come this far up the ladder. If there is fear it will not come with you child. Know that there is no fear in this work that we are doing today. The work that you will carry on doing. Have no fear children. If there is fear ask the fear to be released. Ask the fear to be transmuted and transformed into a loving presence. Shed the fear children. There is no fear here. There is no fear here. There is no fear here.

There is only love. There is only light. There is only love. There is only light. There is only love. There is only light.

There is a master behind each person.

Yes children these masters will now be with you. Never again shall you not know who this master is. For this master is a part of you, a part of us, a part of all. Even though we are all ONE, there is still individuations of the oneness in many forms, light and physical. But you as ascending masters upon Mother Earth are now staying in the physical form. As you move up and down the rainbow bridge you will not have to lose your physical form any longer children.

The physical is what is being brought in to the etheric. Usually it is the etheric that is manifested in to physical is it not? And yet now we are doing the opposite for you are the masters of LIGHT, who in physical form will start manifesting all LIGHT in to physicality. For you do not have to be etheric any longer children. This is the great gift that the divine one has given us each upon this journey this time upon Mother Earth for she need not move out of her physicalness in order for her to ascend. So why should you children? She is moving in to many dimensions physically and so are you. For you are a part of her. We are all a part of Mother Earth even if we do not believe it as yet. There will come a time when we will all upon Mother Earth that we are all Mother Earth, Gaia, Gaia, Gaia.


Are there any questions for me children?

Everyone is OK.

Everyone is floating.

Andrew: What does it mean that we don’t need to be etheric any longer?

VYWAMUS: Because the etheric is where you find, first and foremost, that which is of creation, that which you wish to bring in to creation. And yet now you may create from a physical point. As you physically move up the ladder you could not physically move up the ladder you had to release the physical in order to move up the rainbow bridge did you not?

They call this death. They call this dying. And yet now you do not need to leave this body in order to move up the rainbow bridge for that is the manifestation of what is happening as you bring more light in to the body. The light does not leave the body any longer child. It comes in to the body and you are able to move up the rainbow bridge very quickly but in a physical form. So you may stay in this body for much, much longer than a hundred years or so that was before this time.

But these times are being gifted back to you because this form will move, it will change. The cells of the body are holding more light now child. Your cellular structure is becoming heightened and vibrationally beginning to match that which you have just entered in to. Do you not feel that the vibration has changed?


It has heightened. It has quickened and that is moving you up the rainbow bridge, whichever ray you pick to move on. Now these are teachings I will give you in times to come because depending upon which ray you pick in order to travel. Is it the blue ray? Is it the pink ray? Is it the orange, yellow, magenta, violet, silver, platinum.

See there are many ways in order to travel now child. You do not need to get in to the car in order to travel very much longer to travel. You will be able to travel in this your car, your, how do I say it, your vehicle will no longer be a Fiat, a Toyota, a Ford. It will be your vehicle now in this body. This will travel with you as you have heard masters were able to teleport and be in two places at once. That is where you are going.

These are the teachings I am bringing to you once more. For each of you has made a journey that is ready to move to the next and next and next levels. Once you begin this journey children there are more levels than we will ever be able to teach. But we will teach where we are at and where we are going. And that which you may not quite understand at the time but given the time you will understand.

You are all being able to travel very quickly now and manifest quickly as this child heard a message yesterday and then the manifestation came today. It will be that quick children.

In the dimensional portals that are open to you. Ask and it is given is not a time lapse that was even yesterday for that time has become one. Again the purer the asking the quicker the manifestation.

This was told to this child a few days ago. The purer and whiter and clearer the asking for that creation the quicker the manifestation because you ask at a frequency that is higher. So when you ask that frequency you are now able to access that frequency very quickly in physical form. The physical reactions are much quicker. There is very little lag time as some would say. So be careful what you wish for as they say as well.

Mother Earth thanks you. The Ascended Ones thank you. Your Higher Self thanks you. The New Masters thank you. And I VYWAMUS Thank you.

It is done children. It is done. It is done. It is done.